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Looking at the complex and ever-changing nature of internet and internet users, 2016 holds a promising year for Digital Marketing. Your targeted consumer is surrounded by your competitors every minute and every second via various platforms and social media channels. Hence, it is really important that your products and services should reach them not only first but should be within their reach and sight all the time they are on the World Wide Web.

With the changing nature of Digital Marketing Industry, Mamsys brings to you the trends a B2B or B2C company should follow in the year 2016. Looking at the trends, you will understand what creative and analytic approach are needed to execute these trends but believe us it’s totally worth your time and money and Mamsys are there to help you accomplish these trends successfully.

Top Digital Marketing Strategy in 2016 includes:

Go Mobile
Search Engine Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

…and more!

Digital Marketing Strategy in 2016


Have you just stepped into a business? So, have you geared up to create a striking digital personality? No? You must! Tell the world the story of your brand and let them get engaged with you in a creative and genuine way. Only then you can represent your brand among large amount of potential customers. If you are tensed about keeping up with new digital marketing tools and techniques that can help you stay ahead of your competitors, here’s a blog exploring some of the significant digital marketing tools that a business leader must know. Let’s explore some of the popular digital marketing tools!

Are you having too many ideas to implement? There is a tool called Evernote that can help you organize every aspect of your business in a much efficient way. Yes! The tool will put your ideas in an organized way and will come up with something that you can use for your business. Moreover, with the capability of syncing across all the devices, the tool helps you find the details from your last conference or meeting.

One of the most significant tools that is necessary for a business in the modern age is Hootsuite. It’s a social dashboard that helps you navigate every social platform in one place. Wow! Seems interesting! You can now save your time and energy as all the social accounts can now be easily accessed without the need of moving between tabs and browsers.

3. Boomerang

Are you getting issues while scheduling your emails? Well, here’s a tool which can be your savior and can help you send mails to several consumers at an optimum time. Having a problem in scheduling the list of the consumers who have not given a response to your mail? Not a problem! Setting up the Boomerang effect will let you know the same in a very well organized manner. Basically, it’s a reminder through which you can keep track of the mails that you need to follow.

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It’s a program that offers complete email management. So, make your life easier by using the free package called “Entrepreneur”. The package includes a number of designer templates that you can use for professional emails, personalized contact forms, and many of the email marketing analytics tools that a business requires the most. Moreover, the program helps you send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers absolutely free.

Are you having a long list of passwords? You must be worried about your passwords being stolen. Well, Dashlane is a software that provides complete protection and organization for all of your passwords. The software makes use of military standard protection using which a business can be sure about the security of numerous passwords.

Here’s an another email marketing tool using which you can send your emails in a well-organized way. All your efforts will be organized easily and the easy navigation of the tool can help you schedule your automated emails that can be sent to around 2500 consumers and that too for free.

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7. Moz

If you are looking forward to improve your SEO listings, it would be beneficial to go for Moz, a tool that provides two key products to consumers. The first one is Moz Pro that will assist you in attaining classic SEO practices, including tracking rankings, content marketing campaigns, and many more. The second one, on the other hand, is Moz Local by means of which you can enhance your SEO listings. So, how will you execute it. Just enter the information about your business location, and Moz will get you listed.

Are you not sure about the proper place and time to serve your ads? Well, use a popular tool Rocket Fuel which uses anonymous user data to determine the way individuals respond to your advertisements. The tool, thus, helps you determine when and where to display your ads.

Sharing videos on the web can help you immensely, and the platform that can help you host, customize, and share your videos in a desired way is Wisita. The platform has an ability to incorporate a custom CTA below every video, which helps you drive the users to the specific pages.

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10. Canva

Not having an image to share? Well, Canvas will create it for you! It’s a web based design tool that can be used to create unique images to be shared on blogs, or any of the social media channels. Do you want to create it from scratch? Not a problem! Canva will do it for you no matter what your requirement is. So, go ahead and get professional designs in no time.

Do you want to analyze the result of the efforts which you are putting in to enhance your presence? Well, Google Analytics can help you find so in an efficient way. Be it the location of a specific audience, what brought users to your website, the web browser used by visitors, or the keywords used by the users to find your services, Google Analytics will help you determine all these things in one go. So, use it and get to know if your efforts are being appreciated or not.

Have you used all of the above-mentioned tools? If not, use them, and see how effectively you get your brand recognized among the people. ‘Mamsys’, in order to give the best of its services, use best digital marketing tools to provide success to a business.

Digital Marketing, with every passing year, changes consistently, and comes up with new tools, technologies, and platforms. A lot of predictions are made at the start of each year, and we get to know the latest digital marketing trends. As we have already entered in the year 2016, people who look forward to enhance their business, takes interest in the popular trends that might have an impact on their marketing techniques.

Are you the one who want to keep up with effective digital marketing trends? Great! Here’s a blog for you, which will let you know what’s hot in the market. Have a look at some effective top trends and stay ahead of your competitors by following the latest digital curve.

  • Though it is known that mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic, it has been surveyed that a large amount of people are still spending a lot of time on their PCs. That being said, along with focusing on having an effective mobile design, you must not abandon the updates to your desktop site. Keep your focus on both mobile sites as well as desktop sites, and stay connected with all the prospective customers.
  • If we talk about the previous year, many of the companies have spent a lot of time on social marketing ads. However, the percentage is about to increase in 2016, and you will find your competitors spending much more time on social media ads. Most of the companies consider social media a significant aspect of their business, and thus, look forward to work on enhancing the social media ads.
  • It’s time to focus more on organic social marketing now. Research say that after google, it’s the social platforms where users have found new brands, products and content that matter to them. This year too marketers are looking for social platform for organic as well as acquired traffic to their website and products. So, buck up, and give some more time for the content marketing on your social platforms.
  • Now is the time when video will become an important aspect for digital marketing success. In the previous year, businesses have successful attracted new and prospect customers to their brand using videos. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and upload your video ads to different sites and promote them via numerous social media channels. Some of the most popular platforms that are being appreciated for uploading videos include You Tube, Facebook live streaming, and Snap-chat among others. Moreover, Google, in ppc search ads, is testing using video ads, and it is predicted to begin soon.
  • Though the techniques like SEO, PPC, and content marketing have their own importance, the marketers are now chasing influencers to acquire new consumers. Yes! According to the survey, people usually get more inclined towards the products endorsed by celebrities or authorities. Making efforts to engage celebrities with your product might get you a much better result than expected. Though the process might need you to send free products for review, paying a fee, or offer cross promotion, an influencer marketing might get you the desired results in an efficient way.
  • Content marketing, which is considered to have greatest impact on the businesses, appears in the list of digital marketing trends every year. The same is the case with this year as well, and it’s a relevant content that will give you a more organic reach. It must go hand in hand with paid search marketing, organic search marketing, and social media marketing. Using blogs, articles, graphics, and videos along with social and search marketing can do wonders for a company. Make sure to think from the customer’s point of view and come up with a strategy that goes well with them.
  • One of the significant aspects that will be given much preference is email marketing. It’s a core pillar for a business, especially for those who find the techniques like content marketing and social ads a little expensive. For them, it will be a great deal to have an email list. A significant part of organic and paid search along with social media budgets is considered to be focused on emails.
  • Have you ever used Instagram? Well, advertising through Instagram can help you to acquire a successful business deals. As the people, today, gives preference to visual stimulation, Instagram helps you share your experiences in a much better way.  2016 is expected an increase in Instagram spending by brands and companies. So, go ahead and start thinking about the creative ideas of selling through Instagram.

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  • The year 2016 will focus more on disclosing customers’ experiences. Sharing the customers’ experiences will make users believe in your brand, thus, enhancing your sales effectively. So, give your buyers an opportunity to market your brand by using several channels including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more.
  • One of the trends that most of the marketers are looking forward to is content re-marketing. Though the companies have been including blogs, articles, e-books, and other content for their websites, it’s important to recapture the viewers who visited your website, read your content, but didn’t become a lead. This is when you go for content re-marketing.  It’s about re-targeting the visitors with the content when they leave your website. Doing this will give you an opportunity to once again promote your brand to the users who are already interested in your offerings. Endeavor to come up with something new while they check in to emails, You Tube, or any other channel.

‘Mamsys’, a digital marketing company, keeps track of all the digital marketing trends, and strives hard to enforce efficient digital marketing strategies for business growth.

Think of digital marketing, and all that knocks your mind include content, social media, and mobile. Right? Well, it’s good that you are aware of the essentials of successful digital marketing, but do you know how to implement these constituents in your digital marketing efforts? Well, for this, you need to create a digital marketing framework, following which you can put a step forward towards a successful digital marketing strategy. Yes! Creating a superlative plan or framework ensures successful online campaigns, and helps you attain the desired results through effective digital marketing strategies. Let us explore the steps following which you can build a successful digital marketing framework.

1. Researching Digital Marketing Trends

To begin with, you need to spend some quality time and energy in order to drive your digital marketing strategy successfully. Yes! It’s the first phase, and the longest one which needs you to focus on every possible aspect. Though the researching process takes time, if done correctly, you can easily implement the other steps to create a framework. All you need to do is identify goals & objectives of your business, select strategies that can make you succeed at every level, look for some new opportunities, and set your targets. Are you B2B Company? Well, you must be looking for generating leads. In that case if you come under the category of an ecommerce company, you would be more interested in conversions. Analyze well, and reach an objective that you find lucrative for your business requirements.

2. Internet Business Analysis

Now that you are very well versed with your goals & objectives, you need to analyse on how you can implement a digital marketing strategy in the best possible way. For this, you need to acquire some valuable information which you can obtain by carrying out some tasks. Firstly, analyse and determine the market that you need to target. Determine the areas that ensure more profit, and make sure to make the most out of it. Secondly, create some fictitious characters representing different types of consumers based on interests, age groups, locations, gender, and demographics. You can now target the different types of customers by using personal campaigns and strategies. This will, indeed, lead you to a better conversion rate and an improved ROI. Moreover, it’s better to examine your competitors in order to track their reputation in the digital space. This will let you know the strategies that they are working upon, and you can, thus, acquire a competitive advantage. Remember, performing an in-depth competitor analysis will give you a valuable information and, you can easily acquire knowledge about the strategies that prove beneficial for your competitors. Moreover, you will also get aware of the areas that can provide you with a more competitive advantage. You can, thus, implement your strategies accordingly, and can acquire the desired results.

3. Build Your Digital Campaign

Set up your digital assets and make a decision regarding your resource planning and allocation. Yes! Carry out a discussion, and get clear of the things like who will build it, what cost it will take, the availability of the staff members to complete the task, requirement of a consultant, and the budget available.  Taking care of these things will help you develop your digital campaigns effectively. However, consulting a digital marketing firm can take away all your stress by working on your requirements.

4. Implement Digital Strategy

Schedule the launch of all the digital assets like social media profiles, website, and digital campaigns, and activate them. A strategy with the well-organized launch can be quite beneficial and can help you attain desired results in an efficient way.

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5. Measure Digital Marketing Success

Once all your digital assets are activated, you can’t just sit back and relax. Simply building, implementing, and waiting for the results will not work. You need to keep track of the results of the strategies enforced by you. Analyse your strategies and determine the areas that are providing you with better ROIs. If you don’t find yourself satisfied with any particular strategy, just work on it to achieve better results. Or else, you can hire a reliable digital marketing firm that can help you make efficient strategies for the growth of your business. Look for a best digital marketing company that can give you desired results. Mamsys, a digital marketing company, can get you an effective digital marketing strategy that can assist you in enhancing the online presence of your business. Experts, at Mamsys, have an expertise in determining the target goals for every digital tactic.

6. Manage Digital Campaign Results

The digital marketing technique helps you in analyzing all the steps and strategies that you have worked upon. Just implement your campaign, run it for a particular period of time, and see how it works. Were you expecting something else? Well, just focus on the strategies applied, give some more time to examine the things enforced by you, and work on them to meet your level of satisfaction. However, if the campaign goes as expected, don’t just be happy about the results. Be active, start the digital marketing framework again, and work on it to enhance it further. Monitoring your digital marketing efforts will help you keep track of the situation, and if required, you can anytime make ongoing adjustments in order to improve your campaign to a great extent. This is the step which, if performed efficiently, assures you the most lucrative results that can provide you with improved conversion rates and sales.

Just follow the process given above, and you are ready for the successful completion of all your projects.

Are you the one who don’t give much importance to the digital marketing techniques? Well, you need to think again! It’s a digital world, and people, in the 21st century, make use of digital resources to meet their demands for various products and services. If you are not using digital marketing strategies for your business yet, you are at a huge loss, in that case! The change and evolution of modern technologies have given rise to various tools and resources using which a business can reach heights of success in every aspect. Consumers tend to meet all their requirements online, and connect with the brands which they find more beneficial and reliable.

Yes! Businesses, nowadays, can draw the attention of their potential customers only if they own a lucrative online market place. Let’s see how digital marketing can make you build and enhance your relations with all the potential consumers who are looking for your products and services.

  • First of all, having an online store will help you spread the information about your products and services to a large number of audience. Consumers can now learn about your organization, and can acquire more knowledge about your products. Moreover, the comments about your services will help them build their trust, which, in turn, will facilitate them to go for your brand. Furthermore, going online will help you identify the attitudes and preferences of your customers, and, you can, thus enforce the required changes in order to continue your relationship with all your current as well as potential consumers.
  • Why to get engaged with only a limited amount of customers, when you can reach to consumers living in different parts of the world? Yes! The digital age has given you an opportunity to reach all your prospective customers globally. Digital marketing is the technique with which you can come across several new customers in a very cost-efficient way. The number of digital marketing channels can enhance the list of your customers, which will, in turn, enhance your sales effectively.
  • Are you not having enough resources and capitalization to publicize your products and services? Well, the digital marketing technique, apart from introducing you to new customers and lead generation, helps you save your money as well.
  • The availability of numerous digital marketing channels, not only helps you engage with new customers, but also assists you in retaining your previous customers as well. You can share with them all the updated information regarding your products and services. This way, it becomes easy for you to convey your information to thousands of customers as well as prospective customers in one go only. The process, thus, enhances the customer’s satisfaction, thus increasing the business revenue.

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  • Wondering, how will you analyse the performance of your website? Well, the modern technology has brought in a number of analytical tools which can help you track the number of visitors along with the length of time that they spent on your website. Knowing these details can help you evaluate the interests of your audience, and you can, then, enforce new marketing strategies to get hold of more and more customers. Moreover, you can easily analyze the number of conversions as well. So, now is the time when you can access the results of your marketing strategy very easily and rapidly.
  • Spreading your business online will assist your customers to get aware of your brand. The more the visibility of a brand, the more will be the brand reputation! A business having a good reputation among the customers increases the sales of a business as people satisfied with your products and services will definitely promote your brand among their social circles, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Moreover, the positive reputation helps you differentiate your brand in a highly competitive industry where thousands of similar brands are trying to strengthen their image online. All you need to do is apply effective digital marketing strategies in order to draw the attention of people across the world. Brand appreciation will help you grow your network, which is quite essential to enhance the presence of your business in the highly competitive market all around.

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  • Going for all the effective digital marketing channels can help you satisfy the requirements of all your customers. Just be updated with all the digital marketing strategies, and you will surely see an instant improvement in your conversion rates.
  • Most of the customers, nowadays, prefer to look for their products and services on the go. Yes! Mobile devices are being used extensively and a business, not focusing on mobile technology, will not be able to reach a large amount of customers who use mobiles to purchase any product. So, make sure to be visible not only on the desktop, but on mobile Internet as well. Creating a mobile-oriented website will help you do so in an efficient way.
  • With the increasing use of digital marketing strategies, traditional advertising is now taking a back seat, and many big companies, that give preference to social media platforms and SEO have left behind several small companies that are no where when accessed online. Though it’s not that easy for a small business to compete with a large company, applying digital marketing strategies can help you determine your potential customers. Moreover, the digital marketing tool helps you monitor the performance of your competitor, and you can thus analyse the marketing strategy used by them. This will give you an opportunity to build an effective marketing strategy for your business.

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If you are still wondering how to enforce effective Digital marketing techniques to your business, ‘Mamsys’, one of the top digital marketing services, provides its effective services, not only to grow your business, but to keep ahead of your competitors as well. The highly-experienced team of Mamsys ensures higher revenues with greater savings, less costs, and more leads. So, go ahead, and add up to more sales!