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Mamsys Timeline: Our Journey to Becoming our Pathbreakers

Published on 09-07-2019

Mamsys mantra over the years has been quite simple. We work...

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Have you just started a business and looking forward to various business deals? So, what sales strategy are you applying to make customers buy your product? Have you included content as a part of your sales strategy? No? Oh! You are perhaps missing the most significant part that could give rise to various deals to a great extent. Yes! The high quality content can not only attract the leads, but can close the deals as well. Would you like to know how the content marketing catalog can help you achieve success in your business? Read on…

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>>Think of the marketing content and the first thing that knocks your mind is ads and banners. Right? However, it does not stops here. That being said, all the content that an organization generates, be it blogs, white papers, social posts, or videos, acts as a marketing collateral that plays a huge role in the sales of a product. So, include a content that gives customer a feeling of a conversation. Make sure to prepare a content that is worth reading and it should appear as a useful conversation.

>>Don’t you think it’s important to create a strong relationship with a customer? So, how can you do this? All you need to do is maintain a long-term relationship with your costumers and providing an influential content is a great way to stay in touch with them. Understand the requirements and problems of the customers at individual level, and try to solve their issues by educating them with your quality content.

>>Do you find your sales team struggling analyzing the prospects of the customers when they visit your website? Well, all the customers comes in with different perspectives and all you can do is to present your brand in an influential manner. That being said, you need to personalize your sales process and you can do so by providing an impressive marketing content. Let customers get to know about your brand and let your quality content influences them to take a call to action.

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By now, you must have understood the importance of marketing collateral while implementing sales strategy. So, don’t forget to share all your marketing content with your sales department and allow them to use it to close a deal. ‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’, with its high quality content services, helps a company achieve successful business deals in an effective way.

Are you a new business who is looking forward to make a position in the market? So, what steps have you taken to grow your presence among the people? Are you working towards generating more leads? Though all the leads do not ensure the deal, it gives you an opportunity to start conversation with your potential customers. One of the best ways that can help you generate enough leads is landing pages. Yes! All you need to do is create impressive and action-oriented landing pages in order to influence individuals to submit their information in the form. Wondering what steps to take for acquiring secure leads? Well, here’s the blog that will let you know different ways to optimize your landing page for leads.

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1. Strong and impressive headline

The first thing that you need to focus on is the headline. The visitor will first get an eye on the headline and only the impressive headline can influence him to continue reading. Make sure to write an effective headline to grab the attention of the visitors right away. Endeavor to reflect the benefits that visitor might acquires through your service.

2. Brief and clear description

Imagine yourself as a visitor and think what information can make you provide your contact information. Obviously, you would like to know more about the services that the company provides. Right? So, make sure to give a proper description about your product or service in a concise form.

3. Simple form

Do you have patience to go through the lengthy and detailed description of a product? Well, users, similarly, would not like to read a lengthy form and they might move on elsewhere in order to search for a desired information. So, how will you make user stay on your landing page? Well, exhibit your form in as simple way as you can. At times, all you need is just a name and email address to convert a lead into a client. So, analyze your potential customers and include the information that facilitates them to give their contact information.

4. Social sharing button

The users will submit the form only if they come across with your landing page. Right? So, how can you make your landing page visible to more and more users? Well, you can do so by including a social share bar at the top of your landing page. Let visitors share your page on different platforms, thus making it reachable to huge number of visitors.

5. Image

What if you add a visual appeal to your landing page? Yes! Make your landing page more interesting by incorporating an impressive picture in it. Let users get influenced by the visual appeal of your landing page, thus providing you with more leads.

Make sure to utilize this effective tool and get access to more and more potential clients for enhanced sales opportunities. ‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’ strives to design an effective landing page, thus providing you with more and better leads for your business.

Think of branding, marketing, and customer engagement, and the only platform that you would look upon is a social media platform. Right? Among the availability of several social media platforms round the corner, one of the popular social media platforms that is being used by millions of people is a twitter. Are you looking forward to promote your brand on this popular social media landscape? Great! The platform can help you grow your brand in an efficient way. But, do you have any specific plan of action to achieve your goals?

The blog explores some of the tactics that you must apply while using twitter as your social media marketing platform.

1. Engage

At the end, all you need is to engage potential customers in order to grow your business. Right? So, how can you use twitter to get engaged with several prospective customers? Well, you can do so efficiently by being an active member on twitter. Yes! Follow people whom you find interesting with regards to your business. Like their tweets, respond to them, and retweet them if you find it interesting.

Wondering why you need to do so to enhance tour business? Remember, people will respond and acknowledge your tweets only if you listen to them and acknowledge them. That being said, the more you take part in other people’s tweets, the more you will get the response, thus engaging with more and more people. Moreover, you must get involved with the weekly chats that you find relevant for your brand. Have you been using hashtags in your content? Make sure to use it properly in order to draw the attention of potential customers.

2. Include rich content

When it comes to content, you must know that twitter allows you to include 140 characters only. So, all you need to do is influence people with your creative content. Prepare a content strategy and be aware of your goals and your audience. Show the power of your words, and tweet interesting articles by incorporating your thoughts wisely.

3. Images

Are you aware of inline images feature in twitter? Well, the feature, introduced in 2013, allows you to directly scroll through the images without clicking any link to view the image. Being an essential part of brand building, you must make sure to tweet with inline images every time. Just implement it and get ready to receive more retweets, more clicks, and more favorites.

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4. Organize your twitter account properly

The most significant part that you must consider is the proper organization of your twitter account. Are you spending number of hours at twitter and still not getting any response? This might be the result of poor organization. Yes! You must begin by analyzing the prime time which can be decided according to the location of your audience. That being said, determine the optimal time, schedule your tweets, and get positive results without the need of over posting your tweets again and again.

5. Consistency

Once you start getting the desired response on twitter, you need to maintain consistency to keep your twitter presence unique. You must maintain your brand’s tone to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Moreover, you need to remain active on twitter for same time period as before. Or else, you will end up with less customer engagement comparatively.

Keeping in mind the above tactics would help you maintain your presence on twitter in an efficient way. Experts at Mamsys tend to keep track of new trends, thus allowing you to establish a strong presence of your brand on twitter.

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Are you a small business owner who is looking forward to connect with more and more potential customers? What strategy are you applying to reach out to your clients? Of course, it’s a world of social media and what better platform can you get to publicize your brand. Right? Well, are you aware of one of the powerful tools that helps you move your message across different platforms? It’s hashtag (#)! Yes! When we talk about social media, hashtag plays a significant role in driving your brand recognition and boosting your customer loyalty.

Would you like to know how to harness the power of hashtag for your small business? Well, here are some ways by means of which you can use hashtag to drive your business value to a great extent.

1. Know your goal

When we talk about creating a hashtag to draw the attention of several customers, the first thought that knocks our mind is the purpose of our business. What is the goal that you are looking up to? Is it a brand promotion, event launch, or launching a new product? Well, all you need to do is analyze your goal and create an appropriate hashtag in accordance with your requirements.

2. Keep track of hashtag trends

Just using a hashtag anywhere would not lead you to a desired result. It is essential to be aware of the current hashtag trends in order to know the process of using it in a correct manner. Keep track of the context in which you are tagging your keywords and promote your product in an efficient way.

3. Keep hashtags short

Your goal is to engage audience with your products. Right? Well, you can do so efficiently by using shorter hashtags. Don’t go beyond five words and let users have enough space to include their comments as well. Stay away from the complicated ones as users, generally, tend to ignore these types of hashtags.

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4. Use limited number of hashtags

Be it facebook, twitter, or any other social media platform, you must not go beyond one or two relevant hashtags. Yes! Focusing on multiple hashtags will take away its relevancy, thus distracting users from your content. That being said, make sure to meet your purpose by including relevant hashtags only.

Just try to implement this powerful tool in your marketing approach and experience instant increase in your customer engagement. Are you looking forward to get engaged with a digital marketing company that would make the perfect use of hashtags to drive the value of your small business? ‘Mamsys’ strives to use effective hashtags, thus driving your social media conversation in a very powerful way.

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Think about spreading the information about your product or brand and the first thing that knocks your mind is Internet. Be it any kind of information, people can have an easy access to it through Internet. So, if you are running a business and looking forward to promote your product, what better approach would be there than digital marketing? Yes! The process allows you to get in touch with your potential customers located all over the world. But, are you aware of how the customers can affect your business? Well, all that matters is a positive customer feedback about your product or brand. Right? However, don’t forget the other side of it. If you have the plethora of happy customers in your kitty, there might be some unsatisfied customers as well who can harm your business badly.

So, how are you going to avoid this? Given below are the significant points which you must consider in order to implement an effective digital marketing.

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1. Engage with users through digital media

Just think and analyze what your actual motive is? At the end, you would want to have new clients in your kitty. Right? Well, you can do so by being active on various social media channels. Just make sure to create different client groups as per their interests. So, go ahead, interact with them, and boost them to take an appropriate action.

2. Target for more likes and shares

Social media, at times, is underestimated which turns out to be a big mistake for a business. Yes! Be it Facebook likes or twitter shares, they play a major role in enhancing the credibility of a business. Moreover, the more the likes and shares, more would be the traffic of the website. So, how will you achieve your target? Well, you can do so by inserting a social media plugin to your website. Make sure to update your clients with all the latest news & discounts on a regular basis. Just follow the process and achieve great results.

3. Track your competitors and stay ahead of them

Do you find your competitors more effective when it comes to marketing the products? Have you noticed what makes them more efficient? Is it due to their special focus on social media, SEO, or Google Adwords? Though you might find it difficult to compete with large-sized businesses, you can still get ahead of them by monitoring your competitors. Use Google Alerts tool to track the strategies applied by your competitors. Make an attempt to learn from their effectual strategies and implement them to enhance your marketing strategy.

4. Always maintain your Business Reputation

Make sure not to overlook the reputation of your business. A business cannot survive without gaining the trust of the clients. Obviously, a client would like to go for the company that has maintained good reputation among the people. Moreover, this allows you to deal well with the highly competitive industry in an efficient way. Wondering how to attain this? Well, all you need to do is interact with your clients and make sure to clear all their queries in order to build a long lasting relationship with them.

All in all, keeping in mind the above discussed points would help you grow your business to a great extent. ‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’, in order to provide an effective digital marketing services, strives to consider all the significant prospectives that are essential to attain a booming business.

From the wide range of marketing options available, one of the efficient ways with which you can promote your brand is through Facebook. Are you using Facebook to get the attention of your potential audience? So, do you find it effective? If not, you might be missing some major points that must be considered for an effective marketing process.

The blog focuses on the major points considering which you will definitely see an increase in the amount of people reading your content. So, just go through the blog, and identify different ways to get your Facebook posts noticed by people to a great extent.

1. Create influential Content

If you have been into an online business for a while, you must know the importance of a compelling content to draw the attention of several prospective customers all across the world. As far as Facebook posts are concerned, creating an impressive content will help you communicate directly to fans, audience, and several potential customers. However, the process needs a strategy that you must adopt to achieve the required results. You can even try some tools that will help you improve your Facebook update in an effective manner.

2. Boost Likes and Shares of your Facebook Page

Do you know the importance of the likes and shares that you receive on your Facebook page? Yes! The number of likes and shares are directly proportional to the amount of people visiting your page. So, what you need to do is encourage your fans and audience to like and share your posts as much as they can. The only thing that can lead you to increased number of likes and shares is the great content. So, ultimately, the base for more likes and shares is an awesome content!

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3. Influence users to comment

Do you get more comments on your Facebook post? If not, you must try and enhance the conversation with your fans and audience, thus encouraging them to comment their views or queries to a post updated by you. Try different tactics, and let more and more people take interest in commenting to your Facebook post.

4. Use Hashtags

One of the effective ways to catch the interest of people is to use hashtags in you post. Yes! Adding hashtags can improve the visibility of Facebook update to a great extent, thus allowing more and more people to get indulged in real time conversations. For this, you must conduct a search regarding the latest hashtags related to your brand. If you have not been including hashtags till now, start it now, and see the instant results!

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5. Generate Fan Page Relationships

Building a successful relationship with a fan page will give you more likes, shares, and comments. Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, it’s a give and take process. If you share the content of your fan pages, they will do the same thing in order to return your favor. Moreover, it would be much better if you tag your fan pages in your post. The other fan page will definitely appreciate this, and will do the needful as required.

So, all you need to do is follow the right strategy in order to acquire more attention on your Facebook updates. If you are looking for a digital marketing company that can help you reach a large amount of audience through Facebook, Mamsys offers effective strategies to make you achieve your goal effectively.

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Have you just entered into a business, and looking forward to creative ways with which you can reach your potential audience to a great extent? Well, what do you think is the best method to do so? Are you thinking about the Internet marketing? Yes! You are thinking it the right way! But, what source would you prefer for the Internet marketing process? One of the best methods that can really help you attain all your business objectives is through social media. That being said, you must run a social media campaign in order to draw the attention of several prospective customers.

Are you aware about the importance of optimizing a social media campaign? Well, running a campaign is just not enough. You need to optimize your campaign regularly if you wish to see the desired results. Are you now wondering how to follow the process in order to optimize the campaign successfully? Not to worry! The blog explores the different steps that you must follow to optimize your social media campaign in the most effective manner.

How to Optimize Social Media Campaign
1. Identify the parts of your campaign that are required to be optimized

To begin with, you are supposed to examine your existing campaign in order to identify the parts that you can change to strengthen the impact of your campaign. For this, you must look for the signs like layout of the page on which the campaign is existing, your target audience, statements that require an action, and the social networks that you use. Make sure that your message uses SEO, social media, and the keywords used in a strategic manner.

2. Keep track of the growth of your Campaign

The next step is to make sure if your campaign is working well. So, how will you identify the working situation of your campaign? For this, you must generate a framework which will make you recognize the things like the number of people involved with your content, the number of times users share the message, and many more. Moreover, you can use number of tools to analyze the effectiveness of social media in your Internet marketing.

3. Identify your Goals

Have you ever analyzed the goals of your company? Well, it is essential to identify the current situation of your company in order to create a campaign accordingly. Having this information, you can easily keep track of your campaign growth which will thus make you aware of its effectiveness in the market.

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4. Check the campaign status, and act accordingly

Internet marketing allows you to identify the progress of your campaign in real time. This will make you aware of the problematic situations that are taking place in your campaign, and you can take an instant action to get it resolved.

5. Analyze final results

Are you done with your campaign? Now, what you need to do is analyze the final results in order to compare them with the goals required by you. By doing this, you can measure the success of your campaign which will help you to identify the things that you are supposed to consider to improve your next campaign.

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Mamsys specializes in the field of social media optimization, and the experts available at the company assures you a successful social media campaign, thus enhancing the growth of your business in an effective way.

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The major role of a landing page is to get maximum lead conversions out of it. When designing your landing page, it is important that you keep the goal in mind that will in return help you generate more significant advertising campaigns with enhanced measurability and increased return on the money that you spent on your marketing. Have a quick look at A-Z of landing pages to understand the terminology and concept related to it.

Digital Marketing Landing Pages Infographic

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Today, when all businesses are attracted towards online audience, market has turned to become user oriented. Better is the user experience of your website, more likely is your customer base growth. Yes, user-friendliness of your website is the most important factor to make any online business a success or a failure. But what all is to be considered when we call our website user friendly? Is it how beautiful it looks? Or is it how much information we provide? While few of you might say that both of these are really important, we wish to add few more very important factors that will influence your website users in a positive way. These factors have become “must-have” for search engines too –

1. Responsive Layout

It is a mandate by Google too. Yes, you must have your website fully responsive, atleast as much as it passes google test at – Google Webmaster Tool. if you are only concerned about Google. But Google does not give you business, your website users do. Ensure that your website users can view your website seamless on their smart phones. They would not wait to reach home and turn on their desktops to find a service like yours. Your competitors are definitely waiting for your customers to contact them atleast once.

2. Interactive Elements

Customer is king with a very short span of attention. Grab the attention of your customer (Of course potential customer) in first few seconds or be ready to lose him. Present your website with options available to your visitors. They have come with their unique requirement and your website should give them a solution to their exact problem. Do not drag them page to page. Make them click on options that address his needs.

This is closely related to the previous factor. Lets be honest, if you have limited options available to offer to your customers, you can not offer them anything beyond your capacity just to hold him on your website. Here, you need to be creative and put your services, features, benefits in a structured way, well linked together that customer relates his requirements well within your services. Internal linking while helps you rank well in SERPs, it anyways, enhances the visibility of different important elements on the website.

4. Images Infographics

Images speak 1000 words, as they say. This is NOT 100% true. Images need to be combined with some short text and then they really convey 1000 words. How? No-one wants to put hours, or even minutes in reading lot of content. Only if they find image interesting and informative, they are prompted to read the content alongside. This definitely gives you a chance to share your knowledge with your potential customers and turn them into a loyal customer. Nevertheless, it also enhances your website’s engagement level.

5. Bullet Points/Unordered Lists

Even when people find an interesting infographic, they might be resistant to reading the whole 9 yards of content. Now, the bulleted points come handy for these customers. They will definitely read the pointers quickly and if they find them useful, they will bookmark your page, for reading it later, even if they don’t have time to read it on the spot. Always ensure that content served to your readers is well structured and bullet points make sense to readers.

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To summarize, user friendly website is much more than pleasing website colors and layout. And If your website users love to spend their time on your website, you are the king for Google. Lets admit it, we all love Google, for it serves us 80% of potential business, if targeted well.