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Have you launched a mobile app, but not getting expected response from your audience? Do people uninstall your app after downloading it? Oh! In that case, you must be having some serious issue with your mobile app. Yes! The users might be facing some bugs or quality assurance issues. So, what is the solution for this? Well, in order to avoid these issues, you must perform the testing of your app efficiently. This will prevent users from encountering any problems.

The blog explores some of the mobile application testing tips considering which you can launch your app with proper quality assurance.

1. Start your testing by recognizing the major operating system platforms that you are supporting. When testing your app on operating system, you must use the actual physical devices. Avoid hasty testing process and prevent your operating system to cause any problem for the app.

2. The user interface of your app must appear same on different screen sizes. An improper alignment of elements influences user to uninstall the app. To avoid this, you must perform the testing of an app in all the screen sizes of every device.

3. Consider different Internet speeds while performing app testing. This will allow the user to use your app in slow Internet connections as well. Make sure your app works perfectly at different levels of speed.

4. Some users face the issue of quick drainage of battery charge. For this, you need to consider the battery consumption of the device. Make use of required tools, and see the amount of power an app is taking for a particular device.

5. Check the working of your app with other features of the phone. Yes! Even if your app is active on the phone, the phone must receive all other notifications as well. Moreover, your mobile app must not cause any issues for other available apps.

6. Your mobile app must function in line with the platform guidelines. Yes! Not following the guidelines for different platforms might fail your app. Or else, the user might get frustrated while using it. So, check if the platform is windows, android, or iOS, and initiate accordingly.

7. One of the big challenges is to localize an app for different languages. Though the process of working on languages is easy, you might get issues while setting different date formats for different regions. So, while performing an app testing, you must take care of any regional differences.

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Keeping in mind the above tips will help you acquire an efficient app which can be used by the user without any issue. Experts, at Mamsys Consultancy Services, make sure to follow all the significant steps while testing a mobile app. The company endeavors to maintain your impression on your target users.

Do you own an online business? Great! The only thing that can lead your business to success is the more and more attention of visitors. Right? But, do you know what step can convert these visitors into consumers? It’s a mobile app. Yes! As every business nowadays has its mobile app, have you ever focused on the functionality on which it is working? No? Here’s the blog that will let you know the best way of generating offerings:

People, generally, find themselves confused between cross-platform functionality and native app. If you wish to have clarity on this, read the blog to understand the difference. If we talk about native app development, it generates an efficient design for some of the target platforms including ios, Android, and many more. On the other hand, a mobile app developed on a cross-platform functionality will reach out to number of followers as it covers a large number of end devices for its process.

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Despite this aspect of cross-platform functionality, you will notice that many organizations prefer to choose native app development only. Wondering why? Well, people, sometimes, prefer to go with the simplicity of functioning with a single platform. This is due to the reason that going across multiple platforms need additional resources as well as time. Thus, native approach, sometimes, is considered a better option. Moreover, for those, whose business relies solely on one platform, native approach would be the better one always.

Though native app development has its own benefits, you cannot overlook cross platform functionality as it spans a variety of devices as well as target audience sections. The option of cross platform functionality is being chosen by most of the businesses as the framework provides additional flexibility and power.

So, now you can analyze that the goal of the business is to reach its customers and most of the organizations are increasingly making use of cross platform functionality for the utilization of frameworks like phone gap.

Though it depends on the requirement of a business, you can clearly see cross platform functionality as the future of mobile app development. If you are looking for an organization that can help you develop your mobile app on this popular framework, you must get it done from the experts available at Mamsys Consultancy Services. The organization has an expertise in developing mobile app for different types of businesses.

Are you a startup business who is looking forward to build a mobile app? Well, That’s great! But, do you have a specific purpose of creating a mobile app? Will it be useful to people? If you think so, you are on the right way, and success will follow you for sure.

Here’s the blog that explores the significant steps that you must follow to create your mobile application. Here we go…

1. Make sure to have an idea

Do you already have an idea? Great! Move towards step 2. If not, you need to analyze your requirement areas in order to build a successful mobile app.

2. Identify your need

Do you have any knowledge about the demand of your idea among people? No? Well, you must not implement the process without validating your idea. You can make use of Google Keyword Planner tool which will let you know the number of people looking out for your idea. Seek customer interest through various ways and implement your idea only when you are sure about it.

3. Prepare layout of your product

Now that you are aware of your product’s demand, your next step involves the detailing of your product. Yes! Let a developer know the proper user navigation of the app along with all the required features. Make your developer recognize your expectations at once.

4. Do not overlook the design section

Many entrepreneurs, in the want of focusing on just building an app, tend to ignore the design of the product. This, however, affects them adversely as design, apart from signifying the appearance of the app, is also about the user experience of the app. So, always make sure to put your design first.

5. Hire a reliable designer or developer

Now is the time when you are supposed to look for a mobile application development company that can assure you to provide an efficient development team. Conduct an online research, and make sure to check the credibility of the company. One of the most reliable companies that can provide you with great design talent is Mamsys Consultancy Services.

6. Generate developer accounts

This is the stage when you need to sell your app through a platform like Google’s Android or Apple. For this, you need to register for a developer account with respective app store.

7. Integrate Analytics

Use appropriate tools for integrating analytics and track user engagement, number of downloads, and retention for your app. This will give you a clear idea of user involvement.

8. Acquire feedback and improvise

Now that your app has gone live, you are now supposed to keep an eye on customer’s review so that you can get to know about the scope of improvement in your app.

9. Evaluate version one

Your version one has been created, and now is the time to evaluate the product for any feature enhancements. If you feel to introduce some more features to the product, you can now incorporate them in the next version.

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So, do you find the above mentioned steps useful? Just implement the process and you will definitely find it an efficient way to develop your first mobile app. ‘Mamsys’ strives to create an effective mobile application exactly in line with the requisites of a customer.

Are you the one who is looking forward to build a mobile app for your business? Wow! Great decision! Yes! It’s a world of smart phones and mobile apps have now become a significant source of meeting all the interests and requirements. Be it any type of business, an impressive app plays a huge role in drawing the attention of potential customers. So, what platform do your prefer for creating a mobile app? Are you thinking of an Android platform? Great! Android platform helps businesses operate in a simple way. Do you want to know how an android platform can expand a scope for your business? Here is the blog that would let you know how an android platform supports a business.

The goal of every business is to earn money and maximize the scope to a great extent. Android operating system plays a major role in meeting the business goal as it allows you to reach your target audience in an easy way. What makes android platform more useful for the business is the fact that it can be customized in order to deliver the output as required. Be it any kind of requirement, an android application can be easily created to meet all the demands. Hiring a reliable android application company would help you perform your task in an efficient way.

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Just think and analyze the requirements of your business and you will definitely end up with an app that can help you execute your operations in a simple way, manage and maintain your tasks irrespective of the location and distance, and trace data & reports in an efficient manner. Well, all this can be easily accomplished by using an android platform. Yes! An android operating system not only gives your app an attractive appearance, but is capable enough to manage the significant tasks in a well effective way.

In today’s world, where most of the businesses give preference to android platform for an impressive mobile application development, you must not overlook the development company that will assist you in accomplishing your mission. Keep an eye on some of the reliable companies and choose the one that has the capability to create exactly what you want.

‘Mamsys’ strives to create a trenchant android based mobile application in accordance with the requirements of a customer. Experts at Mamsys assures the timely delivery of a quality android mobile application, thus making you expand your business to a great extent.

Are you an institute or corporate who is still following the traditional examination approach when it comes to conducting a test? Well! It’s a technological world, and gone is the time when you were supposed to organize various examination centers with a number of supervisors to handle the examination. It’s the time to get over with this long and tiresome procedure of examination, and get involved with the process that assures highly efficient and well-organized results. Yes! Technology has brought in an efficient approach which would help you conduct your tests in a more effective way.

Have you heard about online examination system? The software is in these days and is being appreciated by most of the academic institutions or corporates. Yes! Many are using it and you can also put your foot in this comfortable zone of conducting an examination. Wow! Just imagine how efficiently it will reduce your time and resource. Want to go for it? Well, You must be confused about choosing the right online examination software. Right? The blog explores some of the significant features of the software which you must consider while taking your decision.

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One of the significant features that you must look for is the easy accessibility of the system. Obviously, you would want your students to login easily from different parts of the country. So, it should be efficient enough to carry out the whole process in a well-organized way.


If you are conducting an online examination for the students located at different locations, you would definitely want your software to support multiple users simultaneously. Make sure that a system can be easily accessible with active Internet connection and a webcam in some cases. Is the software efficient enough to handle the mishap like power failure? Is it having an auto-save feature that can help a student save his work? Well, just look for this significant feature in order to provide a redundant server infrastructure to your students.

Online Reporting and Analysis

An efficient online examination system provides a result as soon as the test gets completed. Look for the one that generates a detailed report, thus exhibiting the key performance area of each student. Not only it will help students to realize their areas of concern, it will also assist trainers to create their learning modules accordingly.

Efficient Technical & Customer Support

An institution or an organization that has just started using this online process might require support at various stages. That being said, a software should provide enough operational support in order to help teachers in their test creation process. Thus, make sure that a system provides continuous client support, especially if you are new with this application.

No matter what kind of institution or organization you are, an online examination software lets you conduct different types of examinations for candidates available across different parts of the country. So, what are you waiting for? Just choose the most efficient one, and go ahead with the process without any hassle.

One of the effective online examination systems that ensures the availability of all the above-mentioned features is Mamsys Online Test Application. Apart from serving various educational institutes or corporates, an application works efficiently for the students who wish to test their skills on different fields. Moreover, being a web-based as well as mobile-based application, Mamsys online test application allows candidates to access the software on the go.

With the advent of Internet and smartphones, the telecom industry has witnessed an era of transformation in mobility services. In the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the number of people connected to their Internet-enabled devices for the purpose of getting information, useful content and entertainment. With continuous advancement in mobile technology, 2015 is seen as the year of ‘smart devices’ and ‘smart solutions’ which cater to the needs of a unified user experience.

Here are the top 7 Mobility trends to look forward in 2015:

1. Increasing demand for Mobile Internet: With most people use mobile phones as preferred medium for communication, there will be more consumption of videos and rich-media content by both existing and new mobile Internet customers in the years ahead. 2015 will see telecom industries offering better connectivity and mobile Internet to consumers.

2. Value-added services will be redefined: The VAS space will not remain constraint to SMS services and develop further to include health, education and government sectors, with customized content according to demographic segments. Mobile wallet services will also see technological improvements in 2015.

3. Emergence of BYOD concept: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend in enterprise mobility that enables workers to bring their personal devices to workplace and access corporate resources. With an increasing demand to stay connected anytime and anywhere, BYOD concept is going to flourish further in 2015.

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4. Wi-Fi enabled smart cities: With the concept of smart cities taking shape in India, the country will soon witness the emergence of Wi-Fi enabled public places and towns. There will be growth in GPS technology as well that, along with WI-FI services, will give true benefits of mobility to the general public.

5. Rise of Smart Devices: There will be increasing dependence on Internet-enabled smartphones and mobile devices for getting latest information and updates. With improved technologies, there will be more people switching to affordable smart devices in 2015.

6. Mobile applications: The growth of smartphones and the advent of new mobile technologies, let people turn to third-party mobile applications like WhatsApp, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to communicate. The year 2015 will see more emphasis on these applications to give user-friendly experience across various networks.

7. Convergence of mobile platforms: With continuous advancement in mobile technology to provide more than one way of communication, the next challenge will be to integrate multiple mobile platforms to give a unified user experience that enable people to use social media platforms, mobile applications and in-built mobile functions simultaneously.

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Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at Mamsys Consulting Services Ltd., one of the eminent mobility solutions provider companies, says “new inventions and modern technologies have brought people closer than ever before. The world is fast becoming a global village and it’s very important for mobile platforms to continue strive for providing rich user experience with anytime and anywhere availability. While the world is becoming smaller by each passing day, the dependence on mobility services will continue to rise.”