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Are you a startup business who is looking forward to build a mobile app? Well, That’s great! But, do you have a specific purpose of creating a mobile app? Will it be useful to people? If you think so, you are on the right way, and success will follow you for sure.

Here’s the blog that explores the significant steps that you must follow to create your mobile application. Here we go…

1. Make sure to have an idea

Do you already have an idea? Great! Move towards step 2. If not, you need to analyze your requirement areas in order to build a successful mobile app.

2. Identify your need

Do you have any knowledge about the demand of your idea among people? No? Well, you must not implement the process without validating your idea. You can make use of Google Keyword Planner tool which will let you know the number of people looking out for your idea. Seek customer interest through various ways and implement your idea only when you are sure about it.

3. Prepare layout of your product

Now that you are aware of your product’s demand, your next step involves the detailing of your product. Yes! Let a developer know the proper user navigation of the app along with all the required features. Make your developer recognize your expectations at once.

4. Do not overlook the design section

Many entrepreneurs, in the want of focusing on just building an app, tend to ignore the design of the product. This, however, affects them adversely as design, apart from signifying the appearance of the app, is also about the user experience of the app. So, always make sure to put your design first.

5. Hire a reliable designer or developer

Now is the time when you are supposed to look for a mobile application development company that can assure you to provide an efficient development team. Conduct an online research, and make sure to check the credibility of the company. One of the most reliable companies that can provide you with great design talent is Mamsys Consultancy Services.

6. Generate developer accounts

This is the stage when you need to sell your app through a platform like Google’s Android or Apple. For this, you need to register for a developer account with respective app store.

7. Integrate Analytics

Use appropriate tools for integrating analytics and track user engagement, number of downloads, and retention for your app. This will give you a clear idea of user involvement.

8. Acquire feedback and improvise

Now that your app has gone live, you are now supposed to keep an eye on customer’s review so that you can get to know about the scope of improvement in your app.

9. Evaluate version one

Your version one has been created, and now is the time to evaluate the product for any feature enhancements. If you feel to introduce some more features to the product, you can now incorporate them in the next version.

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So, do you find the above mentioned steps useful? Just implement the process and you will definitely find it an efficient way to develop your first mobile app. ‘Mamsys’ strives to create an effective mobile application exactly in line with the requisites of a customer.

Have you been working hard for getting more retweets, but still not able to acquire expected results? Oh! That means you are not aware of some of the actionable tips following which you can get to see more retweets. Right? So, here’s the blog for you which will explore some of the essential points which can help you get the required number of retweets in an easiest way.

1. Pin your tweets

One of the major things that you can do to increase the number of retweets immediately is pin your tweets. Yes! Pin your tweets to the top of twitter and let people visiting your page find them easily. Do you know how to pin the tweets? No? It’s simple! Select the tweet and click the symbol “…” which you can find below the tweet. Click “pin to your profile” and you are done with it.

2. Make use of Images

Don’t you think visuals work better? Yes! Just include a visual with your tweet, and you will definitely see an immediate increase in your retweets. Obviously, an image will add a value to your tweet! So, make sure to include it in as many tweets as possible.

3. Bring variety in your content

Don’t post the same tweet again and again. Instead, try to add some freshness to it by mixing up the content. Yes! Coming up with different kinds of content will show your tweet in a different way, thus facilitating people to retweet it an efficient manner. Won’t you find it an easiest way to get more retweets? Yes! It is! Just try it, and see the result.

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4. Tap into real time TV shows

Do you know how television can help you get more retweets? Firstly, you need to determine the types of shows that your fans prefer to watch. Tweeting with your fans would definitely get you more retweets. Moreover, responding to the tweets of your fans can increase the list of your followers. So, go ahead and watch TV!

5. Engage on Twitter

Remember, all the above discussed tips will not work if you do not engage on twitter. Yes! You need to engage with people by responding to their tweets, retweeting their tweets, following different people, indulging in twitter chats, and many more. So, make an effort to reach out to more and more people, and you will definitely see a similar response in your tweets as well.

Just implement these simple tips and you will not find it hard to get more retweets. If you are looking for some reliable professional services, Mamsys Consultancy Services is the best digital marketing company that can help you manage  your twitter account in a much efficient way.

Are you the one who is looking forward to build a mobile app for your business? Wow! Great decision! Yes! It’s a world of smart phones and mobile apps have now become a significant source of meeting all the interests and requirements. Be it any type of business, an impressive app plays a huge role in drawing the attention of potential customers. So, what platform do your prefer for creating a mobile app? Are you thinking of an Android platform? Great! Android platform helps businesses operate in a simple way. Do you want to know how an android platform can expand a scope for your business? Here is the blog that would let you know how an android platform supports a business.

The goal of every business is to earn money and maximize the scope to a great extent. Android operating system plays a major role in meeting the business goal as it allows you to reach your target audience in an easy way. What makes android platform more useful for the business is the fact that it can be customized in order to deliver the output as required. Be it any kind of requirement, an android application can be easily created to meet all the demands. Hiring a reliable android application company would help you perform your task in an efficient way.

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Just think and analyze the requirements of your business and you will definitely end up with an app that can help you execute your operations in a simple way, manage and maintain your tasks irrespective of the location and distance, and trace data & reports in an efficient manner. Well, all this can be easily accomplished by using an android platform. Yes! An android operating system not only gives your app an attractive appearance, but is capable enough to manage the significant tasks in a well effective way.

In today’s world, where most of the businesses give preference to android platform for an impressive mobile application development, you must not overlook the development company that will assist you in accomplishing your mission. Keep an eye on some of the reliable companies and choose the one that has the capability to create exactly what you want.

‘Mamsys’ strives to create a trenchant android based mobile application in accordance with the requirements of a customer. Experts at Mamsys assures the timely delivery of a quality android mobile application, thus making you expand your business to a great extent.

Think of business marketing, and one of the platforms that knocks your mind is social media. Right? Though it is important to bring your brand on social media platform, it is even more important to stay active always. Well, if we talk about Facebook, the platform keeps on adding new exciting features which give consumers a better user experience in every way. Do you know what kind of trends 2016 holds for this platform? Just go through the blog and see how you can enhance your business in the year coming ahead.

1. Rise in Facebook Search Marketing

The recent introduction of a new tool named as ‘Search FYI’ is meant to personalize the results. This updated search tool includes current news stories and various popular posts, thus allowing businesses to create SEO content that goes well with social media. Yes! You would have the chance to share your content through Facebook. So, 2016 comes with the concern of SEO on social media.

2. Use of Messenger for Business Advertising

What if you have an opportunity to promote your brand on Facebook messenger? Yes! Presently available in U.S only, the application ‘Businesses on Messenger’ influences a business to enhance its customer service by interacting with people personally. Moreover, the consumer can easily be notified about any kind of order confirmations, shipping status, and any other query that a customer might have. The year 2016 is expected to have this significant feature in India as well, thus allowing businesses and consumers to take benefit from it.

3. Virtual Assistant

Another significant trend that is currently in its initial stage is the introduction of a virtual assistant. It’s a service that aims to accomplish the tasks for you. Yes! It allows you to perform tasks like buying tickets, products, and many more and you can do so without leaving the messenger. If you talk about its use for a business, the software is currently accessible to a limited number of users. However, in future, Facebook is supposed to rely on its own data in order to determine the reliability of a brand.

4. Publishing Content on Facebook

What if the users have an opportunity to get through the interactive articles without having to leave the application? Obviously, it would be a great attempt to keep users on site. Publishers, in future, might create interactive articles on this platform, thus loading them instantly. Though it enhances the experience of user of going through the article, it might prevent the user from visiting the publisher’s website. So, it’s you who need to analyze whether this comfort would affect the traffic of your website or not. You need to examine and measure the consequences accordingly.

5. Data Provider

If you see the current situation, the marketers are not able to see the majority of Facebook data. Yes! Businesses, apart from having complete accessibility to their own page, do not have any idea of the conversation about their brands. However, the future holds place for a new API known as PYLON whose function would be to provide anonymized data with clear insights, thus allowing an advertiser to know about the events and activities that are taking place in the market.

‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’, a top-class digital marketing company in India, looks forward to provide all the essential services that are being predicted for the year 2016.

Are you not satisfied with the digital marketing results of your business? Oh! Are you not getting enough leads that could give your sales a boost? Well, it’s time to incorporate a slight change in your strategy in order to drive awareness of people to a great extent.

Have you heard about the concept that is much in talks these days? Well, the concept is growth hacking which is being used in the industry as a new marketing approach. Let us first discuss who actually a growth hacker is! A growth hacker is someone, who determines the methodology that is testable in every terms. That being said, the growth hackers endeavors to get into insights in order to determine the right approach of drawing the attention of potential customers. Their goal is to focus on the method that assures success.

Seems interesting? Yes! Though the process ensures high amount of lead generations, it requires you to be more creative in order to develop unique and innovative ideas to grab the attention of target audiences.

Do you find the approach useful for your business? Well, it can benefit you in a better way if applied with a right strategy. Would you like to know some growth hacking tactics? Well, to begin with, you must know the lifetime value of your customer (LTV) along with the customer acquisition costs (CAC). All you need to consider is the ration between LTV and CAC.

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How will you attain a lower customer acquisition cost? Well, the idea here is the more the ratio, the lower is your CAC. The concept of growth hacking strategy is based on this calculation only.

Some of the marketing methods that can help you keep your CAC down are blogging, podcasting, content creation for white papers, e-books, and case studies among others, info-graphics, search engine optimization (SEO), Social media, and  webinars. Moreover, buying ads for your business can also help you drive more traffic.

Would you like to find something that works for your business. Let Mamsys do it for you. The experts, at Mamsys Consultancy Services, tend to test before implementing it on your business. The organization strives to provide effective digital marketing services in line with the technology.

Do you own a small business? Obviously, you must be looking forward to expand it. Right? Well, do you know what process can help you do so? It’s marketing! Yes! A successful marketing is a key to more and more conversions.

Are you aware of the things that you must consider for an effective digital marketing for small business? No? Just go through the blog, and it will definitely help you in acquiring a huge list of customers.

1. Go Mobile

It’s a technological world, and majority of people rely on their smart phones for any kind of services. Do you agree? So, how will you reach your potential customers through mobile? Well, for this, you need to create a mobile optimized website which can be easily viewed by people on the go. Give your users a better experience and let them choose your services to a great extent.

2. Update your online presence regularly

Have you changed any critical information recently? Don’t forget to update the information on your website as well. Don’t give your customers a chance to ignore you even for a second. Review your online channel regularly and keep a check on its relevancy and accuracy.

3. Create valuable and fresh content

One of the best ways by means of which you can draw the attention of majority of customers is generating a valuable content. So, make sure to hire professionals who can provide you with rich content. Once the content is developed, you need to keep it fresh always. That being said, update the blogs on weekly basis, update images and videos, and keep an eye on the latest information that you would like your audience to know.

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4. Don’t overlook the reputation of our website

At the end, all you need is a loyal customer base. Right? So, how can you achieve this? Keep a track of your online ratings and make sure your viewers come across good reviews. Let them get a positive feedback about you so that they can go ahead with their purchase.

5. Enhance your website traffic

Customers reach you through online searches, and an effective search engine marketing campaign plays a significant role in increasing the traffic on your website. Opt of  smaller and more targeted keywords and  promote your business effectively.

Are you looking for a reliable company that can help you expand your small business effectively? Mamsys Consultancy Services provide efficient digital marketing services, thus providing you with more and more conversions. Experts at Mamsys strive to give your business a boost effectively.