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Mamsys Timeline: Our Journey to Becoming our Pathbreakers

Published on 09-07-2019

Mamsys mantra over the years has been quite simple. We work...

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Blockchain Adoption Changing the Game of Healthcare Industry

Published on 28-06-2019

Blockchain has shown tremendous success in the field of ban...

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When you read Mark Zuckerberg you know that he is the creator of Facebook. His name has become a symbol of identity. Similarly brands and companies are recognized by their logo’s. Logo is one important aspect that gives a brand an identity and immediate recognition. It’s shape, size, colour, font and images are usually different from the others in the market. A logo that is uniquely and creatively designed helps in capturing the attention of the potential customers. A logo should also be designed in such a way, that people can easily recall it whenever and wherever they see it.

There are companies who have the expertise of creating inspiring logo for companies and brands out there. Mamsys is one such organization based out in Noida that has some of the best and creative designers on board who can develop logo for the brands that resonates inspiration, originality and beauty.

In this blog, we have worked on finding some cool and creative logo and what trends they are following to get the attention of their potential customers. Through this blog, you will get to know what colors are in trend, the font type, typography, combinations etc. that you can get inspired to create something unique and exciting for your brand.

1. Fuel


2. Bar Code

Bar Code

3. Paint The City

Paint The City

4. Rabbit


5. Music Skull

Music Skull

6. Horror Films

Horror Films

7. Barknews Media

Barknews Media

8. Sushi


9. Water Drop

Water Drop

10. Crumbs


11. Oculus


12. Fitbit


13. Martini House

Martini House

14. ACY Entertainment
ACY Entertainment
15. Play Panda

Play Panda

16. Give Hope A Dog

Give Hope A Dog

17. Saudievents


18. Robogist


19. Rio 2016

Rio 2016

20. Cloud Service

Cloud Service