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New business and product development require a lot of time, effort, and COST. Small business or startups almost spend all of their money setting up the business and creating the product. At this point, the biggest challenge that these companies face is getting the product to its right customer.

With limited or no budget, small businesses or startups find it difficult to outsource their marketing needs to professionals. But hey, if you are here and belong to one of such company, there is still a light at the end of the door. You just need to open it now. There are a handful of really good marketing practices that do not require valuable resources and can get your business humming to success.

Here are few secrets that I will be sharing with you that when implemented can help you market your business for FREE.

1. Work on creating local awareness – Yeah, I know hiring a PR agency can give you that push to your brand name, help educate people about your company and its products thus driving new customers and acquisitions. But in case of Small business or startups, you can be your own star PR agency. Yes, you heard me right.

Start by doing some good research on the publications, writers and journalists who are covering your industry news. Try to learn and grasp their writing topics and accordingly create a pitch presenting your business that will be of their interest.

Once they are in touch with you, try building a long-term relationship with them so your business and products get a continues coverage by them.

2.Work on a Social Media Strategy – We know how thee social media channels work right? We have been using them for our personal use. Interacting with people, gaining information about things, getting entertained and much more. So now as you start your business, the role reverses here. You need to create the content and get it to the audience to read, understand and use via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and much more.

Choose the platform that best suits your business and align with your business goals. Start small to understand the reception of your content, your viewer’s behaviour. Try to generate interest, curiosity and engage the audience. Offer something for free on the social media and see how people get pulled towards your brand. This exercise can prove to be a fantastic way to build an email database that you can use anytime to offer them some amazing deals.

Ramp up your social media marketing efforts as per the engagement. Keep tracking and modify your strategy as and when required. You will surely go a long way.

3.Email marketing for lead generation and engagement – Yes you heard me right and it’s free. Start small with the number of customer email ids you get from your website, social media or internet. Work on the newsletter that speaks about your offers, exclusive discounts and send them for timely promotion.

Platforms like MailChimp offers free email services. Make the best use of this free service to reach an audience and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter for more offers later. Use the email you get from your social media channels, website and make the best use of it. Work On email subject and body that stands out among all the other emails. Keep improvising for better email open rate and email click-through-rate.

4.Make your customers work for you – Happy and satisfied customers are the biggest and the best marketing tool. Actively work with them and engage with them to create a buzz on the internet. They are the live proofs of your hard work and quality product. Their one recommendation or their one positive experience with your brand can build a great percentage of confidence among new buyers and customers of your company. Word-of-mouth is said to be an old marketing technique, but when works, it still has the potential to create more magic for your brand in today’s digital environment.

Marketing is a must, whether you are a big well-known brand or a small business or a startup. Without marketing, you will reach nowhere. Investing in huge chunks may not be possible for you, but working smartly and making your moves cleverly can help entrepreneurs move their brand and products and get them to places that too for FREE.

I am not a scientist who have invented a formula to writing a good blog content quick and easy. The fact is writing is an art that meets knowledge. It is an amalgamation of two different skill sets that help produce some great content that educates and entertain the readers.

If you are a beginner, a first timer who is all excited, a little nervous maybe, wants to pen down his/her knowledge for the people to read, don’t be scared at all. Trust me! Writing might not be a piece of cake and might not be everyone’s forte, but there is always a first time for everything. So, if this is your first time into writing, allow me to help you out with writing something that you will be proud of as the first piece of writing you have done in your life (of course, I mean a professional blog content).

After this blog post, there will be absolutely no reasons for you not to blog every single day. Believe me, you will be that good. So, are you ready then?

Step 1: Understand Your Audience.

If you are writing about something, you should know who will be interested in reading the content and will your target audience be interested in reading your stuff? Understanding your target audience is of utmost importance before you sit down to write about anything.

Understand your audience
Step 2: Decide on the Topic and Start Working on the Title.

The topic is what defines your blog. A good title will help attract the right audience to your blog content. This will also help you in deciding the approach to what should be written. There are tools available that can help you create a catchy title or you can research on google to know what type of topics and titles are searched more and read more in your domain or interest field.

Decide on the Topic and Start Working on the Title
Step 3: Begin With An Intro (and Make it Captivating).

After the title, the second thing that grabs a reader’s interest is the first few line, may be sentences or even paragraphs. This sections should not only be interesting, it should also explain the whole purpose of your entire blog post.

Begin With An Intro

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Step 4: Organize Your Content.

Longer blogs can be sometimes overwhelming both for the reader and the writer due to the amount of information shared. The trick is simple, organize the info in a more systematic and structured way so that the length and amount of content seem less intimidating. Outline the post, jot down the points you want to cover in the order of preference and then you are good to go.

Organize Your Content
Step 5: Write!

At this phase of blog writing, you are almost already with the blueprint of your content. You just have to pen down your thoughts to give your blog a shape for the readers to read and understand what you meant to share.

Here write about stuff you really know. You can even add more knowledge and value by doing some research on the internet. You might face some challenges in finding the flow of words, facing trouble while stringing sentences together, but hey don’t get intimidated. You are not alone. Every writer faces this time and again. You will find tones of tools online that can help you find the right words for you. Don’t lose your confidence during the whole process.

Step 6: Proofread and Edit your Post. Work to Fix your Formatting.

You are not quite done yet. Whether you are writing your first blog or 100th never ever overlook this step. This is one of the most important parts that makes your blog more readable and presentable. At this stage, don’t shy away to take help from your co-workers or your friends to read your blog for any grammatical mistakes. Insert some visually appealing and meaningful images and videos. Again, if you are not good at it, ask for some favours from your co-workers.

Proofread and Edit your Post
Step 7: Insert a Call-to-Action (CTA) at the End.

A call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the blog will help navigate your readers to perform other action on your blog, for example, subscribe to the blog, read a related blog, download a free e-book etc. This not only help you retain the reader on your blog for a little longer, it also helps you develop some potential customer traction.

Insert a Call-to-Action
Step 8: Optimize Your Blog Content for On-Page SEO.

The content you write is not only meant for the humans to read. Really. Google robots also read the content so that they can present the content to the potential customer who searches for the topic that is related to your blog. So, optimizing the blog content for the google is very important. Incorporate on-page SEO like relevant keywords, meta title, meta description, header tags for google to help your blog reach its potential readers. Remember, don not spam! Google hates it. Write good and relevant content, a blog that provides value and trust me, you will have audiences coming back to your blogs and write-ups.

Optimize Your Blog Content for On-Page SEO

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Blogging is something that with time gets easier and with practice gets better. Take your time and write your heart out, believe me, the sky is not the limit.

When you read Mark Zuckerberg you know that he is the creator of Facebook. His name has become a symbol of identity. Similarly brands and companies are recognized by their logo’s. Logo is one important aspect that gives a brand an identity and immediate recognition. It’s shape, size, colour, font and images are usually different from the others in the market. A logo that is uniquely and creatively designed helps in capturing the attention of the potential customers. A logo should also be designed in such a way, that people can easily recall it whenever and wherever they see it.

There are companies who have the expertise of creating inspiring logo for companies and brands out there. Mamsys is one such organization based out in Noida that has some of the best and creative designers on board who can develop logo for the brands that resonates inspiration, originality and beauty.

In this blog, we have worked on finding some cool and creative logo and what trends they are following to get the attention of their potential customers. Through this blog, you will get to know what colors are in trend, the font type, typography, combinations etc. that you can get inspired to create something unique and exciting for your brand.

1. Fuel


2. Bar Code

Bar Code

3. Paint The City

Paint The City

4. Rabbit


5. Music Skull

Music Skull

6. Horror Films

Horror Films

7. Barknews Media

Barknews Media

8. Sushi


9. Water Drop

Water Drop

10. Crumbs


11. Oculus


12. Fitbit


13. Martini House

Martini House

14. ACY Entertainment
ACY Entertainment
15. Play Panda

Play Panda

16. Give Hope A Dog

Give Hope A Dog

17. Saudievents


18. Robogist


19. Rio 2016

Rio 2016

20. Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Measuring your social media ROI is crucial to analyse and see if the strategy is working or not.

For this, you can use Google Analytics to measure your social media strategy ROI.

In this blog, we will cover 4 ways to use google analytics to measure your social media marketing impact.

#1. You Need to First Verify Social as your Traffic Driver

Google Analytics is a great tool to check the overall traffic source to your website and blog. GA tool not only shows traffic that is coming from direct search, but it also includes the traffic you are getting from social media accounts. This social media traffic data will help you analyse and compare the value your social media marketing is adding to your overall website and blog traffic.

You can see the social media traffic report in Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels


When you click on the Channel, you will get a list of platforms from where you are getting traffic:

  • Organic Search (people coming to your site using google search tool)
  • Social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Direct (people typing your site in their browser or bookmarks)
  • Referral (people clicking links from other sites to get to you)
  • Other
  • Email
  • Paid search

You can clearly see and measure the impact you are getting from your social channels and your social media marketing.

Your data digging is not limited to this. You can learn more about the traffic you are getting from different social media platforms.

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Simply go to Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals.


2: Use UTM Codes to Specific Social Media Posts To Track Their Performance

You have created some great content for social media. The 1st thing you need to do before you publish them is include backlinks that direct to your website so that Google Analytics can track and analyse the traffic coming from your content. You can do this by simply combining the content URL with UTM tracking code. UTM code will help you analyse what type of content is performing better on which type of social platform.

How to Set Up UTM Parameters on Your Links

Go to Google’s URL Builder and set the Source parameter to show that your posts come from social. Next, use the Medium parameter to show which social media network your post is published to (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Finally, use the Campaign parameter to define a unique identifier for each social media post you want to track. Here’s an example:

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 How to Set Up Conversion Goals

The next step is to track the conversions you can getting from you content on your website or blog. This is also possible with Google Analytics. To set up conversion goals follow these steps;

Click the Admin link in the menu at the top of any Google Analytics page. In the right-hand column under View, choose Goals.


Select Custom in the Goal Setup.


Choose Destination As The Goal Type.


Here enter the page URL that your visitors will see after clicking on your social media update and completing a particular action on it (e.g. /thanks-for-shopping.html or /thanks-for-subscribing.html)


Assign a dollar value to this particular type of conversion.


At this point, you are all set to track all your goals, the conversions, from which social platform you are getting more conversion, what type of content is driving more conversions and much more.

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#3: Find Out How Visitors From Various Social Platforms Consume & React to Your Content

Google Analytics apart from tracking destination goals, helps in tracking three other types of goals.


Duration Goal – Know how long visitors from social platforms stay on your site

Pages/Screens Per Session Goal – Know how your content is resonating with the social media audience.

Event Goal – Track how many times the video on your website is played by your social media visitor.

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#4: Track How Social Media Impacts the Conversion Path

Social media strategy from client acquisition is trackable using google analytics. Yes, you heard me right. Let’s say you want to track how effective you social media campaign is at driving email subscription of your blog. You can get this data by setting up the conversion goals in google Analytics.

Follow the same steps as discussed above and use the goals sec
tion to connect conversion events regardless of whether it contains a dollar amount.

Access the funnel report by going to Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Top Conversion Paths.




The effect of social media is trackable and you can dig down deeper into the tool to analyse the impact of social media marketing on your business. Not only can you check the traffic you are getting from your social platforms, but track the number of conversions and potential revenue your business is earning from your social media strategy.  Today, social media is not limited to just posting, it has grown to a platform that can help your company increase their revenue and end goal exponentially.

Use the tips above to run reports that will give you the confidence to continue investing in social media.

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At the end, all that matter is quality leads for your business.

Inbound marketing helps you with effective marketing tactics by focusing on creating quality content to attract customers to your brand and products.  Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight, the four actions of inbound marketing that can help companies obtain visitors, leads, customers, and promoters.

Sharing is caring and inbound marketing is all about sharing quality content through which you are showing the required care to your customers. By creating content specifically designed for your dream customers and this will give them a good solid reason to come back to your brand again and again.

Make people fall in love with your brand and products by publishing content at a right time and at the right place. Doing this, you will soon become the undisputed people’s choice and the love will continue as long as you keep serving them with right products.

Unleash the potential of Inbound Marketing for a quality lead generation with these 7 critical steps that we use to guide our clients to pull in customers without being pushy.

Inbound Marketing Lead-Generation

Recently Facebook IQ commissioned market research Company TNS conducted a survey to find out the trends shaping the gameplay on mobile. The survey on the use of mobile as a gaming device was conducted for age group 18+ spanning across 12 countries representing various different geographic regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

And the results are pretty eye-opening – some of the key findings included;

  • A revenue of US $99.6 billion in 2016 will be generated only by gamers worldwide.
  • Smartphones are the number 1 gaming device with 71% followed by computers 64%, tablets 34% and console 26%
  • Social networking platforms are the major discovery source for mobile games.

This clearly states how significant the mobile gaming industry has become and with the rise of interactive content and fun-focused social apps has opened new ways to engage and attract gamers to your gaming app.

The full data from Facebook’s “5 Global Mobile Gaming Trends” report is included in this new infographic and is definitely worth a look.

5 Global Mobile Gaming Trends

Originally Published at

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This pound sign symbol for decades has ruled our telephone keypad that was mashed occasionally in frustration during prolonged customer-service calls.

But today, this very symbol has conquered the world of social media, TV screens (for examples #debate during a news hour), radio (#contest and send to 545454). Thanks to twitter of course.

Almost a decade ago, twitter users invented hashtags to categorize tweets by topics. Chris Messina, a former google employee tweeted the first ever hashtag way back in 2007.

How to use hashtag

But over time, hashtag has evolved into a form that allows for humor, films, politics, art and many more. Today hashtags are used around things like…

  • Events or Conferences
  • Emergencies or Disaster
  • Celebration or Holiday
  • General interest topics and etc.

Hashtags have become a symbol of recognition for brands and/or products.  But before you zero to a hashtag that will represent you or your brand/brand movement, make sure you do your homework. Remember to choose a hashtag that can help your brand connect with your audience and not affiliate your brand to spam content.

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Hashtag spamming will not help your brand reach anywhere.  #Think #before #using #this #little #symbol #within #your #post. Be clear on your goals and use relevant hashtag that will help you raise your brand’s awareness.

Learn How Hashtags Work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the Do’s and Don’t of Using Hashtag

How The Heck To Use A HASHTAG?

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Are you a business who looks forward to growing your B2B Marketing in the Digital World?

Well, it’s a digital world, where every minor marketing strategy needs Internet to get the attention of the potential customers. Yes! Today, you just can’t rely on the old school B2B marketing strategies that used to be effective earlier. The everyday success stories of so many brands and a wide range of brand-new product launches demand new and updated marketing strategies. So, how will you enhance your presence in this age of digital selling? Well, no matter how small B2B focused firm you are, you need to focus on some key aspects in order to improve your B2B digital marketing tactic in an effective way. The tips given below will surely help your organization be found online.

Find Out Who your Customer Are….

To begin with, you need to understand who your customers are.

A precise recognition of your target audience will straightway ease the process for you, and will help you to design a successful marketing B2B Digital Marketing Strategy. Refine your search and try to incorporate the highly targeted B2B marketing efforts. Make use of a number of B2B trading portals, and you will find there a huge list of sellers as well as buyers with in-depth company profiles. Doing so will help you research all your potential customers. Moreover, you will get to know the exact requirements of your potential consumers. So, work on more up-to-date b2b digital marketing ideas, and don’t just rely on the mass emailing and targeted marketing campaigns.

b2b digital marketing case studies
Create A Website that’s User-Friendly…

Don’t just create a website, but come up with a user-friendly website that gives users an engaging and awesome experience. Yes! Though many of the businesses understand the need of having a website, but they, at times, cannot recognize its importance. A website, no matter what kind of business you own, signifies your digital world, where you can let your consumers know about your existence in this world. Let your website be created in such a way that it gives you top-notch branding along with simple and easy navigation. Use your website to connect people to your business, and endeavor to generate a critical impression on them. Remember, a website is a platform, where a b2b digital marketing company can get engaged with its target audience and can share with them your brand story. So, don’t just limit yourself to just a simple blog or a website. Allow your users to experience easy navigation, top-class branding, and amazing consumer experience.

B2b dynamic website designing

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Dynamic Content Marketing Outreach to Attract Visitors…..

Include dynamic content that facilitates users to visit your website again and again. Come with a simple language and endeavor to let the users know what you actually do. Customers take into account the information that they find relevant and educational. Include the information about your products and services in a way that they can relate it to their needs. Moreover, come up with videos and infographics as well and show how you can help your customers achieve their goals. Make sure to narrate your brand story in creative formats as well. Use the most profitable b2b content marketing tactics to reach your potential audience.

B2B Content Marketing
 Get Found with Search Engine Optimization….

It’s important to be found by the users when they search you in the search engine. For this, you must follow b2b search engine optimization strategies, which allows you to boost the visibility of your website. Take into account the number of social media marketing channels. And make sure to update yourself on a regular basis.

B2B Search Engine Optimization

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Follow the Social Media Trends for Optimum Output….

Begin social media outreach by figuring out your potential consumers online. Also, have proper information about your competitors. Know about the recent trends in your industry, and do focus on what the other b2b social media marketing tactics people are doing online. You can do so by focusing on the blogs given on their website. See what kind of topics they are coming up with, and take into account the viewpoints of their customers.

Connect your ideas through the social media. Yes! It’s an amazing way to enhance the visibility of your website. Share high quality and highly useful content that people find interesting. Write it in such a way that it makes you connect with your target audience. Do it yourself or find a b2b digital marketing agency that can do this for you successfully.

B2B Social Media
Plan a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign…

You can take help of a paid media (also known as digital marketing advertising) to get your content placed in a right way. Make use of paid advertising platforms like AdWords and focus on the keyword or a phrase that is being appreciated by your audience for quality lead generation. In case you are not aware of the keywords being searched, Google can help you get relevant information through its AdWords platform for a successful digital campaign.

B2B Digital Marketing Campaign

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Make Your Content Marketing The Limelight….

The availability of huge competition from a number of direct marketing channels has brought content marketing in the limelight, and it has now become a distinguishing aspect of the businesses and their competitors. So, all you need to focus on is generating high quality and effective content, which will obviously need your time as well as proficiency. The quality of your content will let your audience know about how well you understand your market. You can get engaged with a b2b digital marketing agency that can help you provide quality content services. Make sure to go through your material before giving it a permission to get it published. Make the additions, if required.

B2B Content Marketing Outreach
Recycle Content to Increase Brand Visibility….

Upcycle your b2b content marketing strategy in order to enhance the visibility and your reach to all your potential consumers. Don’t let people forget your content quickly. Take into account the blog written by you a few months ago, and reuse it in a number of ways. For instance, you can create a slide share, convert it into a video, repost the blog on LinkedIn, Transform it into a white paper, and many more. So, make use of your content in different forms and recycle it to reach people all across the world.

Recycle Content to Increase Brand Visibility
Your B2B Lead Generation Through Social Selling…

Let consumers move through the funnel by means of social selling. Social selling allows the sales team to make use of social channels for sharing the content of the company directly with all the prospective clients. Focus on the context for the information that you have shared and always endeavor to start a discussion. Do not focus much on the sales part.

B2B Lead Generation

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Digital Marketing Brand Building to Increase Subscription…

Do you find people visiting your site, but not taking an appropriate step to enhance your leads? In that case, your efforts are being wasted if the users do so. Do not lose hope! Endeavor to stay in touch with all the potential consumers. You can do so by making social links easy to locate. Doing so will allow the users to like, follow, or share your post. Moreover, generate an email subscription form for blog post distribution. Furthermore, always remember to link to your RSS feed as some users do consider it. Take into account the gated content for the content like eBooks or white papers. It will help you in a b2b lead generation in an efficient way.

It’s all about generating a better consumer experience, and taking into account the importance of one to one marketing. The goal involves beginning and continuing the discussions that give rise to new consumers including long-term clients.

Increase Website Traffic for b2b
Target Audience with Mobile Marketing…..

It’s the world, where people, usually, prefer to meet their demands on the go. That being said, a website, which is not optimized for mobile viewing, would not be able to reach even one-fourth of its target audience. So, if you do not own a mobile-friendly website yet, it’s high time to get it optimized so as to allow users to visit your page at anytime and anywhere in the world. Apart from the fact that Google focuses on mobile-friendliness as one of the major SEO factors, it has been predicted that a large portion of your sales will be executed from the information that people gather through their mobile phones. When it comes to generating the mobile marketing strategy, it is not just limited to blog or website. The B2B businesses are taking into account the mobile apps as a device for providing their service. They also use it as a source of collecting information. So, let your visitors find you on their smartphones with the full comfort view as seen on the website.

B2b Mobile Marketing

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Digital Ad Campaigns and Sponsored Content….

Trends are internet users, usually, don’t give much preference to popups and banners. Alternatively, individuals focus more on online content usage such as posts, blog sites, social media updates, and news among others. This, thus, facilitates businesses to shift their marketing plans from direct advertising to sponsored content. All in all, you can easily get much more customers through sponsored material and creative digital ad campaigns rather than going for direct advertisements. So, you can do so by identifying blog sites that generate high traffic and the sites that your potential customers follow.

B2B Brand Visibility

You need to come up with the best b2b digital marketing trends, b2b search engine marketing strategy, b2b digital marketing campaigns, b2b mobile marketing and b2b digital marketing lead generation in order to compete in the digital economy efficiently. Doing so will help you connect with the reader in a rapid way. All you need to do is to enforce effective b2b digital marketing strategies and techniques. Mamsys, provides b2b online marketing services, is also known for enforcing a digital marketing strategy framework that will help small businesses to meet all their b2b digital marketing trends in 2016.


Do you start your day by reading some of the best social media blogs? I am sure you have your list of favourites, we have ours. We get tonnes of ideas and inspirations on social media marketing and strategies that help the team learn more and deliver the best.

Here are top 10 social media blogs you should add to your regular social media marketing reading in 2016.

1: Buffer Social

Buffer Social provides cutting-edge topics and in-depth articles that help marketers address many questions by providing them with authoritative answers.


2: Jenn’s Trends

Jenn’s Trends focuses primarily on Instagram, also offers some really good tips on social media strategy and trends.


3: Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick provides some insightful and practical advice to the marketers on various social media platforms.


4: RazorSocial

RazorSocial on daily basis educated its readers with research oriented and more comprehensive content on social media marketing tools.

Razor Social

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5: Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice provides valuable content on social media marketing that is backed by plenty of real time examples that help readers to understand the topic more.


6: Simply Measured

Simply Measured is another blog that follows and provides content on best practises of social media marketing by providing data-driven, example-rich techniques and ideas.


7: Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is a place to learn all things related to visual content in social media marketing.


8: Sprout Social

Sprout Social advice marketers by providing insights from their own team.


9: The Social Media Hat

The Social Media Hat is where you can learn what’s and how’s on social media marketing, no shortcuts get detailed explanations.


10: Unmetric

Unmetric uncovers and shares analytical approach into social media marketing insights.



Social media marketing is big and here to stay, keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and market practices will help you grow your business and brands. Follow these blogs and learn what these influencers are suggesting and implement them successfully into your social media marketing strategy.

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