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Do you get frustrated when your mobile page takes a lot of loading time? Obviously! It becomes irritating at times! Well, Google has brought in a really impressive project that makes a mobile website faster. Wondering what it is? You might be listening about a term AMP quite frequently these days. This is what we are talking about! It’s Accelerated Mobile Pages which Google released recently. Though many different techniques and technologies have been incorporated to enhance loading time, AMP is the one that is being considered an effective one for the process of web page optimization.

If you are a publisher who wants to give his/her user a better user experience, here’s an open source initiative that tends to provide your mobile users a much better experience. Google, in partnership with numerous biggest tech providers including Twitter, LinkedIn, and publishers like BBC, Mashable, and many more initiated the AMP project with the purpose of improving the user experience of whole mobile content ecosystem. AMP would prove beneficiary to publishers, creators, consumer platforms, and users of course.

When we talk about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the project is more closely related to publishers. Wondering why? Well, AMP has been created in order to target the more specific users who have their interest in content part only. So, basically, it focuses on the content produced by publishers. Want to know the reason behind it? Well, the content generated by publishers is mostly static and often includes images, videos, etc, which generally makes a user wait for a long time in order to load the entire content. Thus, the aim of restricting the optimization scope to publishers will help in eliminating a wide range of trade-offs that can take place  while optimizing the other general mobile websites.

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Do you know what future does AMP hold? No? Let’s have a look! Obviously, the project has just been released and it will definitely show a large amount of improvements in various aspects of mobile web browsing. You might be thinking about how faster the mobile websites would work. Right? Google’s Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) will have a great impact on the way users go through the different types of content on mobiles as well as tablets.

Google’s new approach will have a great impact on all the publishers as well as technology organizations as the project helps them keep track of their users in a more efficient way. Obviously, the support of big organizations shows the potential of the project and it clearly specifies the benefits that one can imagine in the future. So, the project apart from being beneficial to users, will also increase the scope for publishers who have been at huge loss due to slow browsers. Thus, if you are facing the issues like losing readers due to the long time taken by your webpage, you can now rely on AMP to help you achieve desired results. The project will make publishers earn revenue via advertising or subscriptions.

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Are you worried about the loading time of topics regarding news? Well, not to worry! Accelerated mobile pages, apart from enhancing the loading time of publishers’ web pages, will also provide a high amount of speed when it comes to searching for news or any other hot topic on the web. Moreover, Google will definitely come up with more AMP features as well as functionality that are expected to take place with the growth of the AMP project.

Users, at times, wonder how the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) differs from Facebook Instant Articles and Apple news. Well, though these frameworks tend to offer the similar kind of assistance, let us see how their characteristics make them different from AMP.

Users can use Facebook Instant Articles via Facebook and the app Apple News takes place with iOS9. That being said, none of the platforms give users an opportunity to read the articles in their particular formats. Though both of these platforms focus on the performance, they also give significance to the look and appearance of the articles.  Now, when we talk about AMP, it gives you a web based experience. The documents of AMP are designed in such a way that they are rendered in the browser. AMP has a complete focus on the performance of its documents. That being said, rather than giving importance to the fancy visual effects, the goal of AMP is to make a user open an article in a much quicker way.

Though the AMP platform assures huge profits in future, many of the publishers still have certain doubts about it. Let’s see what those doubts are.

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One of the biggest concerns of publishers is how will they monetize their AMP pages. The platform assists the users who don’t have enough patience to wait for the website to get loaded. This open source code helps the webpage to load faster on mobile devices, and yes, any publisher can implement it without any cost. Another major concern is whether the increased speed with AMP will cover the advertising loss per page. Well, as said by Google, it will cut load time of the webpage by 85%. Moreover, many of the publishers make attempts to diminish the page load time on their own. As far as cost is concerned, AMP will not let you spend much as the responsibilities associated with it can be easily managed by the existing staff only.

All in all, the purpose of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is to let users experience instant browsing on mobile devices. Though it comes with certain limits, it ensures great speed gains. Mamsys, a digital marketing company in India, will always keep you updated about the new trends and concepts that are being implemented in the market. Our aim is to make you succeed at every level of your business.

With the New Year just arrived, this is the right time for you to make an initial plan on what will be your digital marketing strategy and how you’re going to spend your marketing and advertising budget this year. If you’re thinking to stick to your old plans and marketing budget you allotted in last year – think once again. Digital marketing space is changing rapidly; from technological advancements to changing business models to evolving consumer behaviors, there’s a lot you need to understand in order to continue reaching your prospective customers.

In Digital Marketing, the only constant is ‘change’. You need not just to plan your digital marketing strategy according to the latest trends, but to ensure you make it better than anybody else. In this article, we have compiled top 10 Digital Marketing strategies by studying the predictions of twenty-one seasoned digital marketing experts hailing from top IT companies on what they think the future of Digital Marketing strategies in the year ahead.

Take a look to the following predictions and plan the best digital marketing strategy for your brand:

1. Your writing is your identity:

Every marketer writes. Whether you are the Chief Content Officer or Marketing Vice-President, your writing can make you look smart or look stupid. If you think crisp writing doesn’t matter in our Instagram, Podcast or video world, then trust us – it matters even more. Good writing can engage your audience and take them to the depth of your ideas. Use the right economy of words and style, and think about the end readers to not just communicate with them effectively but interact.

2. Boosting consumption of your content:

While it was already there in last year, this year will bring new challenges to the ever-growing competition of Internet space among marketers. This will put forth new math of content optimization, testing and customization. In this year, content production and content distribution will become equally important for digital marketers to stay ahead in the race.

3. Customizing content as per marketing channels:

Content will be more important than ever. Promotion channels will be further fragmented, and marketers need to create and tailor their content specifically for different digital/electronic medium including television, radio and various social media platforms. They need to go back to the basics of digital marketing and re-evaluate their audiences’ behavior of what is working and what isn’t for their organization.

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4. Caring becomes more important than selling:

Those marketers, who continue striving for more sales and ignoring customers’ satisfaction, are going to get overlooked by consumers. 2016 will be the year dedicated to customer care and satisfaction. Selling is important but to retain your existing customers and answering their queries will be more important to keep your brand value intact.

5. Integration of digital platforms:

Digital Marketing will see a new trend in 2016 – integration of various promotion channels to deliver one common user-experience to customers irrespective of which digital/electronic media they are using. Marketers will have to strategize on how they can integrate channels including social, mobile, television and radio, to give best user-experience to consumers.

6. Embracing Digital Marketing as ecosystem:

Gone are the days when marketers preach their customers about different products and services. Today, consumers have variety of options and they want accurate facts and figures to take a well-informed decision. Digital Marketing no longer remains a tactic; instead it becomes an art of attracting, engaging and retaining new and existing customers by giving them true information.

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7. Year of Visual Storytelling:

At the time of information pollution and increasing digital noise, it becomes all the more important to convey your message in an entertaining and engaging way. For this purpose, Visual Storytelling will continue to emerge as a strategy to incite customers’ emotions and engage them in a lucrative interaction.

8. Coding will become a necessity:

With the increase in competition to hold first page ranking in search engine results, coding will become a necessity for digital marketers. The ability to understand how coding and optimization can make a difference of whether your content is read or not by your customers, will take this skill to the next level.

9. Preeminence of Mobile Data:

The information world is fast moving towards mobile technology. Today the smartphone-equipped consumers can take actions in a moment irrespective of where they are. Mobile data and smartphones remove the barriers between message delivery and action, and the trend seems to be one of the biggest factors in transforming Digital Marketing in the years to come.

10. Convergence of marketing, public relations and advertising:

The digital age enables organizations to converge their marketing, public relations and advertising departments as one single unit with a common goal of attracting, engaging and retaining new and existing customers to enhance sales. Convergence of these departments helps digital marketing company to formalize common strategy for providing best consumer experience. You’ve learnt a lot in past years about Digital Marketing tools and strategies.

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As per Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at Mamsys, Digital Marketing has come into a new phase of technological digitization where customers expect to access and consume information across various platforms, apps and devices simultaneously. Today, the marketers need their brands to “be the best answer” wherever buyers are looking for the products and services.

Do you have a website? Great! You must be enforcing various strategies and tactics to engage your audiences. Right? But, are you also focusing on the users who prefer to search on the go? No! Well, if not, then you may be at a loss! Yes! Though you might be getting a good response through your traditional desktop search users, getting hold of the lucrative mobile search market will give your business a new boost.  With the increase use of mobile devices, users, generally, have a tendency to access the web through their mobile devices.  So, all you need to do is optimize your website for mobile search.

The blog explores significant things considering which you will draw the attention of all the mobile searchers as well.

1. Rank for shorter keywords

Mobile searchers, usually, prefer to type shorter key phrases. Instead of typing long texts, they wish to be brief in their search queries. That being said, their search query is generally limited to one or two words only. Thus, you must rank properly for shorter keywords which, as a result, will not let you miss your potential customers.

2. Focus on Local Search results

Apart from searching the shorter keywords, mobile searchers are more inclined towards local stuff. Yes! They are locally targeted when they are looking for things or services nearby. Do a proper research, focus on local search, and rank the keywords accordingly.

3. Be in the top 3 or 4 positions

Users, while searching the web can easily find around 10 links in a single page. Where desktop searchers can find the particular number of links in one view only, a mobile device will require you to scroll down the screen again and again. The users will obviously not prefer to scroll down the screen several times, and they will choose from the first 3 or 4 links only. So, optimize your website to be on the top and acquire a higher chance to draw the attention of more and more users.

4. Promote your mobile website

Do you want more traffic to your website? Well, for this, you must submit your website to some of the significant mobile search engines, directories, and mobile portals. Though you will get beneficial results if you acquire visitors through Google or other major search engines, several mobile resources can help you get even more traffic. Yes! Having your website listed with the mobile portal, you will definitely see a huge list of users that opt to come to you from portal only.

5. Comply with mobile standards

Do you want to transform your website to a mobile format in a sophisticated manner? Well, you need to abide by the mobile search standards. You can do so by going through the guidelines of W3C, and follow them in order to make your website searchable.

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6. Make sure to include Meta.txt

Even if your website is not accessible by the users, having meta.txt file will ensure your availability in the search results. Yes! It’s a special file that includes the brief description about your website. It can easily be parsed by both humans as well as search engines and will help your website to be included in the search results.

7. Use Shorter Texts

Mobile users, generally, look for brief information as they don’t prefer to spend much of their time in reading lengthy pages. Yes! Neither they would prefer to go for longer keywords nor the longer texts! Can you come up with the shorter mobile version of your website? If you can, that would be just great! However, don’t skip your keywords to shorten the content. Just stay away from keyword stuff and let your mobile users read your content within a less period of time comparatively.

8. Make an attempt to follow predictive search keywords

When it comes to mobile searches, most of the mobile users prefer to go for predictive search in order to save their typing effort. So, all you need to do is use the phrases, which commonly takes place in predictive search. Having your keywords among the common predictive search results will enhance the chances of your website to be found by the users.

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9. See how your website appears on various mobile devices

Make sure to preview your website on a mobile device. Though a plethora of mobile devices with different screen sizes will not let you check your site on every single device, you must check it on some of the major mobile devices that you can think of. Yes! The distorted site on a mobile screen will make your users run away even if you acquire users through mobile search engines. Some of the website owners, in order to avoid the process of making their website mobile-friendly, rely on the search engines to transcode their website. However, it’s not a good idea at all! The process of transcoding makes a website distorted and will not allow users to view it in an organized way.

10. Make use of Mobile Redirects

If you want your website to be visited by mobile user as well, it’s important to put mobile redirects in place. So, when a user searched for a website through a mobile device, the process of mobile redirects will direct the users to the mobile optimized version of the site. That being said, once you perform this task, the mobile users, when type your web address in a search engine, will be directly sent to the mobile-optimized version of the site.

Are you finding it a quite challenging process? Not a problem! Mamsys, a digital marketing company in India, helps you build and design a mobile optimized website for mobile searchers. Experts, at Mamsys, give you an opportunity to showcase your brand via a mobile site. We keep in mind all the essential things that can make you reach a majority of people, no matter what device they use.

Among the availability of several factors upon which the results of search engine rely, one of the most significant factors is the amount of back-links that you have obtained for your website. Yes! It actually helps you in enhancing your ranking overtime. So, acquiring  number of earned links will help you achieve great search engine results. If you are looking forward to different ways of obtaining more earned links, you have come to the right place! Read on..

  • One of the best ways to increase your links is to blog on a regular basis. Doing so will give you a plenty of content which people can choose and link back to. Continuing the process of blogging will help you grow your authority online, thus causing more people to link back to you.
  • Guest blogging, if done in a correct way, will provide you with more number of links. All you need to take care of is to keep away from spammy guest blogging networks.

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  • Include something interesting that can draw the attention of more and more users. Yes! Blogs are not useful until they have something exciting to share. Give it a shape of a story that can appeal your audience.
  • Users, generally, like to get linked to facts and stats. So, create a survey that can be used by other people. Moreover, create infographics as people love to share different types of infographics. However, make sure to do it authentically.
  • It’s important to make users believe that you know what you write. So, create a white paper and increase your links gradually. Remember, authority matters! The same thing goes for an ebook.
  • In order to increase your links in an effective way, you need to reach out to the real sites that share contests as well as giveaways.
  • Another significant way is to generate a video series as people show interest in sharing videos on their website.
  • Have you ever hosted a podcast? Have you ever interviewed experts  with blogs as well as websites? Well, doing so will facilitate people to promote themselves on blogs and websites. That being said, people are linking back to the website where you have hosted a podcast.

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  • Be social! Yes! It is important to be friendly with bloggers. Doing so will encourage your conversation and will ultimately lead you to more number of links. Remember, even the links that appear in your bios are links!
  • One of the significant factors that draws the attention of marketing crowd is a case study. Generate a case study that goes well with other businesses. This will provide you with more number of links.
  • Hosting an event will give you links. Yes! The speakers at your event will promote the event details and thus, post a link on their website. The process, thus, results in more number of links.
  • Make sure to create good relationships and be likeable among the people around you. The better the relationships, the more are the chances for you to get referred in the long run.

Mamsys, best digital marketing company in India, helps you acquire more links to your website. The company tends to enforce strategic approach to acquire the desired results.

Are you not able to draw the attention of enough customers to your website in spite of acquiring a great product? Well, it happens if businesses do not follow protocols that help increase the traffic to their websites. Here’s a blog which will explore some of the impressive tips following which you will find the considerable amount of improvement in the number of users visiting your website.

1. Combine Online Marketing Efforts

2016 is looking forward to apply a strategic approach when it comes to increasing website traffic for the business. Yes! Endeavor to combine the use of different online marketing techniques including content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing among others. This will definitely help you drive traffic to your website.

2. Include Interactive Content

Remember, people are looking for the content that goes in line with their thoughts and requirements. It should be expressed in such an interesting way that influences audience to go for your product, service, or brand. Moreover, use social media and ask questions that tend to engage people to visit your website. Make sure to include an engrossing advertising content that makes users click on it to proceed further.

3. Include Long Keyword Phrases

Are you aware of the keywords that your potential customers use to buy your product? No? Well, at times, the competition is too huge for a single keyword that might not allow the user to find your website. That being said, it would be better to include long tail keywords which highly specify your business’s product which would in turn result in high quality traffic.

4. Let people get what they want

To begin with, know the requirements of the customers, try to understand their queries regarding your product, and include a content that answers all their questions efficiently.  Let them know how the use of your product will provide benefit to them.

5. Blogging

Have you not started blogging yet? Oh! Begin it right now and get engaged with more and more customers. Yes! Including a blog will assist you in search engine optimization and an individual looking for a topic related to your blog might end up his search by landing on your website.


Google Analytics: Beneficial For an Online Business

6. Perform Social Media Marketing

Using social media in a correct way can turn out to be a great source of traffic which will lead you to a successful online business. Use social media to showcase your business success which can be done by using appropriate approach and tools. You can do so by adding the url of your website to your social media profile, using hashtags, using images or videos with your posts, or adding links to your social media profiles.

7. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another significant tool that you just can’t ignore is SEO. SEO helps a user reach your website on google using the keywords you have targeted. Perform both on-page and off-page seo for better results and higher ranking in google.

8. Repurpose your Content

Though a business makes a full effort in coming up with the content exactly in line with their target audience, repurposing a content in different types of formats will help you increase your website traffic effectively. That being said, give your topic a shape of blog, white paper, e-book, infographic, or video and let different types of audiences reach your content in a much easier way.


Optimize Your Brand With Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

9. Inbound marketing

Enforcing inbound marketing allows your potential customers to reach to you in an efficient way. Yes! The users who are actively looking for a valuable information can land on your website, thus increasing the traffic of your website. Some of the significant tactics that you must use for increasing website traffic with inbound marketing include SEO, Blogging, and social media sharing.

10. Video Marketing

One of the biggest sources of driving website traffic is video marketing. Make an attempt to include a video that attracts the target audience to initiate with required steps.

One of the best digital marketing companies that can help you in keeping away from the website traffic issue is Mamsys. The company tends to enforce significant strategies to provide you with effective results.

Do you want to analyze the web traffic of your website? Do you want to have details about the visitors to your website? Well, ‘Google Analytics’ helps you collect and analyze all the information regarding users, how they reached to your website, what they did, and what action they have taken. Yes! The tool, Google Analytics, helps you determine the website insights, which will be highly valuable to your business’s commercial success. Let us see how the tool helps your business achieve desired results.

  • It helps in Marketing Campaign Optimization

In an online business, it is very essential to optimize the marketing campaigns of a business. However, taking steps in the wrong direction can actually lead you to poor performance. That being said, you must be sure about what steps you are taking in the process, and this is where Google Analytics is used. The use of the tool will help you realize the current situation of your website and you can determine the right activities implementing which will give you effective results.

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  • It helps in improving website usability

As the tool helps you determine the way users use your website, you can get to know the areas that are not satisfying the clients completely. Yes! The in-depth content analysis will allow you to determine the type of content being appreciated by the visitors. The use of Google Analytics will provide you with behavior and conversions reports which will help you analyze the website and content usability. The reports will make you understand the areas of concern and you can thus work on those areas to enhance the usability of your website.

  • It helps in identifying target audience

Though you must be having an idea about your target customers, obtaining the Audience reports through Google Analytics will help you know if the perception applied by you is correct or not. Going through these reports will help you understand your target audience in a better way. Obviously, knowing the age, gender, user location, and interests of the users would help you implement your ads and campaigns in a more efficient way.

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  • It helps you identify gaps in budget allocation

The reports of Google Analytics will let you know the effective areas which will thus give you a clear idea of where to invest your budget further. The process will allow you to measure the return on investment of different digital marketing campaigns aspects which ensures the investment in the elements that tend to provide the best return on investment in the future.

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So, using Google Analytics will help you gauge the users’ behavior considering which you can incorporate a change in your process in order to draw the attention of more and more visitors. If you have been looking for a best digital marketing company that can provide you with this unique service, Mamsys is the solution! Experts, at Mamsys, put great efforts in generating effective Google Analytics reports for your business.

Talk about SEO, and the first thing that you will think about is link building. Right? Obviously, as ranking in the search engines is based on the backlinks. So, what do you think is the best way to attain your SEO link building? Well, the blog explores different techniques that can be used for SEO link building.

1. Generate content on popular topics

When it comes to content, you will want people to share your content on the social profiles. For this, you are supposed to acquire more organic shares. All you need to do is focus on the trending topics and try to create them in an interesting way. Let people find it engrossing enough to share on different social profiles.

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2. Newsjacking

What if you create a buzz among your friends or followers? Yes! It will work! Just look for the breaking news and put your ideas into it. Such type of content actually appeals people and anyone who comes across the content will share it further.

3. Guest Blogging

Do you find guest blogging unworthy as it doesn’t pays? Well, the benefit lies not in the money, but in the back links. You are advised to write about similar types of blogs. That being said, you need to include the blogs that discuss about the same topics as yours. This is due to the reason that Google likes back links from the same place. So, go ahead and write the guest posts that you or your competitor follows.

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4. Use Tumblr

Create a Tumblr blog and use it for posting and sharing your blog links in it. Writing articles and including hyperlinks to your website would prove beneficial to you. However, make a point not to copy the articles into your Tumblr blog. Make sure to follow other blogs as the process of following them again would be beneficial.

5. Take advantage of LinkedIn

It’s a professional social network which is being used by people to promote content sharing. Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse in order to publish your article ad incorporate hyperlinks to your website or blog. Join number of similar groups and do share the links of your website in those groups. Obviously, users with similar kind of interest will take interest in reading your articles.

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Though people usually use Facebook and Twitter for SEO link building, using other significant networks can do wonders for them. Mamsys, a digital marketing company in India, tends to use all the latest techniques in order to make your SEO link building successful.

Do you wish to make your content visible to people when they look for your product? Well, for this, you need to take care of the content marketing approach that is being used for your products and services.  Do you know how the use of hashtags can enhance your content marketing process?

Here’s a blog that explores different ways of using hashtags that assist you in driving your content marketing reach.

  • Use of Hashtag for amplifying your content

Hashtags are known as content amplifiers which are generally used by people to search information on social channels. That being said, if you tag your content appropriately, an audience would be able to find you in a more easy way. The users, nowadays, wish to find the relevant content as quickly as possible as they don’t want to spend enough time on searching the required information. So, all you need to do is to make your content stand out by following a multifaceted amplification strategy.

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  • Relevancy Rules for Hashtags

Using a hashtag with your content signifies that you are fulfilling user’s expectations in terms of content. Failing to meet the user’s expectation might affect your content marketing strategy in the long run. That being said, the users might consider your content as ‘spam’. All you need to do is to identify a number of relevant options and choose the hashtag that is popular enough to amplify your content.  Remember, the most popular hashtags will give you more competition in terms of drawing the attention of your potential customers. So, it would be better to go with the one that is not so popular and can make your content visible when searched.

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  • Using existing hashtags

To start with, you must begin by looking for the existing hashtags that overlap your content. If you find some, you can make use of them to join ongoing conversations which would make your content reach your audience. Look for hashtags that are in trend or gaining popularity gradually. Experiment with the trending hashtags and this might draw the attention of users towards your content.

  • Creating a hashtag

If you need to use a hashtag for an event, you can create new hashtags. Moreover, the hashtags can also be created for the brands that have enough resources to sustain the new hashtag.

All in all, hashtags help you amplify your content only when used correctly. Mamsys, a digital marketing company, use appropriate strategies to apply hashtags for your content. So, use this valuable tool, and make your content reach your potential consumers.

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