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Today, when all businesses are attracted towards online audience, market has turned to become user oriented. Better is the user experience of your website, more likely is your customer base growth. Yes, user-friendliness of your website is the most important factor to make any online business a success or a failure. But what all is to be considered when we call our website user friendly? Is it how beautiful it looks? Or is it how much information we provide? While few of you might say that both of these are really important, we wish to add few more very important factors that will influence your website users in a positive way. These factors have become “must-have” for search engines too –

1. Responsive Layout

It is a mandate by Google too. Yes, you must have your website fully responsive, atleast as much as it passes google test at – Google Webmaster Tool. if you are only concerned about Google. But Google does not give you business, your website users do. Ensure that your website users can view your website seamless on their smart phones. They would not wait to reach home and turn on their desktops to find a service like yours. Your competitors are definitely waiting for your customers to contact them atleast once.

2. Interactive Elements

Customer is king with a very short span of attention. Grab the attention of your customer (Of course potential customer) in first few seconds or be ready to lose him. Present your website with options available to your visitors. They have come with their unique requirement and your website should give them a solution to their exact problem. Do not drag them page to page. Make them click on options that address his needs.

This is closely related to the previous factor. Lets be honest, if you have limited options available to offer to your customers, you can not offer them anything beyond your capacity just to hold him on your website. Here, you need to be creative and put your services, features, benefits in a structured way, well linked together that customer relates his requirements well within your services. Internal linking while helps you rank well in SERPs, it anyways, enhances the visibility of different important elements on the website.

4. Images Infographics

Images speak 1000 words, as they say. This is NOT 100% true. Images need to be combined with some short text and then they really convey 1000 words. How? No-one wants to put hours, or even minutes in reading lot of content. Only if they find image interesting and informative, they are prompted to read the content alongside. This definitely gives you a chance to share your knowledge with your potential customers and turn them into a loyal customer. Nevertheless, it also enhances your website’s engagement level.

5. Bullet Points/Unordered Lists

Even when people find an interesting infographic, they might be resistant to reading the whole 9 yards of content. Now, the bulleted points come handy for these customers. They will definitely read the pointers quickly and if they find them useful, they will bookmark your page, for reading it later, even if they don’t have time to read it on the spot. Always ensure that content served to your readers is well structured and bullet points make sense to readers.

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To summarize, user friendly website is much more than pleasing website colors and layout. And If your website users love to spend their time on your website, you are the king for Google. Lets admit it, we all love Google, for it serves us 80% of potential business, if targeted well.