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Have you just entered into a business, and looking forward to creative ways with which you can reach your potential audience to a great extent? Well, what do you think is the best method to do so? Are you thinking about the Internet marketing? Yes! You are thinking it the right way! But, what source would you prefer for the Internet marketing process? One of the best methods that can really help you attain all your business objectives is through social media. That being said, you must run a social media campaign in order to draw the attention of several prospective customers.

Are you aware about the importance of optimizing a social media campaign? Well, running a campaign is just not enough. You need to optimize your campaign regularly if you wish to see the desired results. Are you now wondering how to follow the process in order to optimize the campaign successfully? Not to worry! The blog explores the different steps that you must follow to optimize your social media campaign in the most effective manner.

How to Optimize Social Media Campaign
1. Identify the parts of your campaign that are required to be optimized

To begin with, you are supposed to examine your existing campaign in order to identify the parts that you can change to strengthen the impact of your campaign. For this, you must look for the signs like layout of the page on which the campaign is existing, your target audience, statements that require an action, and the social networks that you use. Make sure that your message uses SEO, social media, and the keywords used in a strategic manner.

2. Keep track of the growth of your Campaign

The next step is to make sure if your campaign is working well. So, how will you identify the working situation of your campaign? For this, you must generate a framework which will make you recognize the things like the number of people involved with your content, the number of times users share the message, and many more. Moreover, you can use number of tools to analyze the effectiveness of social media in your Internet marketing.

3. Identify your Goals

Have you ever analyzed the goals of your company? Well, it is essential to identify the current situation of your company in order to create a campaign accordingly. Having this information, you can easily keep track of your campaign growth which will thus make you aware of its effectiveness in the market.

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4. Check the campaign status, and act accordingly

Internet marketing allows you to identify the progress of your campaign in real time. This will make you aware of the problematic situations that are taking place in your campaign, and you can take an instant action to get it resolved.

5. Analyze final results

Are you done with your campaign? Now, what you need to do is analyze the final results in order to compare them with the goals required by you. By doing this, you can measure the success of your campaign which will help you to identify the things that you are supposed to consider to improve your next campaign.

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Mamsys specializes in the field of social media optimization, and the experts available at the company assures you a successful social media campaign, thus enhancing the growth of your business in an effective way.

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WordPress is a great open source platform, and is highly recommendable for your business website. But if you fail to take the right security measures, you might be giving some nuisance makers a chance to create disturbance in your website. This really does not mean that WordPress is not secured. It is! It’s just that you need to take the security measures like you would want to do with any other CMS that you will use. (If you are wondering what all CMS Solutions options you have, just grab a look at our recent release – 5 Best CMS Solutions for your Business Website).

We do have some really reliable and free WordPress themes, but do not trust any sources other than the original themes provided by Do not plan to use any free theme downloaded from any other sources. But there are lot of paid themes as well as plugins which will still put your website to a risk, if you do not secure it enough. So, what major steps can you take to ensure the security of your WordPress website? Well, here are some pointers considering which you can easily protect your WordPress website and relax.

1. Update Your WordPress Platform and Plugins

Are you still working on an older version of WordPress? If so, then you are inviting hackers to exploit your security. Upgrade your website to newest version and let hackers stay away from your website. And its not difficult too! You only need to follow easy instructions in the wp-admin dashboard to upgrade your WordPress. Before upgrading WordPress, just double check your plugins too, when were they last upgraded and if they are compatible to the latest WordPress version. You might need to disable your plugins before upgrading your WordPress. You can enable them again once the upgrade is done. At the same time, ensure that all plugins too are upgraded as and when you see a notification to upgrade on your dashboard. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

2. Create Stronger Password

Don’t allow hackers to identify your password at any cost. Create as strong password as you can! Make use of special characters, numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and generate a password that nobody can even think of. Have you been using the same password for other websites as well? If so, do not repeat this mistake again. Along with all this precautions, you must change your password on frequently.

3. Do Not Create “Admin” User

WordPress is such a beautiful and secured platform that it allows you to create an admin user with a name other than “Admin”, knowing that everyone trying to enter your dashboard will try to use combinations of password with username as “admin”. Make it more difficult to crack your username/password combination by using username of admin control, something different, but ofcourse not very easy to guess.

4. Use Security Plugins

There are many easy to use plugins available, meant only to make your WordPress website more secured. You will be able to control brute force attacks, disable IPs to login to site, disable even countries or cities to access your website. You can view history of usage of your website and restrict access. You can keep failed admin access number limited to 3 to 5.

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5. Advanced Robots.txt uploaded

Yes, Robots.txt file is not only used for inviting Google to your website, but is also used to keep Google bot away from certain sections. You should upgrade your robots.txt to disable few sections which you would not want to be displayed in Google searches of your website, like wp-admin, media files, mysql access files, etc. Ofcourse, feel free to ask us for an assistance, as this might differ case to case.

6. Clean Up Your Website on Regular Basis

Is your website loaded with old cached files and disabled plugins? You are at higher risk! Having old themes, files and plugins does not allow security professionals to protect the website efficiently. So, remove them, and make sure to clean the website regularly. This will not only make your website faster, but will prevent it from any kind of attacks that might harm your website.

It is always better to be safe than sorry! And all this does not take hours. Just a few clicks and you are done.
Mamsys works effectively towards the process of securing WordPress websites, and the experts at Mamsys make sure to keep your website secured in all possible.

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Getting online is a real pain for any traditional business, unless you have technical expertise hired to sail you through the process. But in today’s time, Digital presence of any business is evidently important. You have a key! Instead of going through the whole process of coding your website from scratch, you can utilize what is already done and made available for you to use. Make the best utilization of Open Source CMSs available. There are quite a few available and now, next Big Question is “Which one to choose?”. Let us select the best 5 CMSs, you can use, based on your requirements and ease of use.

1. WordPress

One of the most popular content management systems, WordPress, is a great platform for new users. The fantabulous documentation and super-fast installation wizard along with its significant feature of built-in image & multimedia uploading support makes it the most popular and most reliable CMS. WordPress works perfectly for the users who are not familiar with HTML or any other markup language. Moreover, the availability of huge amount of WordPress information online helps you know the different aspects of customizing WordPress in the most efficient way. The best part is, WordPress is highly scalable and you can add many new features in future to use business website in few seconds by just adding a relevant plugin and fine-tuning its settings. Highly recommended for Business and Corporate Websites!

2. Drupal

Another popular CMS which is being used by several high profile organizations is Drupal. This pure CMS solution efficiently works towards organizing the content of your website. Drupal exhibits several interesting features including user blogs, forums, and IRC channels among others. Having an active community, Drupal provides excellent support for plug-ins as well. Furthermore, the availability of taxonomy module allows you to create multiple levels along with different content categories.

3. Joomla

Now, have a look at a very advanced CMS! Joomla is a complete CMS solution for website which otherwise might be a complicated one. Some exciting features of the CMS include intuitive drop down menus and attractive administration interface among others. Though Joomla allows you to add a functionality with an extension, it asks you to acquire paid plug-ins and themes. So, buy it, and get an attractive theme for your website right away!

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4. Radiant CMS

One of the very impressive content management systems that users prefer for its simple and elegant software is Radiant CMS. Having built with just right amount of features, the CMS functions on its own language radius which is quite similar to the intuitive template of HTML.

5. Alfresco

One of the enterprise content management solutions that you can install easily is Alfresco. What makes it popular is its ability to drop files into folders and convert them into web-documents. Though Alfresco is not a preferable choice for beginners, it is a perfect choice for meeting enterprise requirements.

You only need to read about these a bit more on the web and go through some demo’s available, and find out which one is most comfortable for you to use. Make your own choice and guide your programmers the way you want to run your business online too.

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Mamsys strives to provide you with an easy to use, secured, and less expensive website, thus allowing you to maintain different pages of your website in a well-organized way.

The major role of a landing page is to get maximum lead conversions out of it. When designing your landing page, it is important that you keep the goal in mind that will in return help you generate more significant advertising campaigns with enhanced measurability and increased return on the money that you spent on your marketing. Have a quick look at A-Z of landing pages to understand the terminology and concept related to it.

Digital Marketing Landing Pages Infographic

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Today, when all businesses are attracted towards online audience, market has turned to become user oriented. Better is the user experience of your website, more likely is your customer base growth. Yes, user-friendliness of your website is the most important factor to make any online business a success or a failure. But what all is to be considered when we call our website user friendly? Is it how beautiful it looks? Or is it how much information we provide? While few of you might say that both of these are really important, we wish to add few more very important factors that will influence your website users in a positive way. These factors have become “must-have” for search engines too –

1. Responsive Layout

It is a mandate by Google too. Yes, you must have your website fully responsive, atleast as much as it passes google test at – Google Webmaster Tool. if you are only concerned about Google. But Google does not give you business, your website users do. Ensure that your website users can view your website seamless on their smart phones. They would not wait to reach home and turn on their desktops to find a service like yours. Your competitors are definitely waiting for your customers to contact them atleast once.

2. Interactive Elements

Customer is king with a very short span of attention. Grab the attention of your customer (Of course potential customer) in first few seconds or be ready to lose him. Present your website with options available to your visitors. They have come with their unique requirement and your website should give them a solution to their exact problem. Do not drag them page to page. Make them click on options that address his needs.

This is closely related to the previous factor. Lets be honest, if you have limited options available to offer to your customers, you can not offer them anything beyond your capacity just to hold him on your website. Here, you need to be creative and put your services, features, benefits in a structured way, well linked together that customer relates his requirements well within your services. Internal linking while helps you rank well in SERPs, it anyways, enhances the visibility of different important elements on the website.

4. Images Infographics

Images speak 1000 words, as they say. This is NOT 100% true. Images need to be combined with some short text and then they really convey 1000 words. How? No-one wants to put hours, or even minutes in reading lot of content. Only if they find image interesting and informative, they are prompted to read the content alongside. This definitely gives you a chance to share your knowledge with your potential customers and turn them into a loyal customer. Nevertheless, it also enhances your website’s engagement level.

5. Bullet Points/Unordered Lists

Even when people find an interesting infographic, they might be resistant to reading the whole 9 yards of content. Now, the bulleted points come handy for these customers. They will definitely read the pointers quickly and if they find them useful, they will bookmark your page, for reading it later, even if they don’t have time to read it on the spot. Always ensure that content served to your readers is well structured and bullet points make sense to readers.

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To summarize, user friendly website is much more than pleasing website colors and layout. And If your website users love to spend their time on your website, you are the king for Google. Lets admit it, we all love Google, for it serves us 80% of potential business, if targeted well.