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In the modern world, people are flocking to the internet for literally even a small purchase. The mindset of the companies is that they will simply put things on their website, which is more than enough for the customers to flock in. One of the problems encountered is that on the internet there are millions of websites and some of them go on to sell the exact merchandise as well. If you want your website to stand apart from your competitors, these are some of the common Search Engine Optimization mistakes that you would need to avoid.

Not including the product description

If you think that the search engine needs to locate your website and rank it high, you would need to have any form of text on the website that is optimized for the keywords. The pictures may sound appealing, but the precise fact is that search engines cannot see any picture. So adjacent to any merchandise photo, do include a short description of the item and include the optimized keyword in the text at the same time.

Work on the concept of unique descriptions

One of the common mistakes that are often made by the online retailers is to copy the description of a manufacturer directly on to their website. Search engines look for something unique and if the description of yours is same as that of 30 other online sites, it is not going to be unique. Each and every product description should be of high quality with no form of errors being part of it.

Titles that are not regarded as unique in any manner.

Thinking along the lines that a product description which is provided by a manufacturer is considered a bad SEO practice, the same principle applies to the title as well. What is worse is that some online retailers go on to provide the same tag for similar products. Unique titles for each and every product is not all an easy job. Therefore, it would be a better idea to focus more on phrases than keywords. Rarely you would come across the fact that a shopper types in a single word during their search.

The product information should be optimized as per the demand

It is pretty much like the non-unique titles; you would need to consider the fact that people are making an entry into search engines with product descriptions along with unique headlines at the same time. Do make it a point that you should include the key phrases in the product descriptions along with the headlines so that when a consumer goes on to search for a product the search engine is likely to find them. Do not opt for keyword stuffing as it is going to harm the ranking of your website.

URL’s that cannot be identified

It is important that you understand the concept of speaking URL’s on your website. It goes on to have the correct name of the product on the website address. It makes things easy for a consumer when they are going to click on a link. It also paves way for one website to copy paste the link on to their website as well.

Encourage product reviews

Research points to the fact that nearly 75 % of online shoppers go through the reviews of a product before they opt to purchase them. This means that reviews are one of the main factor to generate e-commerce leads. If the website does not allow the customers to post online reviews then one thing is for sure, they are missing a major chunk of online shoppers. The best part of the product reviews is that every review is unique, and you don’t have to spend extra to get one.


Author is expert in the digital marketing field and has written down many articles related to E-commerce SEO mistakes where they have disclosed such mistakes which are made by marketers in everyday life.