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Do you know how important it is to get that little blue tick mark next to your Facebook Page?

It makes your page more reliable and gives your page more credibility. It acts as a social proof and helps your page rank better on both Facebook search and google search.

But earning a blue tick is not that easy.

A lot of time and effort is required to provide signals to Facebook and its users that the page is important and well-known enough to earn it.

So, can any type of page get verified on Facebook… well theoretically yes but in reality…maybe, kind of!

Only some types of pages on Facebook are verified today. Well, lucky right…yeah right!!!

If you are thinking, it’s magic it’s not. It does take tones of effort to take your page to a top form. If you are thinking there are certain steps or rules defined by Facebook, sorry but there isn’t.

Facebook has never provided any guidelines to availing the blue tick mark. Only increasing your page credibility can help you go a long way where Facebook will consider reviewing your page for a verification process.

Remember not all types of pages can be verified however big followers you have or engagement your page provides.

Only certain types of Pages can become verified. This includes Public Figures, Local Businesses, Companies, and Organizations.

If you are lucky enough where Facebook have considered your page for verification process, they might ask you the relevant documents that provide your credibility and ownership of the page.

How to Verify Your Facebook Page

After all the efforts put in to maintain your page, it’s time to reap the benefit.

To verify your Facebook Page, go to your Page’s settings, and then go to “General.” Here, you’ll see the option for “Page Verification” if Facebook provides you the ability to get your Page verified.

This leads you to 2 options, instant verification using a phone number or a lengthier process of submitting relevant documents to verify. The first option will give you a code that when put correctly will obtain you a grey check that will or maybe eventually turn into a blue one.

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Want a blue check instead of a grey, then submit your document and wait patiently till Facebook verifies each detail.

If Facebook rejects your request, don’t get disheartened. Work on your page and brand positioning. Revamp your brand image and then send the verification request again to Facebook.

Make sure that your Page is full and fleshed-out, with as much information as possible to make you seem credible. Writers can add publications to their “Impressum” section, and be getting more mentions or reviews from other Pages and users don’t hurt, either.

You can also reach out to Facebook’s support for more information on the reason to be rejected.

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Final Thoughts

The reality is Facebook blue tick is not for everyone maybe, but continues effort and hard work can help Facebook consider your page credible enough for a blue tick. So, All the Best!!

In the present age of technology, the internet has played a very important role in witnessing modernization related to IT, healthcare, hospitality and many others. Now people can get anything at any time of their own. Technology has provided a major space for the users in order to cater more business for the organization and easiness to end consumers in using that. It’s all about earning, whether it is from a full-time job, part-timers or freelance work. Everybody in this universe is running behind money so that they can make a good life out of it.

Freelancing is something which needs to be adjudged in self-employed terms and is not particularly related to any organization for a long term. The profession associates itself with working independently. Nowadays these job profiles are in much trend and are attracting many of the candidates who want to work independently and earn money. If any candidate is searching for freelancing jobs, there are various job opportunities where they can easily get more work and projects on different job portals.

Let’s now discuss how one can make money online through freelancing:
  1. Blogger: When freelancing is counted, it is seen that blogging is one of the most used and trending ways to make money online. Blogging does not require you to work under an organization. It can be done anywhere and anytime. As a blogger, you need to sign up for AdSense account and read the rules and regulation for making money. Blogging is one of the hottest job profiles in today’s time allowing an individual to earn some good living for himself/herself.

  1. Digital Marketing With the rapid change in technology, many of the organizations are now in process of making an online presence in the market for the consumers. Digital marketing refers to the marketing process done through smart gadgets like mobiles, internet and many other forms. Digital marketers are in-demand by most companies both big and small. Being a freelancer, one can play the role of different profiles like SEO, SMO etc.

  1. Data entry jobs: Jobs of this profile in freelancing provides a good amount of money. In this freelancer needs to fill data in the excel sheet and deliver it to the concerned authority as early as possible. This type of job is also majorly catered by candidates who opt to get more income as a part time opportunity for the employment.

  1. Typist: A little technical, this job usually requires the individual to convert some of the hand-written document into digital copies by typing them manually on the computer. You need to perform tasks like making reports, letter format etc. In this job, a freelancer can earn more income as compared to data entry job type.

  1. Web Designing: When you have a deep knowledge in web designing, you get the option of showcasing your skill and earn out of it. In web designing, many start-ups and small firms search for people who can provide quality service. Web designer are paid well as per their experience and skills.

Author Bio

Ashish Kumar is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest career guidance and job trends In India and Online Digital Marketing Trends. Writing helps me to improve my knowledge, skills and understanding about the world around me. He writes about various topics related Digital marketing technique, Job Opportunities in India, Trending subjects and many more.

New business and product development require a lot of time, effort, and COST. Small business or startups almost spend all of their money setting up the business and creating the product. At this point, the biggest challenge that these companies face is getting the product to its right customer.

With limited or no budget, small businesses or startups find it difficult to outsource their marketing needs to professionals. But hey, if you are here and belong to one of such company, there is still a light at the end of the door. You just need to open it now. There are a handful of really good marketing practices that do not require valuable resources and can get your business humming to success.

Here are few secrets that I will be sharing with you that when implemented can help you market your business for FREE.

1. Work on creating local awareness – Yeah, I know hiring a PR agency can give you that push to your brand name, help educate people about your company and its products thus driving new customers and acquisitions. But in case of Small business or startups, you can be your own star PR agency. Yes, you heard me right.

Start by doing some good research on the publications, writers and journalists who are covering your industry news. Try to learn and grasp their writing topics and accordingly create a pitch presenting your business that will be of their interest.

Once they are in touch with you, try building a long-term relationship with them so your business and products get a continues coverage by them.

2.Work on a Social Media Strategy – We know how thee social media channels work right? We have been using them for our personal use. Interacting with people, gaining information about things, getting entertained and much more. So now as you start your business, the role reverses here. You need to create the content and get it to the audience to read, understand and use via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and much more.

Choose the platform that best suits your business and align with your business goals. Start small to understand the reception of your content, your viewer’s behaviour. Try to generate interest, curiosity and engage the audience. Offer something for free on the social media and see how people get pulled towards your brand. This exercise can prove to be a fantastic way to build an email database that you can use anytime to offer them some amazing deals.

Ramp up your social media marketing efforts as per the engagement. Keep tracking and modify your strategy as and when required. You will surely go a long way.

3.Email marketing for lead generation and engagement – Yes you heard me right and it’s free. Start small with the number of customer email ids you get from your website, social media or internet. Work on the newsletter that speaks about your offers, exclusive discounts and send them for timely promotion.

Platforms like MailChimp offers free email services. Make the best use of this free service to reach an audience and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter for more offers later. Use the email you get from your social media channels, website and make the best use of it. Work On email subject and body that stands out among all the other emails. Keep improvising for better email open rate and email click-through-rate.

4.Make your customers work for you – Happy and satisfied customers are the biggest and the best marketing tool. Actively work with them and engage with them to create a buzz on the internet. They are the live proofs of your hard work and quality product. Their one recommendation or their one positive experience with your brand can build a great percentage of confidence among new buyers and customers of your company. Word-of-mouth is said to be an old marketing technique, but when works, it still has the potential to create more magic for your brand in today’s digital environment.

Marketing is a must, whether you are a big well-known brand or a small business or a startup. Without marketing, you will reach nowhere. Investing in huge chunks may not be possible for you, but working smartly and making your moves cleverly can help entrepreneurs move their brand and products and get them to places that too for FREE.

With over 1 billion users, connecting families and friends every day, WhatsApp is now targeting the business community.

It’s not new that companies nowadays use WhatsApp to communicate information about their products and receive orders for the same. But companies are also of the view that it’s a tedious process to stay in touch with hundreds of customers on WhatsApp. Also, the lack of authenticity of companies also looms in the minds of the customers.

Understanding the business needs and solving the customer’s challenges, WhatsApp is testing their new App i.e. ‘WhatsApp Business’ to overcome the challenges that are faced today by both companies and customers while using WhatsApp.

The logo being updated to with initial B to differentiate between WhatsApp for Business and regular WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Business

Selected small business in India is testing this App currently. A survey to enroll potential small business to test the app was made live on WhatsApp FAQ page. Here is the first look of WhatsApp Business courtesy whatsapp business account

Features such as Business Profile Setup, Chat Migration, Auto Responses and Analytics will be offered with the new WhatsApp Business. Various and extensive business categories are made available to describe your business. Though both the apps look and works in a similar way, the key factors of WhatsApp Business are the integration of UPI payment system in the app. The company is currently working on making it the focal point of interaction between business owners and customers.