Famous Logos Of Popular Brands

15 Famous Logos and the Hidden Meaning Behind Them

Logos play a big role in branding that defines brands and gives them an identity. This differentiates them from other brands and competitors. Companies have been spending millions of dollars, going through some vigorous designing and redesigning stages to create some unique and compelling logos.We see hundreds of logos every day, on TV, the internet,[…]
404 error custom pages

Get Inspired by these Cool and Creative 404 Error Page Designs

The importance of having a well-designed 404 error page is perhaps nothing less important than having a great content. You cannot always control on which page your visitor lands. If your visitor landed on 404 error page, you should be able to re-direct them to the home page. This increases the chances of re-engaging with[…]
Strategy To Outsource Your IT Quality Assurance Services

Effective Strategy To Outsource Your IT Quality Assurance Services

In today’s corporate world “change” is the only constant element that is helping organizations innovate and evolve every day.  Businesses are constantly creating products and services that can fulfil their client’s needs and demands. In this competitive world, creating products ‘ONLY’ will not help your organizations sustain for longer period of time. The time to[…]
12 recruiting stats that will change the way you hire

These 12 Stats Are Saying You Should Change Your Recruiting And Hiring Process Now!!

The increase in candidate interaction, rise in average cost per hire, importance to the positive hiring process and investment in employer branding has revolutionized the overall hiring and recruitment process.You might be spending a lot of your time and money on the recruitment process but the results have not been as good as expected. The[…]