7 Reasons Why Teens Spend A Good Amount of Time Playing Online Games (Guest Post)

Online gaming is a big word today. Not only adults, but a sheer number of teenagers today have become highly addicted to playing games online even during late hours. The choices of online gaming websites are endless. This has made it pretty possible especially for the teens to choose their favourite fun options from an extensive variety of games available online.

As we see that both the gaming and internet populations have touched a sky in the last few years, playing games online is now seen as a common affair in many places across the world. In today’s advanced technological age, internet packages are quite affordable, and the reasonably-priced consoles and cheap online subscription fees have made it easy for parents too to arrange the devices for their kids.

As per the recent reports, although a 30 years-old male is considered to be the average gamers, teenage and younger ones are actually the highly addicted category to online gaming. Undoubtedly, many exciting opportunities offered in online games have been enjoyed by people from different age groups in the recent times. But, it does leave many negative side effects on the lives of youngsters, including increased anxiety and anger, social awkwardness as well as damaged relationships with their friends and family members.

Here we have compiled a list of some crucial reasons that have actually caused your teenager to be addicted to online video and mobile games:

  1. Games are Available at Free of Cost

It’s possible to play your favourite games today without paying a single penny from your pocket. Many gaming companies are offering a wide range of free online games to players. All you need to do is, register or sign up with the website and you are allowed to access their thousands of free games with few clicks.

  1. Gamer Points/Rewards/Level Up

Although it may sound silly for many, it’s true that a large number of online game players are ready to spend a good amount of their time attempting to beat the records made by others and claim for the exclusive digital rewards like a new garment or a weapon for their chosen character. Most of the gamers keep investing their effort and time unless they ‘level up” or get the highest points.

  1. Acceptance and Security

Many teens who are struggling to find their place socially at school or with the groups of kids who live next to their place find it much convenient to spend plenty of hours online. The digital world accepts everyone no matter which age you belong to. One of the most vital reasons why more and more teens enter the online gaming every day since it provides them with a platform to share their views and opinions with the people of same interests.

There are many free online gaming websites which don’t charge even a single penny from you while playing games on their websites for long hours. Most importantly, all the information they ask you to fill up during the registration on their website is safe and secure.

  1. Most of the Friends Are Doing the Same

The online community of gamers is not only created with the help of people who generally stay online to enjoy their time, but they also find the gamers of the same interests in their school or local groups. Yes, it’s easy to see your teen having the real fun after their school time when they get online and start doing the things they like the most.

  1. It Makes Them a Bit Social

Many of you might raise your eyebrows with this statement, however, it’s actually true in few instances. As you know that most of the popular gaming consoles come with peripherals like headsets, which basically help gamers to listen and get participated in the conversation they make with their opponents while playing games online. Yes, there is no surprise to see your teens talking to their opponents and friends and also helping each other to share the secrets of scoring high in particular games. Some youngsters also use this for their general chitchatting.

  1. Power of Dominance

Everyone likes to be dominant over something. So, how a teen can miss out this opportunity. Conquering their opponents actually gives them a sense of self-satisfaction. With spending some good hours in the digital sphere, your teen can find it much convenient to maintain the position of leadership. This helps to develop a habit of being dominant over something they like.

  1. Staying Away from the Real World

Teens sometimes develop a feeling of insecurity and loneliness in themselves. Thus, they just want to keep themselves busy doing various online game activities that allows them to stay away from the real world. At a digital sphere, they don’t need to say ‘hi’ to their new friends or talk to any beautiful-looking girl.


Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are numerous other factors that are also causing youngsters and teens to be addicted to online games. Parents need to understand what has actually triggered their child to the online gaming world and should fill that space with the activity that helps their child grow in a better environment. Online gaming is good, but of course there should be a limit to everything. Anything excess will of course create problem.

Author Bio:

Mohit Verma is a passionate writer and blogger who loves to spend time playing different kinds of online games. He has a great knowledge of gaming industry.