whatsapp business

Heard about WhatsApp Business? An Upcoming Standalone App

With over 1 billion users, connecting families and friends every day, WhatsApp is now targeting the business community. It’s not new that companies nowadays use WhatsApp to communicate information about their products and receive orders for the same. But companies are also of the view that it’s a tedious process to stay in touch with[…]

21 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

In today’s era, digital marketing plays a significant role in promoting and strengthen your brand and to make your digital marketing a tremendous success, planning an effective content strategy is a must. Content is not something that can be written in any way rather it should involve best practices, latest technologies, and successful strategies.To make[…]
Infrastructure As A Service

Cloud Technology and Its Applications

Cloud computing is new era of technology which gives us option to access our resources anywhere across the globe. It is delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more—over the Internet “the cloud”.Cloud computing is swiftly switching the conventional model of having software applications installed on premise hardware, from desktop computers to[…]

15 Famous Logos and the Hidden Meaning Behind Them

Logos play a big role in branding that defines brands and gives them an identity. This differentiates them from other brands and competitors. Companies have been spending millions of dollars, going through some vigorous designing and redesigning stages to create some unique and compelling logos. We see hundreds of logos every day, on TV, the[…]