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Published on 09-07-2019

Mamsys mantra over the years has been quite simple. We work...

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Have you been trying hard to acquire customers for your online business? Are you not satisfied with the amount of customers you are getting through social networks? Well, you must be going wrong somewhere. Read the blog and you will get to know the right way to use social media in order to generate more sales. So, here we go..

1. Start a storefront
What if your Facebook page acts as an ecommerce store? Won’t it be great? You can do so by installing an ecommerce app on your Facebook page. Just start a storefront, add your products, and you are ready to sell. If you find yourself confused regarding choosing the platform, it’s better to make use of recommendation engines by means of which you can find the most suitable ecommerce app for your requirements.

2. Begin Remarketing
Remarketing on social networks like Facebook will help you sell your products and services in the most efficient way. Wondering how? Well, The process will not only influence potential customers to get engaged with the product, but will also help retain existing customers as well. That being said, it gives you an opportunity to target people who have already visited or purchased from your website earlier. See how can you use the process.

If a user left your website without buying your product, you can re-target the user and influence the person to purchase the product. This process of customer acquisition will simply encourage the user to join the list of your customers. Why don’t you go for customer retention? Yes! Selling your products to the customers who have already purchased your product will give you better chances of selling your product. Moreover, it will help you enhance the ROI of your business.

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3. Get engaged with your followers
Social media, apart from promoting a brand, allow you to build strong relationship with your followers. How can you do so? Simple follow the 80/20 rule when sharing your content. This means when you share 5 stories on your timeline, you must include one promotional story or content. This ultimate social media strategy will help you acquire loyal customers for your business.

4. User Generated Content
Now that you have a sufficient follower base on your social sites, you can make use of the existing followers to grow your business further. Well, you can do so by influencing your followers to share their experiences. This user generated content will give your brand an exposure, thus enhancing the sales of your product to a great extent.

Performing the steps given above can easily help you enhance the list of your customers. If you are looking for the best digital marketing company that can help you make the loyal customers, Mamsys Consultancy Services is the one that can help you grow your business. Get efficient social media services and let your social media users be your customers.

Web designers, in this ecommerce world, keep the track of the latest trends in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Are you looking for some ecommerce design trends that you can embrace in 2016? Well, here’s the blog that will help you deliver a seamless online shopping experience to the consumers. See what is in trend right now and incorporate the latest ones in your ecommerce design.

Material design: If you are a web designer, you must be knowing about material design. Right? Well, it’s a content focused design style which has been there since 2014. Though it’s quite a challenging task to apply material design to an ecommerce website, the style has been implemented by several ecommerce online stores and that too in a successful manner. That being said, the trend will continue and is expected to be adopted by various large scale companies.

Hidden menus: One of the popular trends that is being adopted by ecommerce websites is hidden navigation menus. Though they were earlier used on mobiles, the trend is now used in desktop designs as well. Yes! The trend will be continued in future also, thus allowing you to save your screen space efficiently.

Animations: When it comes to animations, many ecommerce websites tend to incorporate them in order to get engaged with various users. The incorporation of rich animations gives users more appealing and enjoyable online shopping experiences. Designers, in the coming year, are likely to include animations like icon rotation, button spins, and loading bars which will give consumers a memorable impact.

Storytelling: Do you want people to recognize your brand among the crowd? Well, you can do by presenting your content in a unique way. Yes! Establishing a connection with your customers will help you enhance your sales to a great extent. Though it’s not that easy to implement storytelling in ecommerce, many of the ecommerce stores are looking forward to adopt this strategy.

Card Layouts: One of the major elements that web designers use in material design is card layout. The trend was quite popular earlier and is expected to continue in 2016 as well. Another significant thing that makes it more appealing is its user-friendliness. Yes! Many of the ecommerce stores utilize cards to provide relevant information to the users in a well-organized way.

Large Typography and large backgrounds: Though the quality of content is important, you cannot overlook the way it is being represented. The year 2016 will focus more on large responsive typography that will be implemented for all types of devices including mobiles and desktop both. The trend will continue to give rise to a strong visual product identity.

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Let’s now talk about large backgrounds. Well, similar to large typography, many ecommerce sites give importance to the large product shots for their online stores. The trend for full background images assures a positive impact, thus influencing a large group of target customers.

Dynamic Search: One of the recent trends that proves really useful for large inventory is dynamic search. Yes! The trend allows you to display your products in a dynamic manner. Wow! Seems interesting! Most of the ecommerce sites make use of Javascript and Ajax powered search to do so.

Hope the trends mentioned above help you design your ecommerce site in a more efficient way. ‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’, a digital marketing company in India, strives to incorporate all the latest trends while working on ecommerce design of any website.

Are you looking forward to incorporate the flow of freshness to your website? Well, for this, you must spend some considerable amount of time in order to optimize your website efficiently. Here’s the list of some significant SEO techniques that can help you polish your website effectively.

1. Engaging and Updated Content

The key is to inculcate the fresh and stylized content. Update your blog with high quality content and come up with trending topics on a regular basis. This will certainly help you promote your brand, thus providing you with an increased number of viewers.

2. Get into Social media platforms

Get engaged with your target customers through social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, these platforms will help you in acquiring top search results.

3. Focus on Keywords

Do you know the importance of keywords in the content? Well, keywords are the way to top search results. However, it doesn’t mean that you will focus only on keywords. No! This is not the right way to do! That being said, you must create a relevant and engaging content while focusing on the keywords simultaneously.

4. Take care of the number of words

Apart from focusing on the keywords, the counts of your words will help you draw the attention of search engine. Yes! The more long the article, more are the chances for it to get identified on search engine. So, say no to short articles and try to include content that goes with the standard count of words.

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5. Follow these URL Tricks

Following these small URL tricks can help you optimize URLs in an efficient way. Firstly, make use of dashes and hyphens to separate the words. Make sure not to exceed the limit over 100 characters. In order to acquire local ranking, you need to focus on location based keywords.

6. Appealing Title

An appealing blog title plays a major role in SEO ranking. Yes! An enticing title can influence the reader to read the particular blog. Moreover, incorporating the keywords strategically in the title will be an icing on the cake!

7. Be the owner of responsive websites

Do you want to stay connected with your viewers? Well, you cannot do so if you are not having a responsive website. Yes! As people nowadays prefer to meet their needs on the go, a non-responsive website will leave you far behind from your competitors.

All in all, being SEO friendly is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to follow the latest algorithms in order to be at the top. The digital marketing services provided by Mamsys strive to keep your website at the top always.

Have you launched a mobile app, but not getting expected response from your audience? Do people uninstall your app after downloading it? Oh! In that case, you must be having some serious issue with your mobile app. Yes! The users might be facing some bugs or quality assurance issues. So, what is the solution for this? Well, in order to avoid these issues, you must perform the testing of your app efficiently. This will prevent users from encountering any problems.

The blog explores some of the mobile application testing tips considering which you can launch your app with proper quality assurance.

1. Start your testing by recognizing the major operating system platforms that you are supporting. When testing your app on operating system, you must use the actual physical devices. Avoid hasty testing process and prevent your operating system to cause any problem for the app.

2. The user interface of your app must appear same on different screen sizes. An improper alignment of elements influences user to uninstall the app. To avoid this, you must perform the testing of an app in all the screen sizes of every device.

3. Consider different Internet speeds while performing app testing. This will allow the user to use your app in slow Internet connections as well. Make sure your app works perfectly at different levels of speed.

4. Some users face the issue of quick drainage of battery charge. For this, you need to consider the battery consumption of the device. Make use of required tools, and see the amount of power an app is taking for a particular device.

5. Check the working of your app with other features of the phone. Yes! Even if your app is active on the phone, the phone must receive all other notifications as well. Moreover, your mobile app must not cause any issues for other available apps.

6. Your mobile app must function in line with the platform guidelines. Yes! Not following the guidelines for different platforms might fail your app. Or else, the user might get frustrated while using it. So, check if the platform is windows, android, or iOS, and initiate accordingly.

7. One of the big challenges is to localize an app for different languages. Though the process of working on languages is easy, you might get issues while setting different date formats for different regions. So, while performing an app testing, you must take care of any regional differences.

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Keeping in mind the above tips will help you acquire an efficient app which can be used by the user without any issue. Experts, at Mamsys Consultancy Services, make sure to follow all the significant steps while testing a mobile app. The company endeavors to maintain your impression on your target users.

Are you a SMB who is looking forward to draw the attention of more and more customers? What do you think is the best way to do so? Well, you can achieve the same by implementing a digital marketing plan. Nothing compares to the way it assists you in promoting your business!

When it comes to digital marketing for small business, here’s the blog which will help small business owners to get started.

Define your goals

You cannot initiate the process until you know the goal to achieve. Determine your business goal first, and then proceed towards a digital marketing plan. Knowing your goal will help you track your progress which in turn will allow you improve in the areas which need improvement.

Know your target audience

Are you aware of the type of customers interested in your product? No? Well, it’s important to recognize your target audience. Only then you would be able to communicate with them efficiently. Analyzing their demographics and requirements will help you create your digital marketing plan in a more efficient way.

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Focus on website design, SEO, content, and mobile optimization

Are you starting from a scratch? Make sure to design your company website in a way that influences customers to visit your website again and again. That being said, focus on creating a user friendly website and make sure to go with a color scheme that goes well with your branding.

Take SEO services and let your potential customers reach to you as soon as they look for their requirement. Moreover, including a quality content will help a visitor understand your business in a better way, thus influencing him/her to go with your products or services. Make sure to update your website content on regular basis.

Another significant thing that you must not overlook is mobile optimization. Yes! People, nowadays, prefer to use the Internet on the go, and having a mobile-friendly website will thus allow your potential customers to use your services at any time of the day.

Be active on social media

It’s a digital world and no online business can attain its goal without making its presence on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Make use of these platforms in order to stay connected with your target audience. The more you get engaged with your social followers, the more profit you will acquire as a result.

Determine the ROI of your digital marketing strategies

It’s important to see if the efforts being put by you are providing the required results or not. So, how will you do it? Well, you can do so by setting up analytics tracking which will help you analyze the effectiveness of your website. Once you get the in-depth insights of your efforts, you can focus on under-performing areas, which in turn allows you to  make your digital plan successful.

‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’ offers digital marketing services for different type of businesses. Experts, at Mamsys, assure an efficient digital marketing plan which will help you nurture your online business relationships in the best possible way.

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Are you a real estate developer who is not able to attract enough investors for your projects? Well, Have you analyzed the reason behind it? No? Then, spend sometime and see what issue is bothering your real estate business. Is your business digital? No? Oh! That must be the real issue! Are you not aware of the benefits that a digital business can provide you? Not a problem! You have come to the right place! Here’s is the blog which will let you know how real estate developers benefit through digital. However, investors too remain at profit as they can get a desired property without roaming around here and there.

It’s a digital world, and every individual who wishes to invest in a property begins his/her search through an Internet. Yes! Apart from the media sources like television and newspapers, they rely heavily on Internet. That being said, they keep an eye on blogs and reviews shared by other investors. Moreover, online world helps an individual to acquire any kind of information regarding realty sector.

As individuals are heavily dependent on their mobile phones, real estate developers, these days, prefer to reach their potential customers by that means only. Investors are also more inclined towards videos as they give them a realistic appeal which they might not find in words. Obviously, what better would be than a video tour of a property?

Now, if you observe, many individuals who wish to invest in a property suffer from lack of knowledge which thus results in dropping their idea. This is where a digital real estate developers can assist them by providing all the required real estate information. Being a real estate developer, make sure to be in the online real estate listings. This will allow you to be searched easily. Taking care of your reviews as well as videos would promote your business in a much better way, thus enhancing your business to a great extent. Furthermore, the online presence of your realty business would easily allow customers to access the details like price, location, and other specifications as well.

Conducting online chats might give you an opportunity to acquire the lead for your business. All in all, the availability of online information will definitely attract a buyer as it will prevent him from roaming around different places, thus getting him a luxurious property from the comfort of his/her home. Obviously, a hassle-free journey would influence investors to go towards digital real estate developers for both residential as well as commercial purposes.

So, what you are waiting for? Go ahead, and become digital to maximize your profit now. ‘Mamsys Consultancy services’ will help you become digital with effective website design & development services. Moreover, this digital marketing company in India, will assist you in every kind of services including SEO, SMO, PPC, and many more.

Do you own an online business? Great! The only thing that can lead your business to success is the more and more attention of visitors. Right? But, do you know what step can convert these visitors into consumers? It’s a mobile app. Yes! As every business nowadays has its mobile app, have you ever focused on the functionality on which it is working? No? Here’s the blog that will let you know the best way of generating offerings:

People, generally, find themselves confused between cross-platform functionality and native app. If you wish to have clarity on this, read the blog to understand the difference. If we talk about native app development, it generates an efficient design for some of the target platforms including ios, Android, and many more. On the other hand, a mobile app developed on a cross-platform functionality will reach out to number of followers as it covers a large number of end devices for its process.

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Despite this aspect of cross-platform functionality, you will notice that many organizations prefer to choose native app development only. Wondering why? Well, people, sometimes, prefer to go with the simplicity of functioning with a single platform. This is due to the reason that going across multiple platforms need additional resources as well as time. Thus, native approach, sometimes, is considered a better option. Moreover, for those, whose business relies solely on one platform, native approach would be the better one always.

Though native app development has its own benefits, you cannot overlook cross platform functionality as it spans a variety of devices as well as target audience sections. The option of cross platform functionality is being chosen by most of the businesses as the framework provides additional flexibility and power.

So, now you can analyze that the goal of the business is to reach its customers and most of the organizations are increasingly making use of cross platform functionality for the utilization of frameworks like phone gap.

Though it depends on the requirement of a business, you can clearly see cross platform functionality as the future of mobile app development. If you are looking for an organization that can help you develop your mobile app on this popular framework, you must get it done from the experts available at Mamsys Consultancy Services. The organization has an expertise in developing mobile app for different types of businesses.