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If you have not been a partner with any staffing agency yet, and wondering why people use IT staffing agencies and recruiters, you have come to the right place! You will get all your answers here. Reading the article will let you know how beneficial it is to take the assistance of a staffing agency when it comes to recruiting a talented staff.

If you are at a new surge in your business or is looking forward to handling a huge project, you might require an extra set of the workforce to get your tasks accomplished efficiently. A staffing firm can help you implement your wide range of recruiting tasks, no matter what your requirement is. Hiring a staffing firm would be the best move for the company who wishes to employ the candidates with the best of skills in the required area. So, get to know the various reasons for which a company opts for staffing recruiting services.

Advantages of using a Staffing Agency
1. Reduced Cost

A staffing agency conducts the process of recruiting, screening, and choosing a well-deserving and competent candidate for a vacant position. The recruiters begin the process by meeting the representatives of the company and analyzing the actual needs of their project. The staffing agencies, in turn, makes use of the latest techniques and find the skilled candidates quickly. Staffing agencies, this way, helps a company save its time as well as money in reviewing the candidates. A company just needs to mention the details of its requirements, and a staffing agency performs all the required tasks to find out the one who can provide you with the skilled employee. The employers use staffing services for both temporary as well as full-time positions. The process, not only reduces the overall costs but helps an organization manage its special or short-term projects effectively.

2. Increased Flexibility

Having a partnership with a staffing agency does not make an organization a part of the commitment as in the case of managing a full-time employee. The process, thus helps in saving the time as well as money of an organization. Even if the company tends to fill the vacant position with a permanent employee, the availability of different types of staffing techniques like contract-to-hire gives the company an opportunity to analyze the skills of an employee in case they wish to hire them as full-time employees. The process, thus, allows the company to possess the necessary skills as well as experience.


Advantages of using a Staffing Agency


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3. Guaranteed Hire

Many organizations, at times, do not get satisfied with the candidate that has been hired, which, in turn, affects the time and money of the company. However, a staffing agency will not let you face so. The staffing agency endeavors to bring in the one that has enough experience with all the required skills.

4. Raised Quality level

A staffing agency, while searching the candidate for the company, tends to take into account both active as well as passive talent market. The process thus allows an organization to get a candidate with increased quality level. Obviously! A company would pay to a staffing firm only it acquires something that they face difficulty in finding.

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5. Find talent fast

A staffing agency incorporates a deep network of all the talented candidates, which, thus, makes the recruiting process faster. The availability of this large pool of candidates enhances the process and allows them to, get hold of the talented staff quickly.


Why use a staffing agency


6. Credibility with an organization

Hiring a third party recruiter gives rise to a trust factor between the recruiter and the hiring manager of an organization, which, however, will not be seen if considered the in-house recruiter of an organization. Wondering why so? Well, a corporate recruiter usually needs to focus on multiple tasks, and thus, the result will not be as effective as provided by the staffing agency recruiter. The organizations who still believe in getting all their work done by means of in-house recruiters only  is losing an opportunity to acquire effective results.

7. Expertise

Be it any kind of expertise, you will find various reliable staffing agencies with all the specializations that one can think of. Taking into account the staffing agency with an expertise in your type of position, you will surely access the right pool of talent, which will, thus, enhances your chances of acquiring the best candidate for the vacant position. Moreover, an IT recruitment firm with respective expertise will take much less time in finding out the candidate with specific skill sets.

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By now, you must have realized the benefits that you can acquire by incorporating a staffing agency. Mamsys, one of the best IT staffing firms, makes sure to meet the goals of its clients in the best possible way.

Every business looks for the manpower with a specialized skill set with regards to its project. Among the availability of different types of projects, a company might not have enough workforces to meet the goals of respective projects. Moreover, an organization, usually, faces a shortage of competent employees while implementing short-term projects. This is when the services of a reliable staffing company can offer efficient IT staffing solutions. Relying on a staffing company will help you manage your time efficiently, thus allowing you to focus on other essential tasks that are important for the growth of your business. If you find it difficult to handle the recruitment process of your company on your own, let a reliable staffing firm manage all the lengthy and complicated tasks required to hire the candidate that can prove to be an asset for your business.

So, if you are looking forward to selecting a staffing agency in order to meet your requirements, you must begin by determining your objectives related to your project. Check if you are not missing out on anything that you find important to complete the project. List down the values and characteristics of the candidates that you are looking for!  Understand the expertise that you need for your project. Knowing these goals will help you select a staffing company effectively.

Here’s an article reading which you will recognize the essential steps for how to select a right IT staffing agency.

Choosing a staffing firm

Following the steps given below will help you choose a staffing firm that you can rely upon for all your recruitment related requirements.

1. Go with a firm that specializes in your business

Among the availability of general as well as specialized types of staffing companies, choose an agency that is aware of your industry needs. Choosing staffing companies that can fulfill the need of certain skills would provide you with the best possible results. An industry specific staffing company will easily understand the skills required by you, and you will, thus, surely receive the top talent.

2. Assess the recruitment techniques of the staffing firm

Determine the methods and techniques that a staffing company uses to recruit the talent. See what resources they use and go with them only if you find them reliable. The ability of a staffing company to arrange a wide pool of applicants will definitely allow you to get hold of more competent candidates.

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3. Understand the screening process of the candidates

The ability of a candidate can be analyzed by making him/her undergo the screening process where he is supposed to give certain tests for determining the skills of a candidate. What you need to do is review the tests that a staffing company uses for conducting the recruitment process. See if the tests include everything that is required to analyze the ability of a candidate.

How to Choose a Staffing Agency


4. Take into account the pay rates and benefits

It’s the staffing company that determines the salary and benefits that a candidate will acquire from the job. So, check with them the compensation that they are providing and see if it is efficient enough to attract the top talent.

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5. Agree with the price

Check out the pricing structure of different staffing firms, and you find different prices for every staffing firm. Some of the staffing agencies will demand a placement fee for providing an efficient candidate. On the other hand, many of them also ask for percentages of employee salary. However, it depends on whether the employees are recruited for temporary services or permanent services. All you need to do is ensure if they ask for reasonable cost and if they are efficient enough to accommodate all the required services.

6. Meet recruiting team offered by the staffing firm

A staffing company can either provide you a single recruiter or a whole team of recruiters to meet your goals. Stay in touch with them and see the way they measure success. Moreover, take into account the standards that they abide by. See if they conduct business in a way that will lead you to successful results. Build criteria to evaluate their services and don’t forget to provide the required feedback throughout the process.

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All in all, you need to research well in order to get the services of a quality staffing agency. Choosing the right staffing firm will help you reach the candidates that match the values as well as the standards of your company.  Doing so will ultimately allow you to be eligible for future success.

Mamsys, an IT staffing firm in the USA, incorporates all the essential steps that will ensure you the effective IT staffing services exactly in line with your goals as well as objectives.

What is Staffing Plan?

Every business, in order to maintain its growth, needs to include a right staffing level. However, it can be a challenging task if not done in an organized way. Whereas hiring too many employees will lead to high costs, hiring too less people will lead to less productivity as the huge burden on the limited number of employees will make them feel stressed and overworked. So, all you need to do is maintain a proper balance in order to develop an effective staffing plan for your business. A staffing plan takes into account all the staffing recruiting needs of your organization. No matter what resources you are lacking, you must focus on creating a staffing plan for your business. A staffing plan is developed to ensure the availability of sufficient staff with the required skills as well as experience. A well-organized staffing plan ensures a successful project completion.

A staffing plan provides effective guidelines following which a business can effectively choose, train, and manage its staff. A business, by means of a staffing plan, can easily identify the staffing needs of the company. Moreover, the plan allows the business leaders to identify the type of employees that will be suitable for the different vacant positions. The plan also elucidates the right path that is to be followed for interviewing, hiring, and training the staff.

The plan, apart from considering the appearance of your organization currently, will also focus on the appearance when enforced all the possible critical functions. Having a well-organized staffing plan will not let you face any unexpected circumstances and will assist you in handling those situations quickly.

Steps to an effective staffing plan

Follow the steps below and ensure the success of your organization by hiring the best of staff which you find suitable for your requirements.

1. Gather Statistics

Begin by gathering the statistics related to the productivity of your existing manpower. Keep track of accurate statistics and use them to reward best employees and to create effective training plans. Moreover, the statistics will also help you identify the issues in the production process if any.

2. Determine the average worker’s efficiency

Now is the time to use the statistics that you have gathered. Use them to find out the efficiency of the average workers in every working hour. However, you must measure the efficiency according to the type of business you are dealing with. For instance, a call center related business would include the average number of calls made by each employee. On the other hand, if it’s a factory, you must take into account the number of average employees on the line.

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3. Determine your needs

Analyze your company’s statistics and determine your needs during the busiest season of your business. Though a company faces different challenges in different seasons of a business, you must consider your business requirements during the period of the year in which you expect greater sales. Take into account the highest staffing level that you will need at that particular time.


how to develop a staffing plan

4. Determine the number of workers needed

The next step is to determine the number of employees required during the busiest period. You can do so by dividing the number obtained from the highest staffing level by the average productivity number. A result is a number that you can consider for the training of new employees. All your new employees will take some time to speed up the process and will provide more productivity only after gaining some experience.

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5. Staff your business

Lastly, come up with a plan to ensure that your business, during peak times, must include sufficient employees to accomplish your requirements. However, you must not ignore the situation when your business goes back to the normal sales. In this case, you might not require too many employees to work with. This is the time when a staffing process can help you by providing you with temporary or contract employees.  Get in touch with a reliable and experienced staffing industry and maintain a good relationship with them to get the employees during the peak period of your business. Moreover, getting in contact with so many other employees gives you an opportunity to choose full- time employees from the available temporary workers, when required.

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All in all, Mamsys, one of the IT staffing firms, makes sure to understand the requirements of its clients in order to create an IT staffing model that can specify the ways with which the needs of the organization can be accomplished. The experts, at Mamsys, specify the jobs, positions, and roles that your organization will require in future. The team endeavors to provide efficient staffing solutions.

Though a business might have enough staff to meet its goals and objectives, it, sometimes, needs the staff for short-term positions or temporary positions to accomplish their requirements successfully. A small or mid-sized businesses, usually, face a challenge when it comes to hiring skilled and flexible workforce for their companies. Here is where a staff augmentation process can help a business increase its agility. So, the term staff augmentation defines the process of hiring the temporary or short-term staff for the companies or consultants. The process gives companies the advantage of avoiding hiring process and other payroll expenses. Adopting the technical staff augmentation will not only help you focus on the growth of your business, but will also assist you with skilled and highly experienced manpower when you need them to accomplish your goals.

So, a staff augmentation model makes sure that you fulfill all your IT needs efficiently.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Model

Using a staff augmentation model can lead you to the following benefits:

1. Reduce Overhead Costs

When it comes to staffing, an organization needs to look after various aspects including taxes, benefits, and other associated costs that belong to staffing. However, going for IT staff augmentation services will help you reduce your company overhead costs effectively. With it augmentation, you have an opportunity to pay for the work you require, and that too with the right skills at the right time. This way, an employer can save a great amount of money, thus making the process cost-effective.

2. Acquire specialized skill sets

Using staff augmentation services will help an organization to grow its business by acquiring a wide range of skill sets, which is, however, difficult to obtain otherwise. An augmentation staffing agency will bring to you skilled manpower for all your short term projects, thus providing you a pay-as-you-go option.

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3. Focus on business Initiatives

Adopting the staff augmentation process will give your regular employees enough time to focus on all your significant business initiatives that are important for the growth and development of your business. It will thus help you maintain a competitive advantage for your business.

4. Enhance Network & Application performance

You might find your existing IT team overstressed for maintaining your network and application performance. In this case, taking the assistance of an augmentation staffing agency will help you update your applications. Moreover, your network performance will also remain stable.

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5. Roll out new applications and technologies in a quick and cost-effective way

With the arrival of new projects in business, all you need to focus on is the right people for the right job. Make sure to hire the skilled and expertise people for a particular job, and it will thus help you enhance the productivity of your business. So, implementing the new applications as well as technologies without any extended delays will give you the desired results.

6. Manage the expansion cost of a business effectively

Expanding a business is a long process. Some of the reliable IT staff augmentation companies can provide you with the required staff, as and when needed. This will thus help you grow your business without any slowdown. Moreover, it will reduce the expansion cost of business.

7. Quick hiring processes

You need to spend some time to acquire the right skill set for your business. However, spending time on this might affect the other significant aspects regarding the growth of your business. To ease your process, staff augmentation will allow you to focus on all the other initiatives that are essential for your business growth.

Quick hiring processes

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8. Enhance the workflow of business

The staff augmentation process make sure to keep the workflow of your business continually productive. Also, the process improves business workflow by helping a client to remain free of distractions as well as interruptions.

9. Reduce operating costs

The use of staff augmentation services gives an organization versatile environment, filled with highly skilled people. This will, thus, help you reduce the operating costs.

10. Control your work

You need to keep track of who is looking after your significant work or project, who is responsible for all your minor tasks, and who is leading the team for a significant project. You can do so by using IT staff augmentation. The process will take care of maintaining the control and the final product along with everything that is required to attain success.

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11. Less Risk

The biggest risk in business is a full-blown outsourcing. Providing a project to an outsourcer means giving him the power and control of your project till the very end. So, all you can do for avoiding this risk is augment your current staff with highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. This will help you keep your things in-house, which will completely diminish the risk that a business can acquire with outsourcing.

All in all, for the growth of business, it’s better to rely on IT support staffing rather than spending a lot of money on maintaining a wide range of experts under one roof. Moreover, with the emerging technologies, it has now become quite difficult to keep up with the latest and demanding skill sets. Scaling an IT manpower on demand will enable an organization to achieve its objectives without any hassle.

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Mamsys tends to give your business a fresh approach and new perspective. We make sure to boost your morale by providing you with the best of practices that are in demand by the companies. So, go ahead and get the required resources as and when required.

Though it’s not an easy task to determine the future staffing needs of an organization, you can still acquire a fair idea of the staffing requirements over the years coming ahead. You can follow certain steps to develop an effective staffing strategy which can help you stay away from any manpower hassle. All you need to do is research the employment trends and manpower data. Moreover, you can ensure the productivity of your business by making use of the existing employment data which will help you create staffing models for your business. Doing so will ultimately bring profitable results to you.

Steps for acquiring effective Strategic IT Staffing

So, here are the steps using which you can develop effective strategic staffing solutions.

Step 1.

Determine the skills as well as qualifications of all your existing employees by scheduling reviews of employee personnel files. Make sure to keep all your staff updated with the required training. Update the files of the employees with the relevant data regarding acquired skills as well as credentials. Maintaining the up to date files about your staff qualifications will help you make effective employment decisions.

Step 2.

Conduct research about industry employment trends. Look into certain fields and search about the challenges like expected shortages, less number of skilled workforces, and many more. You must use this data in reconfiguring the structure of your compensation. Moreover, you can generate plans to retain employees.

Step 3.

Have a look at your employee census and see what generations of employees are presently working in your organization. Do not conduct this by asking the employees directly. Also, do not conduct any study regarding their retirement plans. Go with an alternative technique to estimate the number of employees who will leave the company or retire. In order to estimate how long an employee is willing to work in the company, you must review personnel records, evaluate performances, review savings of an employee, and so on.

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Step 4.

Conduct research about the companies that belong to the similar industry and see the IT staffing strategies that they deploy to face the challenges that you are going through. You can do so by reading trade journals, business magazines, and other related stuff. Get into insight depths by reaching out to human resource executives and business executives and determine how to develop the business and staffing strategies for your organization. Moreover, searching the staffing models that you can copy and attend the workshops organized for staffing experts as well as recruiters will enhance your knowledge about the trends associated with labor market and the strategies related to employment.

Steps for Strategic IT Staffing

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Step 5.

Evaluate the statistics of available employees in your area. You can do so by contacting the local labor department. Retrieve the employee data from the department.  Take into account the data belonging to predicted changes, including the staff preparing to get into the labor market and returning employees. Get in touch with several local colleges as well as universities and see what degree and vocational programs they expect to give rise to qualified graduates. Check with them the possibility of recruiting candidates directly from the institution to come up with the first round of choice of a competent list of employees.

Remember, you cannot be sure about the candidate that you have hired. You may result in wrong hiring which does not match the expectations of the position. In this case, your recruitment strategy needs adjustment. It might be due to the wrong presentation of the company or the position to the prospective employees. Or else, you might be looking into wrong sources to accomplish your staffing process. Thus, in order to come up with the strong team, develop a strong recruiting strategy that can determine the right skills for the right work.

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Step 6.

The last step is to review your succession plan. Review it and update it accordingly. Your plan must be flexible enough so that an employee can go through the phase of extensive training and development if required. Take into account the current employees and examine them for future promotions. Analyze their zeal for facing additional responsibilities in case of increment levels. Assess the current standing of employees identified for future promotions and speculate as to their readiness for additional responsibilities in incremental levels.

effective staffing strategy

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So, evaluate and come up with the list of employees whom you think can move into the new roles and responsibilities as and when required. Though you might need to take into account the cost factor for the training of the employees, you can completely justify your cost if compared to the loss that you will acquire if the vacant position went unfilled for several months. So, to fill all your most significant positions, succession planning is one of the valuable strategies, no matter what the size of the company is.

Following the steps given above will help you develop impressive IT staffing solutions that work well.

Mamsys, a company which offers IT staffing in USA, understands the benefits that staffing strategies can bring to you. Experts at Mamsys tend to work on more pragmatic approaches to strategic staffing which allows you to acquire the high quality results that every organization require and expect.