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Nowadays everyone uses electronic devices like PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Smart Phones etc. If you are using a PC (personal computer) then you need the following programs also for the best usage and proper functioning.

Software your PC needs

Let me discuss them one by one in detail.

1. Antivirus

Antivirus is necessary for your PC if you do not want to take any risk of cleaning your hard disk or changing your windows. Because antivirus programs show threats every time when there is a risk of virus. So, it is a professional choice to install an Antivirus program on your computer. You can download them for free from many sites like File hippo, Avast and Avira are the best one.

2. Web Browser

Most of the windows have the older version of internet explorer installed by default. But it is recommended that you use either Firefox or Google Chrome browser as they have the best features compared to Internet Explorer.

3. Microsoft Office

Those who study or work know the importance of this software. But the problem is it is not available free of cost. You can use the free version only 30 or 60 days and then you have to pay charges to use it further. There are many famous versions of Office which people still use like Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 and 2016. You can use the one which suits you.

4. Windows Media Player

If you want to watch high-quality videos on your PC then you must install some good quality media player like VLC. There are many such programs, but I am personally using VLC and I also recommend it to everyone.

5. Cleaner

Those who are using Smartphone know the importance of it. Similarly, your PC also needs a good cleaner to run smoothly. CCleaner is the best one to clean junk files from your memory and it helps a lot in smooth functioning of your Computer or Laptop.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my article. If you think that there is some other important software and technologies, then you can tell me in the comments section. I would be happy to hear from you and please do not forget to share my article.


The author is a professional blogger and blogging since last few years about SEO, Online Money Making, and Health. It is his passion and profession.