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Web designers, in this ecommerce world, keep the track of the latest trends in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Are you looking for some ecommerce design trends that you can embrace in 2016? Well, here’s the blog that will help you deliver a seamless online shopping experience to the consumers. See what is in trend right now and incorporate the latest ones in your ecommerce design.

Material design: If you are a web designer, you must be knowing about material design. Right? Well, it’s a content focused design style which has been there since 2014. Though it’s quite a challenging task to apply material design to an ecommerce website, the style has been implemented by several ecommerce online stores and that too in a successful manner. That being said, the trend will continue and is expected to be adopted by various large scale companies.

Hidden menus: One of the popular trends that is being adopted by ecommerce websites is hidden navigation menus. Though they were earlier used on mobiles, the trend is now used in desktop designs as well. Yes! The trend will be continued in future also, thus allowing you to save your screen space efficiently.

Animations: When it comes to animations, many ecommerce websites tend to incorporate them in order to get engaged with various users. The incorporation of rich animations gives users more appealing and enjoyable online shopping experiences. Designers, in the coming year, are likely to include animations like icon rotation, button spins, and loading bars which will give consumers a memorable impact.

Storytelling: Do you want people to recognize your brand among the crowd? Well, you can do by presenting your content in a unique way. Yes! Establishing a connection with your customers will help you enhance your sales to a great extent. Though it’s not that easy to implement storytelling in ecommerce, many of the ecommerce stores are looking forward to adopt this strategy.

Card Layouts: One of the major elements that web designers use in material design is card layout. The trend was quite popular earlier and is expected to continue in 2016 as well. Another significant thing that makes it more appealing is its user-friendliness. Yes! Many of the ecommerce stores utilize cards to provide relevant information to the users in a well-organized way.

Large Typography and large backgrounds: Though the quality of content is important, you cannot overlook the way it is being represented. The year 2016 will focus more on large responsive typography that will be implemented for all types of devices including mobiles and desktop both. The trend will continue to give rise to a strong visual product identity.

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Let’s now talk about large backgrounds. Well, similar to large typography, many ecommerce sites give importance to the large product shots for their online stores. The trend for full background images assures a positive impact, thus influencing a large group of target customers.

Dynamic Search: One of the recent trends that proves really useful for large inventory is dynamic search. Yes! The trend allows you to display your products in a dynamic manner. Wow! Seems interesting! Most of the ecommerce sites make use of Javascript and Ajax powered search to do so.

Hope the trends mentioned above help you design your ecommerce site in a more efficient way. ‘Mamsys Consultancy Services’, a digital marketing company in India, strives to incorporate all the latest trends while working on ecommerce design of any website.