These 12 Stats Are Saying You Should Change Your Recruiting And Hiring Process Now!!

The increase in candidate interaction, rise in average cost per hire, importance to the positive hiring process and investment in employer branding has revolutionized the overall hiring and recruitment process.You might be spending a lot of your time and money on the recruitment process but the results have not been as good as expected. The[…]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Outsourcing Your IT Staffing Needs

Employees are the organization’s greatest assets that are critical to the success of any kind of business. No matter whether you need a permanent employee, temporary employee, or a part-time employee, all of them play a significant role in the process of accomplishing your goals. Though many of the organizations consider in-house recruiting and hiring[…]

What Are the Benefits of IT Staffing Agencies?

What is IT Staffing It Staffing is the process of selecting, deploying, and retaining the efficient candidates to help an organization to attain effective results. The process involves; Identifying manpower requirements Listing out the candidates available Recruitment, placement, promotion, compensation, and training of people required for the position in an organization. Being an intrinsic part[…]

What is Strategic IT Staffing Process?

Strategic IT Staffing, also known as workforce planning, is a systematic way to evaluate the staffing requirements and determine the actions required to accomplish the needs of the business. The process includes a strategy to ensure the sufficient number of employees with the appropriate skill sets for fulfilling all the required business objectives. The article[…]