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Are you wondering what is organic traffic?

Well, it’s a kind of traffic that appears as a result of users’ unpaid search on the Internet. Do you find yourself in a situation where you don’t acquire the required number of visitors to your website? Oh! In that case, you need to increase organic search traffic to your website. All you need to do is improve your SEO efforts. Though making an effort for building an organic traffic might take a lot of your time, incorporating a consistent strategy with proper optimization will provide you with effective results.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

Making use of appropriate tools will surely turn your website into a visitor’s hub. So, all you need to do is follow the tips given below to enhance the organic traffic to your website. Read on to get the solution to the frequently asked question  on ‘how to improve organic traffic?’.

1. Conduct keyword research:

To begin with, be sure about the topics that you want to appear on the top in the search engine. Come up with around five to ten topics that suit your niche. You can then use those topics to incorporate the specific keywords. Think of the phrases that your target audience might take into account and come up with the list of keywords. You can also make use of a keyword tool to do so.

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2. Website Optimization

The next step is to optimize your website. How will you do so? Well, focus on your content part first. Make sure to incorporate a language that users can understand easily. Now is the time to use those keywords that you have gathered. Put appropriate keywords on your home page, meta description, headings, as well as in the URL of the pages incorporated into your website. However, it’s better to avoid keyword stuffing!

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3. Make use of Long-Tail Keywords

Apart from focusing on the short phrases which have turn out to be more competitive in the marketing industry, keep your focus on the long-tail keywords as well. That being said,  take into account the phrases that are used for your product or service.

4. Use Blogs Frequently

Using a blog on a regular basis will help you attract a number of visitors worldwide. Search engine always gives preference to the frequently updated sites, and thus, posting a blog regularly will keep you on the top always. Moreover, the consistency of your website of being at the top will make your audience believe in you as well as on your products & services.  This facilitates them to spend their precious time on your site on a frequent basis.

5. Come up with a Quality Content

Another significant factor that influences visitors to click on your website is the quality of the content that you have incorporated in your website. Keep your content updated and try not to come up with keyword stuffed articles. Provide content that can connect with your target audience. Doing so will certainly improve your SEO. Make sure to prefer quality no matter what the quantity of the content is.

6. Be Social

All you need is promote your content and having a number of social media accounts will help you do so effectively. Social media plays a huge role in increasing the presence of your business online. So, if you do not own any social media account, create it now, and don’t forget to mention your social sharing links on your blogs. Update your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter frequently and draw the attention of prospective customers by incorporating relevant information.

7. Link Building

Now that you have incorporated the quality information into your website, you can now start adding links to your blogs. Doing so will guide the users to more applicable content. Also, it will influence users to stay on your website for a long period of time. Remember, incorporating too many links will make it appear like a spam!

8. Go with the Rules

Enforcing shortcuts will not work for long! Yes! It’s better to avoid any unethical practices as doing so will not provide you the better results. Also, it might cost you a penalty, and Google might remove your website from its index altogether.

Though you find it a timely process, following the tips given above will definitely lead you to what you actually want. Mamsys, a digital marketing company can help you boost organic traffic by using effective techniques. The experts,  at Mamsys, understands your requirements in detail and puts in all the essential efforts to enhance your presence in the market.

On one side where the hiring of competent employees can make your business reach success, a sudden resignation of an employee, on the other side, might have a great impact on your company’s growth. Are you a business who is in its early stages and is working hard for the growth and development of your organization? Well, it would be a difficult situation for you if any of your employees leaves abruptly. It’s not easy to find a replacement as it can turn out to be a costly affair for you. So, here are some of the effective ways to increase employee retention in this competitive business world.

How to Improve Employee Retention

1. Come up with the right company culture

A company’s environment should be such that an employee feels good and comfortable in the corporate culture created by you. Yes! The employee that you choose must match with the company culture in terms of the environment, colleagues, and work culture. No matter what kind of employee you hire, he/she must get engaged with your company’s culture strongly.

2. Choose the right candidates

While screening the candidates for a particular job position, make sure to keep a check on those who are willing to join your company just for the sake of experience which would give them another big opportunity. Instead, go for someone whom you feel dedicated towards the success of the company and is much more interested in growing with you. So, analyze their desires, and hire the candidates accordingly.

3. Training

It’s good if you get an employee who is completely trained as well as certified in the required field. However, if you find an employee capable enough to do justice with a job profile, offer him an effective training. Doing so will not only make him trust you as an efficient organization but also motivate him to grow his career in your company

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4. Offer guidance

Your job does not get completed once you hire a candidate for a job profile. Don’t you want your candidate to completely understand their job duties? So, spend some quality time in making them aware of the required job roles as well as responsibilities, so that they can perform them well. Or else, a confused employee might feel irritated and can begin to search another job where he acquires the detailed guidance regarding the job. So, all you need to do is offer regular feedback about the employee performance and clear the things to him that can help him enhance his performance.

5. Hire a candidate on hike

Though you find it difficult to pay competitive salaries with low funds and budget, think of a cost to replace employees. Replacing an employee might cost you around 30% to 50% of the employee’s annual salary which might prove quite costly for you. Give the candidate an assurance of acquiring good hikes and bonuses in the different stages of the project.

6. Don’t overlook talented staff

Organization, often, gives more attention to the employees who are struggling with their work. That being said, the talented group of employees, in this case, might feel neglected. So, don’t let them feel unnoticed. Let them know how you appreciate their hard work.

7. Be more flexible

Employees, usually, prefer to work in a flexible environment. If you want your employee to attend your client even on a holiday or apart from work timings, you must give him flexible working conditions. Understanding the needs of your employee will facilitate them to exhibit more dedication towards the accomplishment of your goals.

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8. Other benefits

Employees expect various benefits that a company, usually, provide. However, if you find it difficult to compete with the big organizations, when it comes to all medical and other benefits do not worry. You can come up with the type of benefits that no one else offers. Allow your employees to work from home, give them flexible holiday offerings, and last but not the least, bonuses based on the performances.

9. Offer unique perks

Bring in the unique perks that can give employees a benefit they can’t get anywhere else. For instance, incorporate free meals, nap pods, and come up with more creative perks that can make them believe in your corporate culture. Moreover, let your employees get free tickets to some special occasions or discounts at some shopping, etc.

10. Don’t push yourself too hard

Apart from all the ways discussed above, at times, the employees, apart from the attractive company culture, don’t sustain in the company due to their bosses. Yes! Sometimes, the employees tend to quit due to their bosses. So, create an environment where employees feel rewarded and pleased!

So, by now, you must know that improving employee retention is not that difficult. Just connect with all your employees and know what issues are they facing in terms of working environment, flexibility, or any other issue. Understanding all their needs will motivate them to stay with your organization, thus making your business thrive.

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All you need to do is look for the staffing companies that can provide you with reliable and dedicated employees. One of the IT staffing firms, that is known for providing efficient staffing services in the IT staffing industry is Mamsys. The company is a known name in the staffing services industry, and will assure you the employees that will be there in your company for a long period of time.

Do you know what we actually mean by voice search? Well, it’s a great search feature which is getting quite a popular day by day and is being appreciated by people all across the world. No matter what device you are using, the availability of a digital personal assistant will provide you with this amazing feature. You must have used Google voice for sure! Other similar applications include Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Echo Alexis.

With the increasing number of people using voice search, it will definitely have an impact on several digital marketing strategies, including SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing and social media marketing among others. Wondering how can voice search affect the growth of your business? You will get to know about it while reading the blog!

Let’s first understand how the increasing use of voice search will disrupt your current digital marketing strategies.

  • The arrival of voice search has shifted the behavior of the users from typing in the keywords in the search engine to searching something by using their voice to ask the questions. Since the majority of people are using voice search while conducting their search, keyword searching is decreasing gradually. This will thus affect the sites optimized for keywords and will lead to a decrease in website traffic as well as engagement.
  • The growth of this feature is giving people an opportunity to bring in more and more questions without even using your fingers to type in. This has actually increased the number of search queries starting with question form such as what, who, how, and where. So, customers are now asking questions to the Internet in the same way as they ask an individual.

So, how will you adjust in order to bring in your content on the search page when users find it through voice search? Well, for this, you need to give less preference to keyword stuffing and Meta tags and take into account the full sentences including natural language questions. Create a content in such a way that your content appears to the users in the way you would answer in person. The results associated with a voice search emphasize more on a content that is written in a way a publisher or a journalist writes content.

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Take Advantage of Voice Search

Are you wondering how can you maximize the benefits of this growing trend, voice search? Here you go..

  • Take into account the most common questions asked by your potential customers. Search product forums, sites like Quora (questions and answer site), and other similar sites. Also, search comments on several review sites, including Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Amazon among others. Survey different individuals and examine your own social media accounts for common questions. Are you not having any question & answer section on your site? Add it now!
  • Use these common questions in the voice search and see what kind of answers the search engine exhibits. You can do so by using Google voice, Cortana, Siri, or Alexis. Use any of them and see what appears in the search engine result page. Following this process will help you examine the current competition, and will assist you in structuring your own answers for different common questions.
  • Create website and social media content in a way that it answers those common questions in a simple and clear way. Imagine the questions in the form of what, who, how, or where, and include on your website and social media content the direct answers. Let the users visit your site once and then you can expand the topic to discuss it in detail. Do take into account all content that an individual can search like blogs, press releases, and many more.
  • A business based on a physical address can make use of local voice search to target the potential customers. That being said if you own a shop or a restaurant, that you need to consider the questions based on geo-location. However, you need to ensure if your business is listed with physical locations in Google+ Local.

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Voice search for products research

The increasing use of voice search is also showing its impact on the users who look for different types of products online.

  • As per the survey conducted, about 50 percent of users are making use of this feature while researching about the products. If you want these 50% of users to find your content, you need to put in some effort and must take into account the new strategies with the focus on natural language on the keywords searched by the users.
  • Optimize your website, blogs, and other media related pages to match the information that is being preferred for the voice search.  Bring in the new information in your website and incorporate the right structure in order to get your content into focus. Endeavor to work on quality and stay ahead of your competitors to increase the traffic of your website.
  • Not only the voice search optimized content will help you increase the traffic, but it will also engage more potential customers as they will be getting direct and clear answers for all their common questions. The use of voice search optimized content will lead you to the most relevant social content, thus increasing the number of views as well as shares.
  • Creating a content in line with the natural language search will help you think more like a customer, which will, thus, help you understand the requirements of your target audience. Knowing the exact needs of the customers will motivate you to come up with new ideas which you can use to enhance your business offering.

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If you think you need to adjust your digital marketing strategy in terms of voice search, Mamsys, one of the reliable online marketing companies, will help you analyze the change that you must incorporate to attain the required results.

If you are all set with your website and the products and services that you wish to introduce in the market, it’s time to take into account the marketing method that helps you follow the correct path. Among the availability of a wide range of marketing alternatives to choose from, you need to choose the one that assists in maximizing the benefits of your business.

So, what promotional strategy would you choose to build your digital marketing campaign? Well, be it blogging, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, video marketing, or display ads, every strategy include a different target market, budget, and deadlines. So, how will you find the best framework that can help you deliver an effective digital marketing strategy for your business? Here are the steps following which you can launch a successful digital marketing campaign.

1. Determine the goals of your digital marketing campaigns

Begin by discovering the objectives of your digital marketing campaign. Examine your needs and see what you actually want to acquire. Do you wish to build new leads? Do you want to create brand awareness? Or do you wish to give rise to quick revenue? The marketing activities that you choose totally depends on if you have short-term or long-term goals. Some of the paid media strategies that you can incorporate in your business include PPC, Facebook ads, Display ads, guest posts, and video creation among others. So, all you need to do is analyze the goal of digital marketing advertising and see if you will meet your objectives in short-term or long-term.

2. Generate your campaign budget

What type of marketing channel you want to use? Well, it all depends on the funds of your online marketing campaign. That being said, having a smaller budget will force you to make use of available content as well as resources. Alternatively, with a larger budget, you can outsource the required task and get it done by the experts that can assure you the desired results. So, examine the costs of your marketing campaign and find out the acquisition costs of the single lead and single customer respectively.

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3. Recognize the life cycle of your customer

Now is the time to identify the part of the life cycle at which your customers exist. Doing so will let you focus on your product messaging, thus allowing you to connect with the leads that you wish to acquire. That being said; examine the existing stage of customer life cycle, and then come up with a content strategy that allows the customer to move from one end to another.

4. Determine your ideal consumer

All you need to focus on is the buyer persona. Be it the marketing message of your product, or the channel strategy, you must take into account a central customer persona. By defining the job function that your consumer will meet, come up with the challenges related to your buyers. Follow the process by listing out the social networks used by your customers on a regular basis. Illustrate the objectives of your potential consumers, and list of the places from where your target customers will acquire their information.

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5. Evaluate the reasons behind researching the information by the customers

A customer often gets inclined towards a product or service through an event or any kind of marketing trigger. So, to promote your product to the appropriate target market, identify the events that facilitate your target customers to buy your product. So, all you need to do is define your target market as well as the marketing triggers that can influence all your buyers to go with your services.

6. Take into account your skills to select the promotional channel

Identify the skills at which you are good at and choose your marketing channel accordingly. You must outsource the expertise which you do not possess. Yes! This will help you enhance the power of your marketing campaign. So, analyze your areas of expertise, set a start and finish date of your campaign, and follow the process by creating a budget and outsourcing expertise whenever required.

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Mamsys, one of the reliable digital marketing companies, takes into account all the significant steps by means of which one can launch a successful digital marketing campaign.

If you are wondering what is a staffing company, the article will help you understand what it actually is and what different services a staffing firm can provide you.

To begin with, an IT staffing company helps businesses who tend to fill the vacant positions but are facing problems in finding skilled and deserving candidates for the required position. A staffing agency that consists of a variety of talented professionals to assist the requirement of an organization makes use of several resources to get you a skilled candidate who can meet the goals of your business as desired. Now, if we talk about the services that staffing industry offers, the staffing industry includes its own acronyms which might sound confusing to people who do not use the terms frequently. The article explores some of the significant staffing services that you may not be aware of.

1. Contingency Search

If you are looking for a candidate to be hired for an open position, you may go for this type of staffing service with a staffing agency. Wondering what this type of service actually specifies? Well, opting for contingency search gives you an opportunity to examine the skills of the candidate provided by the staffing company for a particular period of time. Having said that, if you do not find a candidate efficient enough in the specified time period, a staffing firm will refund your fee or will provide you with the replacement of the candidate. So, you have the power to test the candidate before confirming him/her for the required position.

2. Retained Search

In a situation where you need an extraordinary candidate with exceptional capability to meet the requirements of a senior level position, retained search, one of the efficient IT staffing services, will be the best choice to meet your objectives. While opting for this type of search, employers pay an upfront fee to the recruiter and retain him, thus providing him the exclusivity for the job. So, if you have used all the cheaper search options, but did not get the desired results, this lengthy, though efficient search, might help you fill the vacant position. Retained search, in comparison to other types of searches, takes longer time and performs a rigorous search to accomplish the needs of the client.

3. Contract Recruiting

An organization looking for a large amount of employees to fill several of its positions must go for contract recruiting. Under this kind of staffing service, an organization hires one of the recruiters from the staffing services company in order to accomplish the recruitment process required by them. We call that human resources professional a contract recruiter, who, as per the contract, is supposed to work at the client organization unless the required job is completed. The contract recruiter follows the direction given by the client firm.

If we talk about the payment process for this type of services, an organization pays both staffing firm as well as the contract recruiter based on a discussed hourly rate. Moreover, the process does not involve the number of candidates hired for the company. The process just focuses on the number of hours the contract recruiter worked for the client company. Contract recruiting, at times, is used in place of contingency searches. Moreover, the service proves useful if an organization is short of human resources professionals. Opting for contract recruiting service will, thus, benefit a company by offering a recruiter on-board rapidly.

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4. Onsite Management

A solution to the high volume recruiting staffing needs of an organization is onsite management. It’s an arrangement where staffing firm sends a number of recruiters to work at the client company. This type of services is usually desirable when the hiring managers of the company, in order to hire a large group of employees to fulfill some high-level positions, need to coordinate with the recruiters belonging to a concerned staffing firm. Moreover, the staffing company, in this case, may offer temporary staffing, contingency search, or any other kind of staffing service.

5. Payrolling

It’s a kind of employment arrangement where a client company will take the services from the candidate as needed, but a staffing firm acts as an employer for that candidate. In other words, an organization asks the staffing firm to keep the candidate on its payroll, which not only makes a staffing company an employer of the candidate but makes the firm responsible for the candidate’s payroll administration as well. The process of payrolling, thus, reduces the risks for the organization as an employer. Moreover, you will not be accountable for any administrative costs as well. The process is generally used in the situation where the budgets of the company or a company’s policy do not let an organization go for a full-time permanent hiring. The process of payrolling will not all affect the way you run your organization. So, payrolling, at times, proves to be a useful tool which provides an organization a comfort of lower costs, less administrative fuss, and excellent HR support.

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6. Temporary Help

One of the staffing services which is in high demand by most of the organizations is temporary staffing. It’s a kind of service where IT staffing firms are responsible for recruiting, screening, and hiring the employees, thus giving rise to a large amount of highly skilled candidates. Organizations, usually, go for temporary help as they prefer to hire temporary staff to complete their projects. The process allows an organization to attain flexibility and an easy access to talent.

7. Temporary to hire

Also known as temp-to-perm, this kind of staffing service is almost similar to the temporary-to-hire staffing service. The only difference is that a client, in this case, keeps a candidate with the intention of assessing his skills so as to consider him as a permanent staff member of their organization. So, a client company has an advantage in this case as the client gets an opportunity to examine the ability of the candidate in accomplishing certain tasks.

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Mamsys, one of the renowned IT staffing companies, offers different kinds of staffing services exactly in line with the requirements of a client company. So, all you need to do is select a staffing company that has an expertise in finding out the right candidate for the right job.

What is IT Staffing

It Staffing is the process of selecting, deploying, and retaining the efficient candidates to help an organization to attain effective results. The process involves;

  • Identifying manpower requirements
  • Listing out the candidates available
  • Recruitment, placement, promotion, compensation, and training of people required for the position in an organization.

Being an intrinsic part of human resource management, IT Staffing assists an organization in the acquisition and placement of the right candidates at the right positions.

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Most of the organizations find it difficult to find a well-deserved candidate for the vacant position in their company. Neither they have enough time to reach out to a right candidate, nor do they have enough resources to do so. This is when an organization hires a technical staffing agency to get the services of a right candidate for the right job. Not only a multinational can take benefit of a staffing agency, but a small-sized organization can also afford it to acquire the deserving candidates for the position. Moreover, outsourcing your recruitment process to a professional staffing company helps you save money while developing your business. Let’s see how an IT hiring agency can be the best solution when you are going through staffing shortages due to lack of resources and time required for recruiting.

1. More Skilled and Experienced Candidates

If you think it’s quite difficult to find qualified and competent candidates in this competitive industry, outsourcing the recruitment process would be the best option for you. Hiring a professional staffing agency will get you the skilled candidates exactly in line with your job specification. Moreover, you will procure a deserving candidate at a very lower cost comparatively. A reliable staffing agency with extensive networks and latest recruiting technologies conducts a recruitment process in a much faster and cost-effective way.

benefits of using staffing company
2. Ongoing Staffing Support

At the time when an organization is supposed to hire the candidates in volume, it might require an organization to spend quality time as well as resources in meeting their staffing needs. This is the time when opting for a reliable recruitment process outsourcing services can help you diminish all your legwork and you can leave all your tedious work to a team of experienced and skilled recruiters. This will allow you to focus only on the final decision of choosing the candidates from the list of screened candidates brought out by the professionals of a concerned staffing company who understand what you want.

3. Cost-Effective

What if you hire a wrong person who does not match the requirements of the position? Well, this can cost you a tremendous amount of money. To avoid this, you can take the assistance of a staffing firm that will provide you with the required workforces. The staffing company initiates by comparing the skills of the candidate with the skills and knowledge required for the vacant position. The professionals available at recruitment agencies in the US completely examine the skill set, background, and personality of the candidate in accordance with the culture environment of an organization.

benefits of staffing services

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4. Saving Time

The process of recruitment often involves multiple rounds of interviews with a wide range of candidates. An organization, usually, don’t have enough time and resources to go through the different stages of recruitment. The time that an organization spends on the recruitment process prevents it from focusing on other significant aspects of the business, which, thus, makes an organization less productive. So, staffing agency, be it arranging candidate screening, checking the  background and references, carries out all the recruitment related activities efficiently. An organization just needs to make a final decision for finalizing the selection.

5. Flexible Staffing

If you do not need a recruitment process all through the year, you will obviously prefer not to hire a full-time staff for occasional recruiting. As an alternative, using a professional staffing company who understands all your requirements would be the best way to get your job done. In this case, most of the organizations prefer to pay for accomplishing their needs of filling a particular position. So, you are not supposed to pay a fixed expense to acquire recruitment services. Acquire flexible staffing services as and when required.

6. Accountability

When it comes to hiring a skilled candidate for your organization, a staffing agency is the one whom you can rely on for procuring deserving and talented candidates. A reliable staffing firm will provide you with service level agreements that can be specified if required.

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7. Focus

Giving the responsibility of the recruitment process to in-house recruiters might not give you a quality result as in-house professionals are equipped with many other responsibilities as well which can thus prevent them to focus completely on your requirement. IT staffing firms, on the other hand, include the expert team of recruiters with expertise in every specific area. So, in order to find out the hard-to-find candidates with specific skills, a staffing agency can help you succeed in your mission effectively.

8. Resources

Like IT staffing agencies, an organization might not include the required resources that are essential to acquire the quality results. However, staffing firms provide its efficient services by using all the latest resources including latest recruiting technology and social media expertise among others that take the process of recruitment to the higher level. The staffing agency, thus, allows you to get faster and cost effective results.

This is how choosing a staffing firm can benefit you in various ways. Let a recruitment process outsourcing company manage all the complicated and time-consuming recruiting issues in an efficient way. So, choose a reliable staffing company, save your time and money, and let the competent and capable employees take your business to another level.

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Mamsys, a recruitment agency in the USA, assists in connecting employers and employees efficiently. The professionals at the company build an effective recruitment strategy for the companies located all across the world.

If you run a business, it is important to realize the essential assets of a business that help an organization to grow efficiently. One of the significant assets on which the growth and success of your company relies is your staff. It’s your employees who help you create a strong identity in the market. All that a business needs is a team of skilled professionals who have the capability to take your business to another level of success. Well, for this, an organization is required to plan and develop a recruitment strategy that can help you manage all your staffing needs in a well-organized way. Having a well planned recruitment strategy will prevent you from any panicking situations like resignation from an employee, long-duration leave by an employee, and so on. Moreover, no matter what your project requirement is, well-planned recruiting strategies allow you to get your project completed by the ones having expertise in it.

So, hire the right people, and see how it helps you boost the performance of your business. Here are the steps following which you will end up in establishing a successful recruitment strategy for your business.

Steps in Developing a Recruitment Strategy

1. Focus on what you are hiring for

To begin with, it’s important to realize what you actually need. Or else, you might end up in recruiting the candidate who is not efficient enough to meet your needs. So, apart from understanding the skills and capabilities needed for the required position, you must also take into account the kind of person that can fit well in the cultural environment of your organization. It is advised to keep your focus on the accomplishment of your goal successfully.

2. Go to the right source

Among the number of recruitment online sites and several recruitment agencies, you must research well about the recruitment site or agency that you are considering. Analyze which recruitment agency can help you find the right candidate for the kind of work you want him to do.

3. Make sure to create a straightforward application process

Analyze your recruitment staffing process and see if it is simple enough when it comes to hiring. Where a simple and straightforward process will let you come across several skilled employees, a complicated process can give your potential employees a bad experience, which can affect the image of your company. Moreover, this bad impression will not be limited to a particular number of people. It will reach out to a large amount of people whom you might find eligible to be a part of your company. In order to come up with a staffing recruiting process that leaves a positive impact on the potential employees, view your potential employees as consumers.

developing recruitment strategy

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4. Make an effort to reach to the heart and minds of people

Organizations, in order to attain better results, must endeavor to make an impression in the minds of the people whom they want to hire and retain. Hiring engaged and devoted employees prove to be a multiplying factor for your company as they are the ones who promote your company in a positive way.

5. Conduct a robust interview process

You can get a right candidate only if you create a set of criteria for the assessment of the candidate who fits best in accordance with your job specification. For this, all you need to do is implementing a robust assessment process. The managers who carry on with the process of interviewing and assessing the candidate must be trained enough to select the deserving candidates only. Hiring a wrong candidate will not only affect the monetary aspects of the company, but will also delay the result of the project that you could have obtained on time if tak

Recruitment Strategy for Business

6. Reach out to the best candidates quickly

It’s a competitive world where every organization is looking forward to hire the best candidate for its company. So, in order to find the deserving candidate for the vacant position, ensure that you take quick decisions in the hiring process. Some of the companies, even after finding the right candidate, put the process on hold while deciding on the factors like compensation package of the candidate, reference checking, and many more. Well, doing so might not give you the opportunity to hire that candidate in your company. Remember, a good employee will not wait long for your decision. He will move on as he gets another better option. So, once you get the right candidate for the required position, close the deal as soon as you can and grab the opportunity to hire the one that can prove to be an essential asset for your organization.

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7. Do not stop after you hire a candidate

Once you have succeeded in hiring a best employee for a vacant position, you are not supposed to stop the process at that point. Assist the candidates to the best of your efforts and let them come onboard so that they can turn out to be effective team members. Moreover, an organization must strive hard to keep their employees engaged in various things. So, consider recruitment as a continue process, or else you might need to conduct the recruitment process again.

All in all, building effective recruitment staffing strategies that can be easily measure time and again will help you  examine the current manpower of your organization as well as the talent gaps that you need to cover by implementing a well-planned and effective strategy. If you find it difficult to acquire efficient results through the above-mentioned steps, opting a reliable recruiting agency will help you meet all your business as well as recruitment motives.

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Mamsys, one of the celebrated IT staffing and recruiting companies in USA, makes sure to follow all the above given steps to hire the candidate for its various clients. The experts at Mamsys conduct flexible IT staffing strategies and make sure to accomplish the business needs of its clients as and when required.

Strategic IT Staffing, also known as workforce planning, is a systematic way to evaluate the staffing requirements and determine the actions required to accomplish the needs of the business. The process includes a strategy to ensure the sufficient number of employees with the appropriate skill sets for fulfilling all the required business objectives.

The article explores some of the significant steps involved in the process of strategic staffing.

1. Setting the strategic direction

Begin by reviewing the performance requirements of the strategic plan of your business.  Moreover, take into account the work activities which you need to implement the goals of your strategic and performance plan. Whereas strategic plan is a long-term, performance plan is short term. Staff augmentation process, a staffing strategy, is advisable for both short term and long term business requirements. Identify the skills and abilities required to attain the success of your business.  Start the strategic staffing process with specific positions, including essential staffing issues. That being said; do not include the whole business units. Conduct an interview of leaders and senior executives and make sure they realize the value of your planning exercise.

2. Analyzing the Workforce, Identifying Skills Gaps, and Conducting Workforce Analysis

Know the external trends! Though it does not require to be exhaustive, it’s important to be able to handle trends like aging manpower and changes in the way people access information. Moreover, realize the internal trends, which include items like retirement risk in technical positions, the age distribution of the manpower, the proportion of positions taken by internal candidates, level of succession planning, statistics related to recruitment and retention, and so on. Generate a current manpower profile, including turnover, number, job levels, certifications, education, demographics, location, and many more. Identify the trends and validate the findings by having a discussion with business leaders and executives. Now is the time to create a projected manpower profile. Remember, you must create it in accordance with the trends as well as assumptions. Take into account the questions like what changes are anticipated, how will the changes affect the type, volume, and locations related to work, what will be the appearance of a planned organization, and so on. Find out the gaps or excessive existing between the projected and current manpower needs including, gaps or excessive in grades, skills, knowledge, experience, and headcount.

Strategic Staffing Process

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3. Developing an action plan

Determine your needs in accordance with the competency requirements of the organization. Recognize the strategies for closing the gaps, plans used to carry out the strategies, and measures used or evaluating the strategic progress. Some of the significant things included in these strategies involve training, recruiting, succession planning, and many more.

4. Implementing action plan

At this step, you need to ensure the proper placement of human, technology, and financial resources. Moreover, the processes like required communication, coordination, and marketing are taking place to implement the plan and attain the strategic goals. You must be aware of the resource from which your company will meet its requirements for competent IT staff. Continue by integrating with the planning process of other companies. Related: How to Develop a Staffing Plan for a Business Organization

5. Monitoring, Evaluating, and Revising

Set the milestones that you wish to achieve and monitor your progress against those milestones. Perform assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement. Moreover, incorporate adjustment in the plan in order to make corrections for addressing the issues related to the new workforce.

Critical success factors

Given below are some significant success factors that you must consider implementing the activities efficiently.

  • Come up with a direct link between your strategic staffing plan (also known as workforce plan) and strategic mission of your company.
  • Include a number of key stakeholders in the strategic staffing process of recruitment. You must take into account a variety of perspectives such as Strategic planning, IT, Finance, HR, and line management.
  • Make sure integrate your workforce of strategic staffing plan with the HR programs like succession planning, organizational development, and career pathing among others.
  • Find out the scope of the project.  Allow one of the dedicated employees to manage the process well. You might require additional resources for large scale projects.
  • Consider workforce planning a continuous loop that must be worked upon regularly in terms of evaluation of the inputs as well as outputs of the process.

Related: How Do Staffing Agencies Work For Employers? Mamsys, an IT staffing firm, takes into account all the critical steps as well as guidelines process in order to provide effective results to its clients. Moreover, the IT staffing company begins the process by understanding the goals and objectives of the client.

You must have heard about the staffing agencies that help an organization build a network of talented employees. If you find yourself in a situation where you are short of employees or in a need of some skilled staff to accomplish certain projects, you can simply ease your workload by using a reliable staffing agency to meet your temporary requirements. So, work with a staffing company and attain a peace of mind to keep track of the related details.

If you are still wondering what do staffing agencies do, the article explores some of the significant tips which will surely make things clear at all the levels. The tips given below will help you maximize your experience as a client of a staffing firm, and will help you achieve an effective staff solution.

1. Get engaged with a specialized staffing firm

While preparing yourself to take the assistance of a staffing agency, make sure to consider the one that specializes in the skills required for the staff needed by you. Though non-specialized or general firms also tend to give you IT recruiting services, they might not help you in finding the exact skills and qualifications that you are looking for. That being said, it will be difficult for them and will take a long time in comparison to the specialized one. Furthermore, the specialized staffing agency is aware of the candidate marketplace in the industry and is capable enough to evaluate the skills and experience of the candidates effectively. So, approach a well-known specialized staffing firm, and get the desired candidate at once. Doing so will also help you save the time and money of your organization.

2. Communicate with the staffing manager

Follow the process of hiring a recruiting firm, not just by email, but by contacting directly with the staffing manager of the concerned agency. Discuss in detail all your IT staffing and recruiting requirements and don’t forget to mention the duration for which you need a candidate. Outlining your job description in a detailed way will clearly make an agency understand the required skills, thus helping the staffing agency in matching the requirement with the skills and experience of the candidate. Introduce the third party recruiter to the rules and policies of your organization. Knowing the corporate culture of your organization will ease the process and will help the staffing manager know the type of professional that will be best suited to the company environment. So, define all your needs clearly, and let your recruiter find the best candidate for your company. READ ALSO: Why do Employers Use Staffing Agencies?

3. Get ready to accommodate temporary professional

Prepare your business in such a way that it accommodates the temporary staff well. Set up in advance and maximize the benefits of the temporary staff effectively. Following some of the below tips will help you do so in a much better way. Come up with a designated work space. Make sure to install the required instruments like computer or phone, and make it function before the interim joins the company. Provide an orientation as you do in case of a full-time candidate or any new staff member of the company. Introduce everyone in the team; designate an individual that can help an employee clear his doubts about anything if any.


What do staffing agencies do


READ ALSO: How to Develop Staffing Strategies That Work? Boost the team bonding by allowing temporary workers to attend staff functions including meetings, lunches, and other group efforts among others. Keep track of the performance by checking in with temporary employees and the staff members they communicate with. No matter how efficient temporary workers are in their skills, achieving a good fit with the corporate culture of the company is important as well.

4. Follow-up

It is important to provide the feedback about the new employee to the staffing agency recruiter who selected the candidate for the required position. Doing so will help both recruiters as well as the company with future candidate searches. If you find any issue with the candidate, notify the staffing agency immediately and inform the recruiter about the aspects of an individual that did not go with your requirement. If we talk about the payment that you need to pay to the staffing agencies, choosing the right staffing firm will prove to be valuable for you in terms of cost. The ability of a reliable staffing agency to find a qualified and skilled candidate quickly will help you save your time and money in an efficient way. Moreover, some of the reputable staffing firms offer a satisfaction guarantee as well. That being said, if the company is not satisfied with the candidate, the staffing agency will provide you with a replacement. Let the staffing agency know all your goals as well as requirements at every step and you can thus make the most of the partnership with staffing firms. So, go ahead and maximize your relationship with a reliable staffing agency. READ ALSO: How to Develop a Staffing Plan for a Business Organization If you are in the search of a staffing firm that tends to work in a similar way, Mamsys is the one that proves to be a good option for you in every way. Working with a staffing company will help you find the one that you can use as an asset to your company. The process of technical staffing, at Mamsys, ensures you the highly qualified and experienced candidate whose skills match your requirements effectively.