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Have you launched a mobile app, but not getting expected response from your audience? Do people uninstall your app after downloading it? Oh! In that case, you must be having some serious issue with your mobile app. Yes! The users might be facing some bugs or quality assurance issues. So, what is the solution for this? Well, in order to avoid these issues, you must perform the testing of your app efficiently. This will prevent users from encountering any problems.

The blog explores some of the mobile application testing tips considering which you can launch your app with proper quality assurance.

1. Start your testing by recognizing the major operating system platforms that you are supporting. When testing your app on operating system, you must use the actual physical devices. Avoid hasty testing process and prevent your operating system to cause any problem for the app.

2. The user interface of your app must appear same on different screen sizes. An improper alignment of elements influences user to uninstall the app. To avoid this, you must perform the testing of an app in all the screen sizes of every device.

3. Consider different Internet speeds while performing app testing. This will allow the user to use your app in slow Internet connections as well. Make sure your app works perfectly at different levels of speed.

4. Some users face the issue of quick drainage of battery charge. For this, you need to consider the battery consumption of the device. Make use of required tools, and see the amount of power an app is taking for a particular device.

5. Check the working of your app with other features of the phone. Yes! Even if your app is active on the phone, the phone must receive all other notifications as well. Moreover, your mobile app must not cause any issues for other available apps.

6. Your mobile app must function in line with the platform guidelines. Yes! Not following the guidelines for different platforms might fail your app. Or else, the user might get frustrated while using it. So, check if the platform is windows, android, or iOS, and initiate accordingly.

7. One of the big challenges is to localize an app for different languages. Though the process of working on languages is easy, you might get issues while setting different date formats for different regions. So, while performing an app testing, you must take care of any regional differences.

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Keeping in mind the above tips will help you acquire an efficient app which can be used by the user without any issue. Experts, at Mamsys Consultancy Services, make sure to follow all the significant steps while testing a mobile app. The company endeavors to maintain your impression on your target users.