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Do you get frustrated when your mobile page takes a lot of loading time? Obviously! It becomes irritating at times! Well, Google has brought in a really impressive project that makes a mobile website faster. Wondering what it is? You might be listening about a term AMP quite frequently these days. This is what we are talking about! It’s Accelerated Mobile Pages which Google released recently. Though many different techniques and technologies have been incorporated to enhance loading time, AMP is the one that is being considered an effective one for the process of web page optimization.

If you are a publisher who wants to give his/her user a better user experience, here’s an open source initiative that tends to provide your mobile users a much better experience. Google, in partnership with numerous biggest tech providers including Twitter, LinkedIn, and publishers like BBC, Mashable, and many more initiated the AMP project with the purpose of improving the user experience of whole mobile content ecosystem. AMP would prove beneficiary to publishers, creators, consumer platforms, and users of course.

When we talk about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the project is more closely related to publishers. Wondering why? Well, AMP has been created in order to target the more specific users who have their interest in content part only. So, basically, it focuses on the content produced by publishers. Want to know the reason behind it? Well, the content generated by publishers is mostly static and often includes images, videos, etc, which generally makes a user wait for a long time in order to load the entire content. Thus, the aim of restricting the optimization scope to publishers will help in eliminating a wide range of trade-offs that can take place  while optimizing the other general mobile websites.

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Do you know what future does AMP hold? No? Let’s have a look! Obviously, the project has just been released and it will definitely show a large amount of improvements in various aspects of mobile web browsing. You might be thinking about how faster the mobile websites would work. Right? Google’s Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) will have a great impact on the way users go through the different types of content on mobiles as well as tablets.

Google’s new approach will have a great impact on all the publishers as well as technology organizations as the project helps them keep track of their users in a more efficient way. Obviously, the support of big organizations shows the potential of the project and it clearly specifies the benefits that one can imagine in the future. So, the project apart from being beneficial to users, will also increase the scope for publishers who have been at huge loss due to slow browsers. Thus, if you are facing the issues like losing readers due to the long time taken by your webpage, you can now rely on AMP to help you achieve desired results. The project will make publishers earn revenue via advertising or subscriptions.

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Are you worried about the loading time of topics regarding news? Well, not to worry! Accelerated mobile pages, apart from enhancing the loading time of publishers’ web pages, will also provide a high amount of speed when it comes to searching for news or any other hot topic on the web. Moreover, Google will definitely come up with more AMP features as well as functionality that are expected to take place with the growth of the AMP project.

Users, at times, wonder how the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) differs from Facebook Instant Articles and Apple news. Well, though these frameworks tend to offer the similar kind of assistance, let us see how their characteristics make them different from AMP.

Users can use Facebook Instant Articles via Facebook and the app Apple News takes place with iOS9. That being said, none of the platforms give users an opportunity to read the articles in their particular formats. Though both of these platforms focus on the performance, they also give significance to the look and appearance of the articles.  Now, when we talk about AMP, it gives you a web based experience. The documents of AMP are designed in such a way that they are rendered in the browser. AMP has a complete focus on the performance of its documents. That being said, rather than giving importance to the fancy visual effects, the goal of AMP is to make a user open an article in a much quicker way.

Though the AMP platform assures huge profits in future, many of the publishers still have certain doubts about it. Let’s see what those doubts are.

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One of the biggest concerns of publishers is how will they monetize their AMP pages. The platform assists the users who don’t have enough patience to wait for the website to get loaded. This open source code helps the webpage to load faster on mobile devices, and yes, any publisher can implement it without any cost. Another major concern is whether the increased speed with AMP will cover the advertising loss per page. Well, as said by Google, it will cut load time of the webpage by 85%. Moreover, many of the publishers make attempts to diminish the page load time on their own. As far as cost is concerned, AMP will not let you spend much as the responsibilities associated with it can be easily managed by the existing staff only.

All in all, the purpose of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is to let users experience instant browsing on mobile devices. Though it comes with certain limits, it ensures great speed gains. Mamsys, a digital marketing company in India, will always keep you updated about the new trends and concepts that are being implemented in the market. Our aim is to make you succeed at every level of your business.