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Home Automation Solutions have come a long way since early 1900s when Smart Home Concept was just a fantasy to be depicted in Hollywood movies. We’ve seen some incredible innovations that change the whole concept of automated homes. With lower hardware prices, increased bandwidth availability, smart motion sensors, evolution of cloud technology, and advent of Internet and smartphones, today we can morph our house into a truly automated home that can actually think for us.

2014 has been a year of interactive security systems that let people use mobile apps and a whole range of integrated home devices to get their work done with ease and comfort. There are many big and small companies entering in the market including Apple, Samsung and Mamsys, to provide best Home Automation Solutions to the customers.

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So what’s in store for us in 2015? If market experts are to be believed, there will be continuation of 2014 trends in Home Automation Solutions, along with inventions of better and simple smart home devices that could integrate almost all electronic devices at your house to a single smart home controller. There will be a movement towards interoperability between vendors, devices and platforms that enable consumers to preserve their investments by integrating existing electronic appliances at their houses to advanced home automation systems.

2015 will see a move beyond using mobile apps for connected homes. There will be more software programs which define hardware interfaces at your homes and offer boundless possibilities for in-home device control. These modern software-defined versions of hardware interfaces will provide customers with more interactive options to perform a wide range of tasks at their convenience.

Talking about the future and trends in Home Automation Solutions, Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder &CEO at Mamsys Consultancy Services Ltd., one of the leading Home Automation Solutions providing companies, says – “Technologies are fast converging and we are heading to an age where everything is influenced or controlled by Internet-enabled devices. Future automated homes will be able to understand the customers’ needs and requirements and adjust the home surroundings according to their desired state.”