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If you think you have the best product, and you can just sell it at the best price, it’s not as easy as you think. Though you might have the unique product in the world, it will definitely fail if no one knows about it. All that matters is the leads. The more the leads, the more will be the sales. If you are not sure about how to find leads for business, this article is for you!

The article on how to generate leads in sales will definitely help you increase the revenue of your business and will earn you the desired profit. Let’s begin.

1. Directly engage with leads

Engaging direct with the customers often ensure better leads in comparison to the communication that has been done indirectly. Obviously, a direct engagement through live chats, and direct engagement through FAQ, live centers, and forums is much more effective than the indirect engagement through FAQs.

2. Deploy outbound & inbound marketing

Though it is believed that outbound marketing works in a better way as compared to inbound marketing, you must take into account both the approaches as this would help you in generating more leads for your business.

3. Invest in new technology

Keep updated with the new technologies and do make use of them to attain more leads for the growth of your business. Smartphones, for instance, is the most popular trend which people use for all their personal as well as professional needs. So, invest in these types of emerging technologies, and see how rapidly you acquire more leads.

4. Find leads on Twitter

It’s a platform that acts as a source of the target leads for your business. This social networking platform helps you to analyze the details about the followers, the time at which the followers tweet, and more. This way you can reach your prospects in a better way.

5. Develop & optimize informative content

One of the great sources of the web traffic is the content that you create. A quality and informative content would definitely give you more leads, thus attracting a large amount of people to your website. Moreover, incorporating the images, videos or infographics in the content will increase the number of leads.

6. Make your Tweets sing

Making your tweets more interesting and appealing will allow you to draw the attention of potential customers in a faster way. You can do so by including images and hashtags to your tweets. This will increase your chances to be found more often.

how to find leads for business

7. Tap into databases

Create a database of the companies that can provide you with potential leads for your business. Maintain a list of such organizations and identify the relevant leads in minimum time.

8. Market through LinkedIn

This business-oriented social networking platform helps you to bring new customers to your business. You can use this platform to publish content to the users who are already engaged with you.

9. Automate your marketing

Use a tool that provides you with more leads. There are tools that can give you the details regarding your potential customers. Drip is one of them!

10. Answer a question on Quora

It’s a question & answer based social networking site where a lot of people post their questions. Answering most of their questions would put you in a spotlight and they might check out your profile to meet their needs.

11. Comment on other blogs

If you comment on a blog, it will display your name which will eventually result in more leads. So, try to be helpful to people and they will definitely have a look on your offerings.

12. Start a guest blog

Coming up with a guest blog can help you with more leads only if you take care of the following aspects:

  • Articles with significant information
  • Sending users back to the concerned landing page
  • Actively promoting the post to take advantage of the social platforms
  • Choosing the well-appreciated website for posting blogs
13.  Use email marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct engagement which can efficiently help you in generating leads. However, you must take into account the aspects like enticing subject line, concise content, social media links, embedding images and including a call-to-action button among others.

14. Don’t forget your signature

Make sure to include an effective email signature. You can do by embedding a link with which a user can get back to the relevant content. If your email consists of HTML coding, you must test it on every platform in order to ensure its functioning.

15. Create a game app

It has been surveyed that users prefer to spend much of their time on game apps rather than the blogs. Using a game app can help you bring more leads for your business. Though it can be quite a costly experience if you keep it free, it will definitely have an impact on your leads.

16. Participate in forums

Knowing your customers will make you understand what they actually want. Forums are the place where you can get to know your consumers and can offer them with your products and services.

17. Interview influencers

Reaching out to the influencers and taking their interviews for your social networks might help you increase your sales. If the customers see their influencers talking about the particular product, they will also get facilitated to go with that product, which will thus enhance your chances of acquiring more customers.

18. Share videos on YouTube

It’s a massive search engine where you can create your own channel for sharing the videos related to your products, or events. Doing so will make you class apart and will get you more leads for your business.

19. Offer a free software tool on your site

Develop a trust in your potential customers and they will automatically choose you to meet their needs. Offering a simple software tool on your website can help you build trust with your target audience, thus providing more leads to your business.

20. Add a Quiz to your blog

Make your content engaging by posting a quiz to your blog. The readers will get enticed and will share their feedback about your content. Doing this will help you make a stronger relationship with all your prospects and will thus provide you with more leads.

‘Mamsys’ makes use of all the above-mentioned techniques to generate leads for the businesses. The experts at Mamsys endeavor to bring in leads efficiently and quickly.

A business owner or a marketer most often thinks about how to increase visits on websites. Their only goal is to bring the attention of all the potential customers in order to grow their business. Read the article on how to send traffic to your website and you will find a variety of ways applying which you can easily attain success in meeting all your goals.

Ways to Increase Traffic on Website

1. Advertise

The first thing that would knock one’s mind is advertising. Be it social media advertising, paid search, or display advertising, enforce any of these to attract your target audience. This will help you build your brand and facilitate more and more people to visit your website.

2. Get Social

Apart from producing great content, it’s important to be available on various social media networks. All of them, including Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can be effective for every kind of business, especially for B2B companies. A B2C organization can achieve success by using the networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Mix It Up

Work on your content and come up with the different content formats for different kinds of users. Mix the quality content with images, videos, or infographics to acquire a maximum impact.

4. Write Irresistible Headlines

A compelling headline can do wonders and can influence the readers to click on the topic to read it further. So, come with the impressive headlines that can draw the attention of potential consumers.

5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Do not ignore optimizing your content for search engines. It will take less time to do so, and will boost your traffic extensively. So, if you wonder how to increase website traffic through Google, enforce on-page SEO techniques and makes your website reachable to the target audience.

6. Target Long-Tail Keywords

If you have covered all the significant keywords, spend some time on identifying long-tail keywords as well. Long-tail keywords are responsible for most of the web searches. If you are not focusing on them, you are perhaps missing on something.

7. Start Guest Blogging

Another way to increase the blog traffic to your website is initiating the guest blogging. A guest post on a reputable site will build your brand, thus drawing the attention of all the prospects.

8. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site

Apart from posting the content to the blogs, you must invite people to the blogs available on your own website as well. The users might share your blog, which could bring new users to your website. Make sure to post original and high-quality content only.

how to increase users on website

9. Post Content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a platform for locating jobs but can be used as a publishing platform which can help you boost the traffic of your website. Moreover, it will make people acquire knowledge about your profile in the industry.

10. Implement Schema Microdata

Though the process of implementing schema will not enhance the traffic to your site, it will help search engine to locate and index the pages of your site in an efficient way. Also, it can help you in enhancing your click-through rates.

11. Link Internally

Though it’s necessary to determine the number of sites that link back to you, you must take into account the internal linking structure as well. Do keep an eye for opportunities related with internal links and achieve better SEO results.

12. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

A quality email can result in increasing the traffic of your website. Just make sure not to send too many emails about every single update. This might irritate people! However, a friendly email reminder can boost your site’s traffic.

13. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

People, today, like to access the web on the go. So, apart from being active on the desktop/PC, you must create a mobile responsive website. It will significantly increase the traffic of your website as most of your potential customers tend to use your services by their smartphones.

14. Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Does your site take time to load? It means you have the probability to have the higher bounce rate. All you need to do is create technically optimized pages. It will help you to load your site in a faster way.

15. Foster a Sense of Community

Build a community on your website, and start a conversation with all your prospective customers. Creating a dedicated forum will influence the customers to ask questions, thus drawing the attention of all your target audience.

16. Examine Your Analytics Data

It is important to keep an eye on your Google analytics data. Knowing the information about the popular pages and demographics will help you improve your promotional strategies.

increase website traffic through google

17. Get Active on Social Media

Sharing content through social networking channels is not enough. You need to be active in various community and group discussions in order to get engaged with your readers. Make the most out of it and interact with your potential customers to know what they actually want.

18. Incorporate Video into Your Content Strategy

Though a text-based content facilitates the users to a great extent, including a video in the text will make your whole write-up a valuable asset. A video can grab the attention of the users in a much easier way, thus boosting the traffic of your website.

19. Research the Competition

Are you doing a good job? Great! But, if you are not aware of your competitors, it might affect your business. Research about your competitors, find out what people are talking about, and try to incorporate the type of content that appeals most of your target audience.

‘Mamsys’ tends to incorporate all the efficient techniques to grab the attention of all the prospects. The team at Mamsys initiates by understanding the customers’ requirements and continues by enforcing the most suitable methods.

People, in this digital world, use online marketing to publicize their brand. Social media, being on the top, is used extensively as different groups of people across the world are available on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Many of the businesses conduct social media campaigns in order to acquire the benefits of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tools

So, here’s the list of some of the most effective social media marketing tools, using which you can grab the attention of all the potential customers.

Scheduling Tools

1. Buffer

It’s a tool that lets you know the platforms that are working quite successfully in the field of social marketing. It includes a detailed analytics and allows you to share any photo, web page, or even a text selection.

2. Hootsuite

Manage your several social media channels through Hootsuite, a tool, that helps you monitor the customers’ response about your product. It, thus, helps you to respond quickly. The social media management tool assists you in managing the accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and many others directly.

Twitter Tool

3. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is used to implement serious twitter sessions. It’s a hassle freeway with which you can update the social media platform to send and receive tweets and view twitter handles. Tweetdeck is considered as one of the most popular tools for twitter.

Facebook Tool

4. Facebook Lite

The tool, Facebook Lite, hides all the distractions and allows you to see only the threaded News Feed, events, and birthdays. It helps in accessing Facebook, the most popular social media platform, easily.

Blog Comments

5. Disqus

One of the significant tools that help you manage blog content is Disqus. Users having a Disqus account can do commenting in an easier and faster way. However, the tool does not play well with various other plug-ins.

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Virality & Search

6. Topsy

What if you can see the tweets sent by your competitor along with the information about how often it was retweeted? Yes! Topsy, a virality tool, can help you find this easily. The tool is known for its features like improved metrics and competitive intelligence capabilities among others.

7. All In One SEO Pack

It’s a plug-in which is used for optimizing posts for search engine rankings. Using this software, you can specify the essentials like page description, page title, and keywords for every post.

Photos Tools

8. Flickr Creative Commons Search

Flickr Creative Commons Search is used for the photos associated with the blogs as well as presentations. The tool allows you to browse photos which you can use with attribution in blog posts and many more.

9. Shutterstock

It’s a tool which allows you to implement a more precise searching. The tool is used to find a slightly higher grade of photo which the user can use for the images of his presentations and workshops. The tool is available at a very reasonable rate and has an option of downloading almost 60 images within a year.

Tracking Tools

10. Google Analytics

Offered by Google, the analytic tool helps you acquire information on your website’s traffic, sources, conversions, as well as sales, through a detailed statistics. It’s free of charge website statistics service that you can use for marketing purpose.


One of the best tracking tools,, is a dominant URL shortener that is usually utilized in tracking and analytics. The “+” feature of the URLs will help you determine the number of times it has been clicked by the users.

Content Creation Tools

12. Slideshare

It’s a platform where you can upload any kind of presentation. It helps you retrieve the attention of valuable audience and gives your presentation a remarkable number of views. The platform also includes a functionality of uploading audio tracks that accompanies your presentations in quite an effective way.

13. TubeMogul

One of the tools that allow you to upload a single video to a number of video sites is TubeMogul. The tools provide you with comparative statistics regarding the number of views to your video, how long did users watch your video and so on. This efficient way of Internet marketing proves quite useful as it allows you reach a wide range of prospective consumers at one go.

Listening Tools

14. Social Mention

Use ‘Social Mention’ tool for indexing tweets, blogs, and message board posts among others. It is usually used for more comprehensive social media searching.

15. Google Alerts

Most of the marketing businesses use this tool to set up alerts for their company name and the topics that interest them. This allows them to find the bloggers that have linked to their posts. The marketing professionals can, thus, go to their blogs to comment.


16. Feedburner

Feedburner is a tool which is used to send daily emails about every new post. Bloggers use this free and intuitive tool to provide daily email subscriptions.

Tools for iPhone

17. Tweetie 2

Among several effective iPhone apps for Twitter, Tweetie2 is the one that uses the iPhone’s swipe features in the best possible way. This error-free and super-fast tool helps you perform more in less time.

18. WordPress App

Another iPhone app that can be used to write, updates, and edit the posts. Moreover, you can make use of it for adding photos and approving comments.

19. Analytics App

Though it sounds similar to Google Analytics, ‘Analytics’ is an app which works better and faster, if you compare it with Google Analytics. It provides a report exhibiting the details about your blog since last night.

‘Mamsys’ makes use of all the social media tools that can help you attain a successful digital storefront. We allow you to reach your target audience through effective online marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

To begin with, if you wonder what is social media marketing, you must know that it’s a process of drawing the attention of all your prospects through social media. Did you find 2015 a successful year in terms of the social media marketing strategy that you have worked with? Well, if found it good and attained all the benefits of social media marketing, you must work hard to make it more impactful in the year 2016. Yes! The online world brings in the change in a very fast and furious way and does not guarantee you the success based on the factors that you have applied previously. So, here are the techniques, applying which you can get engaged with more and more people in the coming year.

Social Media Trends for 2016

1. Engage with social media influencers and bloggers

Partnering with the people who have an influence on social media can help you do better in several aspects. Many of the businesses have adopted this method and saw a huge return on investment in their market. Consumers, nowadays, easily get influenced by friends, family, colleagues or some of the known personalities, when it comes to buying a product.

So, engage in this type of advertising, and get associated with someone whom you find capable enough to promote your product. Try it and see how this kind of celebrity endorsement works or you.

Social Media Marketing Trends

2. Live Streaming

Another trend that you must try in 2016 is live streaming. It’s a way by means of which the customers would get to know the face behind the brand. A customer might get more impressed by getting in touch with something that has taken place while the development of the product. Yes! Including this behind the scenes perspective works quite well. It inspires commitment and will help you to create several new connections. The dedication of your team might have a huge impact on customers’ mind, which can thus lead to the sale of your product. Well, you can do so getting an app for your product. This way you can reach the users in a more effective manner.

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3. Social Media Advertising

If you are more inclined towards incorporating posts to several social media channels, you can do so by adopting paid social media efforts via the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will help you in getting engaged with all your potential customers. The availability of the majority of people (both young as well as adult) on the social media gives you an opportunity to promote your products, services, as well as brands.

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4. Offer special deals and promotions

Coming up with several special offers can influence your social media followers to a great extent. The exclusive deals and promotions can help you engage with a larger audience, thus influencing them to buy your products. Moreover, this can help you acquire loyal customers which you can expect in the future as well.

social marketing techniques

5. Start an employee advocacy campaign

Though many of the businesses intend to get an external audience in order to spread awareness about their product and services, getting the same response from your employees, also known as the internal audience, will help you generate publicity in a cost-efficient way. So, initiate an employee advocacy campaign, and see how your own team helps you in promoting your brand. Many of the companies have not only adopted this technique but have achieved success as well.

Thus, social marketing, if done in the right way, can prove to be the most effective tool for online marketing. If you need an assistance from a reliable social media marketing company, ‘Mamsys’ can provide you with several social media marketing services, where the experts, by generating an effective social media marketing plan, assure huge success.

A content or a post can drive more traffic only if you have a keyword targeted post. It would be great if a search engine understands the keywords that you should rank for, and that can be done by optimizing your website or content (blog posts).

The factors that play a huge role in optimizing the website include on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The article focuses on on-page SEO techniques that you must take into account while considering the on-page facets of the posts. On-page SEO means optimizing the content for the target keyword. You must take into account the factors like heading, quality of content, and keyword placement among others.

On Page Optimization Techniques for Improving Search Ranking

So, let’s now see how an on-page SEO optimization helps your post rank higher in the search engine. Here’s the on-page SEO techniques list of 2016 that helps you optimize your blog posts in an efficient way.

1. Blog Post Title

It’s a factor that decides if your blog post will be doing well or not in the search engine. Use your targeted keywords in the beginning of your title, and make sure not to repeat the same keyword in the title tag. Moreover, focus on the character length of the title. It should not go beyond 65 characters.

2. Post Permalink Structure

Including a search engine optimized URL structure is another factor that can help you score better. Include the targeted keywords in the beginning of the blog URL. Moreover, it would be better if you do not make use of symbols, special characters, commas, and brackets in your post URL. Focus more on the alphabets and numeric from 0-9. The use of dashes will help you differentiate among two strings that occur in the URL structure.

SEO Techniques

3. Heading Tags

It’s important to highlight important points, headings, as well as subheadings. Use h1 tag in your title tag, and make sure to not to use it again in the body of the blog post. Also, avoid including h2 or h3 tags too frequently in the blog as it is considered a bad SEO practice.

4. Keyword Density

When it comes to keyword density, you should keep it up to 1.5%. For better results, include the main keyword in the first paragraph as well as the last paragraph of the blog post. Use blog, italics, and underline in order to highlight the significant keywords in the blog post.

Keyword Density

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5. Meta Tags

Every blog post must include relevant Meta keyword and Meta description. Use your target keyword in both of these sections. Create a Meta description tag (with a limit up to 160 characters) in such a way that it exhibits the summary of your blog post. Moreover, writing a user-friendly Meta description tag will give you better click-through-rate (CTR).

6. Addition of Images

It’s beneficial to have images within the text. It will make your blog post more interesting and appealing. Include the keyword in the image title and image alt text, and make your blog post more targeted. Make sure to include small size images only as an addition to big images slow down the speed of the blog, which will, in turn, lower down the ranking of the blog.

7. Word Count Per Post

A blog with less number of words will not do well in the search engine. Try to incorporate the blog of at least 700 words as well-researched and long blog posts with highly competitive keywords will provide you with better results.

8. Content Interlinking

Linking your blog post with related blog posts will help your readers focus more on your blog. However, make sure not to overdo it. Use keyword rich anchor text so that linking posts can perform better on the search engine like Google.

9. Linking Out to External Websites

Another great idea that will allow your readers find relevant information about the ongoing topics is linking to external websites. Moreover, make sure to link to trustworthy websites only.

10. Write Engaging Content

People would prefer to spend time on the blog post that seems to be interesting in every way. So, come up with engaging content and include targeted keywords to allow people find the content in the search engine. Ask questions or find the opinions of the users to prevent the high bounce rate.

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‘Mamsys’ takes care of everything that is required to include your content at the top position in the search engine. The team focuses on the goal of the organization and follows the essential SEO on-page optimization steps to achieve success.

What is Google AMP Project?

If you are wondering what is Google AMP, it’s a way with which you can fast-track your content when rendered in mobile devices. It is actually an improvement over the traditional method of mobile content upload and the way it used to look like. Yes! AMP, a specific form of HTML, will enhance the presentation of content. Moreover, the content, as compared to the traditional method, will load up to 10 times faster or even more.

Obviously, the faster loading content will have a huge impact on SEO as well as online marketing! However, every positive thing always comes with some negative sides as well. Let’s have a look!

Positive Impacts of AMP on SEO & Online Marketing

Google AMP Project, which is responsible for accelerated mobile pages, results in improving the relationship between the publisher and the reader. It thus gives rise to more page views with less frustrated readers, which in turn, provides more ad views and more sharing.

1. AMP-enabled articles will rank higher in SERPs.

Google gives preference to AMP enabled articles. People will find AMP content at the top of the Google searches. You can identify AMP articles by an icon in the search engine research pages. That being said, the icon indicates the presence of AMP content.

2. Google AMP is for every publisher.

Any publisher, who wishes to have a format where the users can access the content quickly, can adopt Google AMP. It will help you reach an enormous number of readers in no time.

3. AMP is open source.

AMP, being an open source, allows people to incorporate changes in AMP’s specification if they feel so. Yes! Not only Google’s developers can do so, but anyone who had an idea can implement it.

4. Analytics are coming for AMP.

AMP has given rise to various analytics. Several analytics providers are coming up with their services to let publishers know the kind of improvement that they can bring in by using AMP content.

5. Content gets to more readers.

The presence of Google Amp pages makes your content reach to a wide range of readers all across the world. The way it presents the content along with faster uploading facilitates people to go for AMP content, thus providing benefit to the publishers using the AMP-based content.

Google AMP accelerates content marketing

6. More features and formatting options are coming.

AMP is still left with many extended components and various formatted options. Well, Google is working towards bringing more options to the publishers, which will be released as soon as they become available.

Negative impacts of AMP on SEO & Online Marketing

1. There are no forms in AMP content.

The AMP optimized content is currently not having the facility of providing forms to the user. So, in case a publisher wants his reader to subscribe by filling a form, it does not allow a reader to do so. For this, AMP needs its specification to be upgraded.

2. AMP doesn’t solve the problem of page speed SEO for non-publisher sites.

Though AMP is known for solving the page speed of the blog posts and news-type articles, it has no impact on the speed of any e-commerce site or any brand site. Yes! It’s not beneficial for non-publisher sites.

3. Budgeting for content development will need to increase.

You can have the AMP based content only if you have a content management system (CMS) that supports AMP. If you don’t have that you will need budgeting in order to develop the content in AMP.

4. Publishers can’t get away with poorly-constructed HTML pages with AMP.

Google will not put the content in AMP cache unless the content is free of all the errors. This act of Google gives users a better experience while downloading the content on the mobile devices. However, the publishers will require more budget as well as time to debug all the pages and come up with the bug-free content.

So, by now, you know how Google’s AMP accelerates content marketing. Mamsys can help you boost your page speed by providing the publishers with AMP-based content.