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Are you an institute or corporate who is still following the traditional examination approach when it comes to conducting a test? Well! It’s a technological world, and gone is the time when you were supposed to organize various examination centers with a number of supervisors to handle the examination. It’s the time to get over with this long and tiresome procedure of examination, and get involved with the process that assures highly efficient and well-organized results. Yes! Technology has brought in an efficient approach which would help you conduct your tests in a more effective way.

Have you heard about online examination system? The software is in these days and is being appreciated by most of the academic institutions or corporates. Yes! Many are using it and you can also put your foot in this comfortable zone of conducting an examination. Wow! Just imagine how efficiently it will reduce your time and resource. Want to go for it? Well, You must be confused about choosing the right online examination software. Right? The blog explores some of the significant features of the software which you must consider while taking your decision.

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One of the significant features that you must look for is the easy accessibility of the system. Obviously, you would want your students to login easily from different parts of the country. So, it should be efficient enough to carry out the whole process in a well-organized way.


If you are conducting an online examination for the students located at different locations, you would definitely want your software to support multiple users simultaneously. Make sure that a system can be easily accessible with active Internet connection and a webcam in some cases. Is the software efficient enough to handle the mishap like power failure? Is it having an auto-save feature that can help a student save his work? Well, just look for this significant feature in order to provide a redundant server infrastructure to your students.

Online Reporting and Analysis

An efficient online examination system provides a result as soon as the test gets completed. Look for the one that generates a detailed report, thus exhibiting the key performance area of each student. Not only it will help students to realize their areas of concern, it will also assist trainers to create their learning modules accordingly.

Efficient Technical & Customer Support

An institution or an organization that has just started using this online process might require support at various stages. That being said, a software should provide enough operational support in order to help teachers in their test creation process. Thus, make sure that a system provides continuous client support, especially if you are new with this application.

No matter what kind of institution or organization you are, an online examination software lets you conduct different types of examinations for candidates available across different parts of the country. So, what are you waiting for? Just choose the most efficient one, and go ahead with the process without any hassle.

One of the effective online examination systems that ensures the availability of all the above-mentioned features is Mamsys Online Test Application. Apart from serving various educational institutes or corporates, an application works efficiently for the students who wish to test their skills on different fields. Moreover, being a web-based as well as mobile-based application, Mamsys online test application allows candidates to access the software on the go.