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The new approach to better consumer engagement and conversion can be termed as integrated digital marketing strategy. A cohesive digital marketing strategy that includes research, SEO, SMO, SME, SMM, PPC, ADWORDS etc. needs to be integrated and implemented. Use the latest technology and techniques at the best possible way and constantly evolve in the ever-changing digital marketing platforms.

Thus, in the digital age, B2B companies need to do more than connect with a target audience through marketing; they need to practice integrated digital marketing as part of their business model.

Guide To Integrated Digital Marketing

An integrated digital marketing approach when implemented can prove powerful for brands. Gain customer insight, provide them information or services that they need through various channels and keep building your brands loyalty and win more business.

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Medical and healthcare industry has experienced a huge impact of digital marketing and online trends. We can say this new trend has opened the horizon of the digital healthcare industry for future.  

A report by Atkinson, Saperstein & Pleis, 2009 says that an approximate 60% of the internet users have reported the use of Internet to seek health information prior to consulting any doctor to going for any treatment. Additionally, approximately 24 percent of doctors report using social media daily to retrieve medical information. (McGowan, et al, 2012)…An eye opener in itself.

So, if you are in a healthcare industry, it’s important for you to maintain your online presence in order to allow more and more people to find you, whenever required. Let’s explore how digital marketing can affect the healthcare industry.

More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital marketing services in the future
  • Search engine marketing:

    With the increased growth of people who consider the Internet as a problem to their solution, the businesses who wish to remain in contact with all their potential customers must include search engine optimization and search engine campaigns to attain higher visibility online.

  • Social media marketing: 

    People, apart from being active online, also prefer a number of social media platforms, where they can get associated with different types of people. Social media, being a very powerful and reputed platform gives health industry an opportunity to maintain its reputation among the people all over the world.

  • Mobile marketing:

    Users, these days, prefer to go online while on the go. They usually choose their smartphones to look for any of the products, services, or information regarding any issue. So, if you want your users to choose you, in the case of any of the health related problems, all that you need to is create a mobile friendly website. Let them find you at anytime and anywhere in the world.

 Whether you a big hospital or a doctor who runs his own practice, in both the cases, you need to create a good marketing plan.

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The use of digital marketing service is expected to increase across all age groups.
digital marketing healthcare
Tips to incorporate in your digital marketing plan

Wondering what to include in your marketing plan? Here are some significant tips, following which can help you immensely.

  • Come up with a well-designed website. Make sure to incorporate the information about your services and don’t forget to exhibit clearly your contact details. Include a responsive web design and give your users a great experience.
  • Let your users know what you actually offer. Provide information that your prospective patients have been looking for. Incorporate the significant blogs as well as articles that can help them acquire the required information.
  • Let your patients find you when they search for you online. You can do so by creating a Google+ local page. Google, in order to provide relevant data, take data from Google+ local pages of doctors. So, maintain it and keep it updated to acquire beneficial results.
  • Improve your visibility by social media marketing. Use the social media channels consistently and post content that you find significant for you with regard to your area of medicine.
  • Influence your patients to write testimonials for you. Including testimonial online and giving reviews on different social media platforms will help you get in contact with several people.


Patients are adopting digital marketing services for medical awareness and process execution.
digital marketing healthcare industry
Influencing your Visitors through your Website

If you are a healthcare professional, having a good and appealing website will help you market your products in a more effective way. Doing so will help you reach a wide range of audience, and moreover, it will make it easier for the patients to located them. Where a good web page can facilitate the number of patients to move towards your website, a bad website can drive them away straight away. Take assistance of creative web design services that build a website in accordance with the medical field, thus helping you to acquire more patients.

Incorporate the following to influence your patients towards your website:

  • Content: It is the content that decides if the visitor becomes your regular customer or not. If the user doesn’t find the website good enough to find the solution for their medical issues, they will not think of visiting your website again. Include original and fresh content on a wide range of related topics and engage with your viewers in a much better way.
  • Information: Make sure to incorporate detailed information about your service and product. Write in such a way that it compels the users to trust you in every way. Keep it well-organized and let your users find the required information easily.
  • Functionality: Focus on the functionality of the website to facilitate your users to click on your website. Having a clean user interface, where a user can get through each section of the website easily. Viewers, if find it difficult to take out the required information, they might visit your competitor’s website to get what they are looking for.
  • Colors: Choose your color scheme in line with the color of your text. It’s a medical website, and people, usually; prefer to see conservative colors on such websites.
  • Templates: Though many of the healthcare professionals choose free templates to design their sites, it is not preferred to do so. This is because every hospital or practice includes different services, and making an attempt to include everything in one particular page might have an impact on the people. People may find it quite hard to navigate the site. So, th
    e best way is to hire professional web design services in order to acquire the best professional website for your hospital or clinic center.



All in all, content, on any website, is King. So, come up with content ranging from custom related content to the high-quality blogs that will keep you noticeable in your industry.

Digital marketing channels are allowing the healthcare providers to connect with their consumers for better health and wellness facilities. Healthcare brands and practitioners are harnessing the digital space to establish credibility and provide reliable information to their consumers. Moreover, by using the digital space, they are not only creating more visibility opportunity but also creating a name for themselves where they are establishing themselves as an authentic knowledge expert. Make the optimum use of the digital marketing tools to establish you and your brand leaders in healthcare industry

About Mamsys

Mamsys, an online marketing company in India, takes into account an effective digital marketing campaign strategy to generate the beneficial results. To conclude, if a healthcare professional looks forward to acquiring effective results in digital marketing, Mamsys takes into account the above-mentioned points to help you maintain your presence online.

Are you a fan of Games of Thrones, a popular American fantasy television series? You must be! The producer of the series has captivated the world with awe-inspiring imagination along with the detailed history of the seven Kingdoms. The series, that encloses the extremely unpleasant or agonizing tragedies, focuses on dragon riding fire queens, faceless assassinators, giants, and unstoppable undead. Do you wonder what similarity does digital marketing actually have with Game of Thrones? Well, the blog takes into account seven Kingdoms of digital marketing.

1. Make sure to do your Research

George RR Martin, while writing the series, incorporated a complete history in order to give rise to an interesting and captivating backstory.  In order to influence the readers about the story’s authenticity, he focused on enclosing the complete history of each and every character, object, and place in the Game of Thrones series. As he progressed, he gave rise to further tale and backstories, and soon he created a number of seasons of this fascinating series.  The season 6 as expected is full of interesting stories about the characters.

Now, if we talk about the digital marketing world, it doesn’t involve any backstory. So, in this case, one needs to begin the process with research. Conducting a proper research will make your digital marketing strategy more meaningful, and it requires a good amount of effort in executing the ground work. All you need to do is spending your quality time and keep the focus on what your competitors are doing. You can do so by:

  • Researching best practices.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends.
  • Exploring efficient ways to take into account digital platforms.
  • Discovering new tools as well as platforms, and how to make use of them for your business.
2. Be a good writer

GRRM, being a fantastic writer of Games of Thrones, facilitated audience to get engaged with the suspense of decades. His technical ability, amazing style, and magnificent imaginations allow readers or viewers to shorten their breaths while they read or watch certain scenes.

At the same time, when it comes to digital marketing success, it’s the writing that plays a significant role. The process will include writing content or your website, and it will be followed by the search engine optimization. Moreover, digital marketing will take into account social media marketing that includes engagement on social platforms, blog posts, articles, and email newsletters among others. An inexperienced individual will need to hire the professional to get hold of quality writing for their website. Talk about writing, and it comes out as a skill that only gets improved with practice.

Games of Thrones Digital Marketing
3. Focus on a Personality

A number of seasons of Game of Thrones have entertained a large group of people with its interesting and fascinating characters.  The writer has given the characters like Gendry and Honor such an awesome personality that readers or watchers just love reading or watching them again and again.

Similar is the case with writing the blog, articles, or newsletters. Yes! Just have a bit of personality. Everybody would like to go through a text whose body includes a touch of appeal to the audience. Try to be funny and interesting at the same time. Remember, people visit your site either to get entertained or educated, and only a meaningful and attractive content marketing strategy can do that.

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4. Ignore your loved ones

At times, in order to acquire the results that you wish to take place, you need to sacrifice the things that you adore. Though you might have an article that you simply adore, you might not catch something that goes wrong with it. Moreover, you might be making use of your favorite marketing channel while implementing your task, but it hasn’t been coming up with the desired results. This is the time when you need to ignore your dearies. Yes!, Using only the channels, that you are comfortable with, will not make you reach your goal. Rather than focusing on the channels that you understand, take into account the channels that all your customer’s use. Only then can you accomplish your mission of reaching a wide range of audience. All you need to do is a test and try every possible channel that you find interesting from your customers’ perspectives. Like the Games of Thrones, Kill the ones that don’t seem to be beneficial for you, even if you adore them a lot.

5. Golden Threads

Similar to the story of Game of Thrones, all that can give you a completely unique image is a central theme and some significant golden threads that go along everything that is being done. So, just like the number of theories, the golden threads bind everything together. As far as your digital marketing strategy is concerned, creating an annual marketing calendar and setting up monthly themes will help you generate a great marketing tactic. Doing so will you integrate your marketing channels across the platforms that you have chosen. Enforcing these tactics will help you keep people engaged for a longer time.

6. Digital marketing doesn’t have any Dragon glass

You must have heard about the dragon glass in the Game of Thrones, that murders the white walker with a single stab. Alternatively, digital marketing doesn’t have such dragon glass that will bring to you your consumers the moment you employ it. You might think that a single blog or press release will open the gates for you. However, as Jon Snow seem to be pleading for an army to manage the war; it’s quite hard to convince the clients to buy a product from you. The number of tools and platforms will ultimately lead you to the better chances of success.

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7. In the end, everything comes together.

Like GRRM, writer of Game of Thrones, an individual can’t leave the war half way just because it seems to be complicated. People know George for taking long to finish his books, but at the end, he always comes up a brilliant piece of writing.

Being a marketer, you are very well aware of the effort that it needs to
manage social media engagement as well as sales. So, you need to stick to it till the end. Put all effort unless you reach your potential audience. The digital marketing, thus, goes in line with the King and Crown in the Game of Thrones.

Let’s have a look at some Digital Assets of Game of Thrones.
Game of thrones social media marketing

HBO, in order to engage more and more audience with every season of game of Thrones, have incorporated an effective digital marketing campaign that incorporates a great digital marketing strategy. A series ‘Game of Thrones’ has in its account a number of digital marketing platforms including Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google+ profile, YouTube channel, and Instagram account among others.  Moreover, with season 6 they have made their presence felt on Pinterest and Meerkat. Adding Pinterest helped the makers to focus on visual content. Moreover, the makers used Meerat to broadcast the premier, only to attract a wide range of viewers. The involvement of all these social media platforms has helped the series become an apple of an eye for thousands of audience.

Are you a business who looks forward to growing your B2B Marketing in the Digital World?

Well, it’s a digital world, where every minor marketing strategy needs Internet to get the attention of the potential customers. Yes! Today, you just can’t rely on the old school B2B marketing strategies that used to be effective earlier. The everyday success stories of so many brands and a wide range of brand-new product launches demand new and updated marketing strategies. So, how will you enhance your presence in this age of digital selling? Well, no matter how small B2B focused firm you are, you need to focus on some key aspects in order to improve your B2B digital marketing tactic in an effective way. The tips given below will surely help your organization be found online.


Find Out Who your Customer Are….

To begin with, you need to understand who your customers are.

A precise recognition of your target audience will straightway ease the process for you, and will help you to design a successful marketing B2B Digital Marketing Strategy. Refine your search and try to incorporate the highly targeted B2B marketing efforts. Make use of a number of B2B trading portals, and you will find there a huge list of sellers as well as buyers with in-depth company profiles. Doing so will help you research all your potential customers. Moreover, you will get to know the exact requirements of your potential consumers. So, work on more up-to-date b2b digital marketing ideas, and don’t just rely on the mass emailing and targeted marketing campaigns.

b2b digital marketing case studies


Create A Website that’s User-Friendly…

Don’t just create a website, but come up with a user-friendly website that gives users an engaging and awesome experience. Yes! Though many of the businesses understand the need of having a website, but they, at times, cannot recognize its importance. A website, no matter what kind of business you own, signifies your digital world, where you can let your consumers know about your existence in this world. Let your website be created in such a way that it gives you top-notch branding along with simple and easy navigation. Use your website to connect people to your business, and endeavor to generate a critical impression on them. Remember, a website is a platform, where a b2b digital marketing company can get engaged with its target audience and can share with them your brand story. So, don’t just limit yourself to just a simple blog or a website. Allow your users to experience easy navigation, top-class branding, and amazing consumer experience.

B2b dynamic website designing

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Dynamic Content Marketing Outreach to Attract Visitors…..

Include dynamic content that facilitates users to visit your website again and again. Come with a simple language and endeavor to let the users know what you actually do. Customers take into account the information that they find relevant and educational. Include the information about your products and services in a way that they can relate it to their needs. Moreover, come up with videos and infographics as well and show how you can help your customers achieve their goals. Make sure to narrate your brand story in creative formats as well. Use the most profitable b2b content marketing tactics to reach your potential audience.

B2B Content Marketing

 Get Found with Search Engine Optimization….

It’s important to be found by the users when they search you in the search engine. For this, you must follow b2b search engine optimization strategies, which allows you to boost the visibility of your website. Take into account the number of social media marketing channels. And make sure to update yourself on a regular basis. 

B2B Search Engine Optimization

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Follow the Social Media Trends for Optimum Output….

Begin social media outreach by figuring out your potential consumers online. Also, have proper information about your competitors. Know about the recent trends in your industry, and do focus on what the other b2b social media marketing tactics people are doing online. You can do so by focusing on the blogs given on their website. See what kind of topics they are coming up with, and take into account the viewpoints of their customers.

Connect your ideas through the social media. Yes! It’s an amazing way to enhance the visibility of your website. Share high quality and highly useful content that people find interesting. Write it in such a way that it makes you connect with your target audience. Do it yourself or find a b2b digital marketing agency that can do this for you successfully.

B2B Social Media


Plan a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign…

You can take help of a paid media (also known as digital marketing advertising) to get your content placed in a right way. Make use of paid advertising platforms like AdWords and focus on the keyword or a phrase that is being appreciated by your audience for quality lead generation. In case you are not aware of the keywords being searched, Google can help you get relevant information through its AdWords platform for a successful digital campaign.

B2B Digital Marketing Campaign


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Make Your Content Marketing The Limelight….

The availability of huge competition from a number of direct marketing channels has brought content marketing in the limelight, and it has now become a distinguishing aspect of the businesses and their competitors. So, all you need to focus on is generating high quality and effective content, which will obviously need your time as well as proficiency. The quality of your content will let your audience know about how well you understand your market. You can get engaged with a b2b digital marketing agency that can help you provide quality content services. Make sure to go through your material before giving it a permission to get it published. Make the additions, if required.

B2B Content Marketing Outreach


Recycle Content to Increase Brand Visibility….

Upcycle your b2b content marketing strategy in order to enhance the visibility and your reach to all your potential consumers. Don’t let people forget your content quickly. Take into account the blog written by you a few months ago, and reuse it in a number of ways. For instance, you can create a slide share, convert it into a video, repost the blog on LinkedIn, Transform it into a white paper, and many more. So, make use of your content in different forms and recycle it to reach people all across the world.

Recycle Content to Increase Brand Visibility

Your B2B Lead Generation Through Social Selling…

Let consumers move through the funnel by means of social selling. Social selling allows the sales team to make use of social channels for sharing the content of the company directly with all the prospective clients. Focus on the context for the information that you have shared and always endeavor to start a discussion. Do not focus much on the sales part.

B2B Lead Generation


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Digital Marketing Brand Building to Increase Subscription…

Do you find people visiting your site, but not taking an appropriate step to enhance your leads? In that case, your efforts are being wasted if the users do so. Do not lose hope! Endeavor to stay in touch with all the potential consumers. You can do so by making social links easy to locate. Doing so will allow the users to like, follow, or share your post. Moreover, generate an email subscription form for blog post distribution. Furthermore, always remember to link to your RSS feed as some users do consider it. Take into account the gated content for the content like eBooks or white papers. It will help you in a b2b lead generation in an efficient way.

It’s all about generating a better consumer experience, and taking into account the importance of one to one marketing. The goal involves beginning and continuing the discussions that give rise to new consumers including long-term clients.

Increase Website Traffic for b2b


Target Audience with Mobile Marketing…..

It’s the world, where people, usually, prefer to meet their demands on the go. That being said, a website, which is not optimized for mobile viewing, would not be able to reach even one-fourth of its target audience. So, if you do not own a mobile-friendly website yet, it’s high time to get it optimized so as to allow users to visit your page at anytime and anywhere in the world. Apart from the fact that Google focuses on mobile-friendliness as one of the major SEO factors, it has been predicted that a large portion of your sales will be executed from the information that people gather through their mobile phones. When it comes to generating the mobile marketing strategy, it is not just limited to blog or website. The B2B businesses are taking into account the mobile apps as a device for providing their service. They also use it as a source of collecting information. So, let your visitors find you on their smartphones with the full comfort view as seen on the website.

 B2b Mobile Marketing


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Digital Ad Campaigns and Sponsored Content….

Trends are internet users, usually, don’t give much preference to popups and banners. Alternatively, individuals focus more on online content usage such as posts, blog sites, social media updates, and news among others. This, thus, facilitates businesses to shift their marketing plans from direct advertising to sponsored content. All in all, you can easily get much more customers through sponsored material and creative digital ad campaigns rather than going for direct advertisements. So, you can do so by identifying blog sites that generate high traffic and the sites that your potential customers follow.

B2B Brand Visibility



You need to come up with the best b2b digital marketing trends, b2b search engine marketing strategy, b2b digital marketing campaigns, b2b mobile marketing and b2b digital marketing lead generation in order to compete in the digital economy efficiently. Doing so will help you connect with the reader in a rapid way. All you need to do is to enforce effective b2b digital marketing strategies and techniques. Mamsys, provides b2b online marketing services, is also known for enforcing a digital marketing strategy framework that will help small businesses to meet all their b2b digital marketing trends in 2016.


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“A picture is worth a thousand words”

And today the world is all about beautiful images.

If you are a big brand and have a big budget to spend on digital photography then you are sorted, but what if you are on the other side of the road?

Stock photos can prove to be a lifesaver. Today internet is full of sites that provide you stock images for a monthly or yearly subscription.

But what if you can manage to get FREE stock images that are high in quality for your use? Well, there are a growing number of websites that provide beautiful images and all for free.

We have curated a list of some awesome and absolutely free stock photo websites in the list below. Use them on your website, blogs and social media campaign for your business.

Quick Note About Licenses

Stock photographs on these free sites are made available free of copyright restrictions or are licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

However, there might be photos that might require attribution. We have identified this and done our own research and included it in the list below.

So here we go…..


Find hundreds of high resolution images. All photos are free from copyright restrictions and require no attribution. You can sort photos by topics like; trending, no of views, no of downloads, favourite etc.


2. Unsplash

Find free stock images under creative common zero license where you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free without any attribution. Find 10 new photos every 10 days with Unsplash.



3. Gratisography

Find free high-resolution pictures for both personal as well as commercial use with new pictures added weekly. All pictures are captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design.


4. Negative Space

Sortable by category, find free stock images under CCO, no copyright restrictions. New photos added weekly.


5. Life of Pix

Life of Pix offers free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions. With new pictures added weekly, the website is owned and handled by LEEROY ADVERTISING AGENCY IN MONTREAL


6. Death to Stock Photos

On signing up, receive free photos by email every month. Free to use, no attribution required for these high resolution images. You can sign-up for a premium account.



7. Superfamous Studios

A Los Angeles-based studio, you can use the photos for your own purposes — including commercial use — as long as credit is provided.



8. Picjumbo

Subscribe to get free photos in your inbox. Free to use for commercial as well as personal use, You can also sign-up for their premium membership.



9. IM Free

As the name suggests, it’s a site of a curated collection of free resources, all for commercial use. Attribution is required for some images.



10. New Old Stock

Vintage photos free of known copyright restrictions.


11. Getrefe

Free mobile photos for your personal or commercial projects.




High quality free stock images use for both personal and commercial use.



13. Snapwire Snaps

From 200,000 of the world’s most talented photographers, get 7 free photos every 7 days and free to use for both personal and commercial



14. Jay Mantri

Free pic. Do anything, use them anywhere and make magic online.


15. Tookapic Stock

A marketplace for both free & premium stock photos. Check for Creative Commons license before using any photo.



16. Picography

Free high-resolution images. Use them however you like.



17. MMT STock

Free for commercial use photos by Jeffrey Betts. CC0 license.



18. Kaboom Pics

Search free pics using their search box, using tags, or through various categories. Every day new pics are uploaded, use them without any attribution.



19. Epicantus

Feel free to use these high-resolution photographs by Daria. All photos are released under creative commons CC0.




These free stock photography sites have become a blessing for web and graphic designers as well as brands that can use them without spending a penny. Browse through these sites and create magic using them on your website, blogs or social media platforms.


The trends in fashion change very often. If we talk about the social updates, one of the most popular topics that acquire the highest conversations is fashion. Digital media, nowadays, is given such an importance that it redefines the fashion industry tremendously.

A fashion world makes use of social media in a way that it invites bloggers to several fashion shows. Moreover, models contribute in generating a social media following, and the designers, on the other hand, make use of Instagram to inspire the people who look forward to a fashion in trend. Furthermore, the increasing numbers of influencers are being followed by a number of like-minded followers who tend to follow the fashion in a number of ways.

Social media, in terms of fashion, turns out to be so powerful that it facilitates many people to take an interest in a number of fashion events. A digital world keeps you aware of what is popular and what is being more appreciated in the fashion industry. The availability of different fashion trends in the digital world allows people to take an interest in the buying process, and many of the people get influenced by a wide range of domestic and international fashion brands. The fashion industry is, thus, putting its focus on the digital platform, which involves the innovative uses of technology along with the most recent fashion trends.

The online process of buying fashion accessories like garments have increased tremendously in the last few years, it’s a digital world that keeps people up-to-date about different fashion brands. The online fashion sales, as per the survey, has been increased by 185% and is expected to increase more by the year 2017.

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A Digital world, now, directly affects the way in which fashion gives rise to a number of ideas and concepts along with the  designers who take into account the customer insight in order to get inspiration of generating the best. No matter what the brand is, each of the fashion brands has made its availability on a number of social media channels in such a way that they incorporate every latest fashion and the trends that they have been following. The brands, basically, tend to be a fashion trendsetter, thus facilitating a large number of people to choose from their latest fashion collection. All the fashion-oriented consumers consume the variety of fashion through social media channels along with a number of fashion-oriented magazines. Doing so allows them to get in touch with the designers they appreciate.

A fashion industry has taken place as one of the biggest online sellers, and the social media, now, plays a huge role in giving rise to the accessibility of their brands.   So, fashion brands, in order to compete with the other competitive brands, tend to give their site an interesting, appealing, and customized appearance, thus acquiring the most potential buyers within an impelling pricing model.

The more the availability of the brands on a number of social media channels, the more information the brands can acquire about their potential purchasers. Doing so helps them to upgrade their marketing.

Many of the fashion brands are giving rise to more sales by means of a variety of online networking channels. The fashion retailers take into account the channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and many others that help them defining the visual parts of their products.

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The fashion brands are now coming with a stoppable content that helps them explore the details about their products. They introduce publication content, online social media channels, and online journals among others to reach to a number of readers who have an interest in the latest fashion trends. The brands, thus, endeavor to make most of the engaged readers.

According to the survey conducted by IMRG, the majority of the customers make use of their smartphones to implement online retail transactions. A brand is thus required to give rise to a responsive website to enable more and more people to choose them when it comes to fashion.

The fashion business, in order to analyze the information regarding what the consumers actually prefer to purchase and what kind of designer they prefer to choose their garments, makes use of tools like Google Analytics, which allows them to measure the same.

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To conclude, one of the top digital marketing companies, that can help you fashion brand reach heights of success is Mamsys, which implements an impressive digital marketing strategy for small business. All in all, get engaged with the best digital marketing company in India, that can help you conduct effective digital marketing campaigns.

Are you a business owner who is looking forward to increasing the revenue of your website? Well, for this, you need to look after the conversion rate optimization of your website. Improving the conversion rate will exhibit an improvement in your website or landing page, which will, thus, allow the users to perform a certain action. So, here are some conversion boosting techniques considering which you can see your conversion rates achieve the success as desired.

How to Optimize Website Conversion Rate

1. Focus on Increasing Number of Users, Likes, Followers or Consumers

If you realize the importance of social presence in today’s world, all you need to do is let users feel your presence in the online world. How will you do this? You can easily do so by focusing on the number of likes and engagement you have on the Facebook account of your brand. Along with it, you also need to consider the number of users, number of downloads, and number of customers among others.

2. Incorporate Numbers in Your Title

Add numbers in your headline, and see how quickly it increases the number of visitors. Yes! It works! The numbers like “top 10” or “5 important” draws the attention of your target audience to a great extent.

3. Mark Your Top Sellers

Try to make your product a top seller. Doing so will demonstrate your social proof, which will, in turn, influence users to buy your product. So, what are you waiting for? Personalize your best seller list now, and see an improvement in your sales.

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4. Arouse Emotion

You must know that emotions do sell. No matter what kind of business you are dealing with, evoking emotions in your customers will surely increase your brand recall, which will result in boosting your sales. Hold on the emotional thought of your customers and tell them how useful your product is to meet their requirement.

5. Give More Information

If you think your product is quite complex or costly, in that case, you must provide detailed information about your product. Obviously, people will go into details before making such a costly investment. So, go ahead and come up with a lot of information.

6. Do Not Exhibit Negative Social Proof

Though social media presence can make you reach heights easily, indicating wrong statistics might harm you adversely. Having a total number of 15 customers with 60facebook likes will actually work against you. So, all you can do to avoid this is hide all the negative social proof indicators that exist on your website.

7. Add More Landing Pages

According to the survey, the companies with a number of landing pages will surely produce more leads than the companies that offer very less landing pages. So, increase the quality of your landing pages, and see an increase in the number of personal offers that you acquire. Also, you will find an increase in the traffic on your website.

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8. Focus on your “About Us” page

Do not only focus on the information about your brand. In addition, make sure to display the personalities that worked really hard to bring in that product. Make people believe that your business involves real and likable individuals.

9. Incorporate Super Specific Headlines

Don’t try to put vague headlines on your site. Be specific about what your product actually is and what it actually provides. Though you might lose some people, you will end up in engaging with your target audience.

10. Include Bullet Points

At times, it’s good not to write that long and huge blocks of text. For good results, it would be better if you break that paragraph information into bullet points. Doing so will facilitate users to read the entire content and that too with interest.

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11. Display your work behind the creation of your product

Let people know the story of how you executed your idea behind your product and how efficiently you transformed your idea. Build your credibility and trust with your customers and doing so will surely add a sense of attachment to your business.

12. Elucidate Your Capability

Do not try to woo your customers by incorporating various fancy things about your product. Instead, just let them know the benefits that they will acquire from your product. Moreover, let them know why your product will serve well then your competitors. This way, your target audience will quickly get to know the reason to choose you over the others.

13. Let Users know about Bonuses

Users, usually, get more attracted towards the product that offers a bonus as well. So, try to include some attractive bonuses that people can cherish when buying your product.

14. Use a long-form sales page for expensive products

A damn expensive product requires you to include a long landing page. A small 15- word landing page will not work out to sell a product with a very costly price.  People, usually, require long form sales page for complex software, larger commitments, and costly products.

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15. Use Guarantees

Always include guarantee with the product that you are selling. Doing so will not only demonstrate the credibility but will also reduce the risk of losing potential customers.

Mamsys, a digital marketing company, incorporates all the above discussed techniques and conducts effective digital advertising campaigns to give you the desired results. The experts at Mamsys are capable enough to improve your website by enforcing impressive search engine marketing.

Are you wondering what is organic traffic?

Well, it’s a kind of traffic that appears as a result of users’ unpaid search on the Internet. Do you find yourself in a situation where you don’t acquire the required number of visitors to your website? Oh! In that case, you need to increase organic search traffic to your website. All you need to do is improve your SEO efforts. Though making an effort for building an organic traffic might take a lot of your time, incorporating a consistent strategy with proper optimization will provide you with effective results.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

Making use of appropriate tools will surely turn your website into a visitor’s hub. So, all you need to do is follow the tips given below to enhance the organic traffic to your website. Read on to get the solution to the frequently asked question  on ‘how to improve organic traffic?’.

1. Conduct keyword research:

To begin with, be sure about the topics that you want to appear on the top in the search engine. Come up with around five to ten topics that suit your niche. You can then use those topics to incorporate the specific keywords. Think of the phrases that your target audience might take into account and come up with the list of keywords. You can also make use of a keyword tool to do so.

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2. Website Optimization

The next step is to optimize your website. How will you do so? Well, focus on your content part first. Make sure to incorporate a language that users can understand easily. Now is the time to use those keywords that you have gathered. Put appropriate keywords on your home page, meta description, headings, as well as in the URL of the pages incorporated into your website. However, it’s better to avoid keyword stuffing!

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3. Make use of Long-Tail Keywords

Apart from focusing on the short phrases which have turn out to be more competitive in the marketing industry, keep your focus on the long-tail keywords as well. That being said,  take into account the phrases that are used for your product or service.

4. Use Blogs Frequently

Using a blog on a regular basis will help you attract a number of visitors worldwide. Search engine always gives preference to the frequently updated sites, and thus, posting a blog regularly will keep you on the top always. Moreover, the consistency of your website of being at the top will make your audience believe in you as well as on your products & services.  This facilitates them to spend their precious time on your site on a frequent basis.

5. Come up with a Quality Content

Another significant factor that influences visitors to click on your website is the quality of the content that you have incorporated in your website. Keep your content updated and try not to come up with keyword stuffed articles. Provide content that can connect with your target audience. Doing so will certainly improve your SEO. Make sure to prefer quality no matter what the quantity of the content is.

6. Be Social

All you need is promote your content and having a number of social media accounts will help you do so effectively. Social media plays a huge role in increasing the presence of your business online. So, if you do not own any social media account, create it now, and don’t forget to mention your social sharing links on your blogs. Update your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter frequently and draw the attention of prospective customers by incorporating relevant information.

7. Link Building

Now that you have incorporated the quality information into your website, you can now start adding links to your blogs. Doing so will guide the users to more applicable content. Also, it will influence users to stay on your website for a long period of time. Remember, incorporating too many links will make it appear like a spam!

8. Go with the Rules

Enforcing shortcuts will not work for long! Yes! It’s better to avoid any unethical practices as doing so will not provide you the better results. Also, it might cost you a penalty, and Google might remove your website from its index altogether.

Though you find it a timely process, following the tips given above will definitely lead you to what you actually want. Mamsys, a digital marketing company can help you boost organic traffic by using effective techniques. The experts,  at Mamsys, understands your requirements in detail and puts in all the essential efforts to enhance your presence in the market.

Do you know what we actually mean by voice search? Well, it’s a great search feature which is getting quite a popular day by day and is being appreciated by people all across the world. No matter what device you are using, the availability of a digital personal assistant will provide you with this amazing feature. You must have used Google voice for sure! Other similar applications include Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Echo Alexis.

With the increasing number of people using voice search, it will definitely have an impact on several digital marketing strategies, including SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing and social media marketing among others. Wondering how can voice search affect the growth of your business? You will get to know about it while reading the blog!

Let’s first understand how the increasing use of voice search will disrupt your current digital marketing strategies.

  • The arrival of voice search has shifted the behavior of the users from typing in the keywords in the search engine to searching something by using their voice to ask the questions. Since the majority of people are using voice search while conducting their search, keyword searching is decreasing gradually. This will thus affect the sites optimized for keywords and will lead to a decrease in website traffic as well as engagement.
  • The growth of this feature is giving people an opportunity to bring in more and more questions without even using your fingers to type in. This has actually increased the number of search queries starting with question form such as what, who, how, and where. So, customers are now asking questions to the Internet in the same way as they ask an individual.

So, how will you adjust in order to bring in your content on the search page when users find it through voice search? Well, for this, you need to give less preference to keyword stuffing and Meta tags and take into account the full sentences including natural language questions. Create a content in such a way that your content appears to the users in the way you would answer in person. The results associated with a voice search emphasize more on a content that is written in a way a publisher or a journalist writes content.

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Take Advantage of Voice Search

Are you wondering how can you maximize the benefits of this growing trend, voice search? Here you go..

  • Take into account the most common questions asked by your potential customers. Search product forums, sites like Quora (questions and answer site), and other similar sites. Also, search comments on several review sites, including Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Amazon among others. Survey different individuals and examine your own social media accounts for common questions. Are you not having any question & answer section on your site? Add it now!
  • Use these common questions in the voice search and see what kind of answers the search engine exhibits. You can do so by using Google voice, Cortana, Siri, or Alexis. Use any of them and see what appears in the search engine result page. Following this process will help you examine the current competition, and will assist you in structuring your own answers for different common questions.
  • Create website and social media content in a way that it answers those common questions in a simple and clear way. Imagine the questions in the form of what, who, how, or where, and include on your website and social media content the direct answers. Let the users visit your site once and then you can expand the topic to discuss it in detail. Do take into account all content that an individual can search like blogs, press releases, and many more.
  • A business based on a physical address can make use of local voice search to target the potential customers. That being said if you own a shop or a restaurant, that you need to consider the questions based on geo-location. However, you need to ensure if your business is listed with physical locations in Google+ Local.

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Voice search for products research

The increasing use of voice search is also showing its impact on the users who look for different types of products online.

  • As per the survey conducted, about 50 percent of users are making use of this feature while researching about the products. If you want these 50% of users to find your content, you need to put in some effort and must take into account the new strategies with the focus on natural language on the keywords searched by the users.
  • Optimize your website, blogs, and other media related pages to match the information that is being preferred for the voice search.  Bring in the new information in your website and incorporate the right structure in order to get your content into focus. Endeavor to work on quality and stay ahead of your competitors to increase the traffic of your website.
  • Not only the voice search optimized content will help you increase the traffic, but it will also engage more potential customers as they will be getting direct and clear answers for all their common questions. The use of voice search optimized content will lead you to the most relevant social content, thus increasing the number of views as well as shares.
  • Creating a content in line with the natural language search will help you think more like a customer, which will, thus, help you understand the requirements of your target audience. Knowing the exact needs of the customers will motivate you to come up with new ideas which you can use to enhance your business offering.

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If you think you need to adjust your digital marketing strategy in terms of voice search, Mamsys, one of the reliable online marketing companies, will help you analyze the change that you must incorporate to attain the required results.