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Medical and healthcare industry has experienced a huge impact of digital marketing and online trends. We can say this new trend has opened the horizon of the digital healthcare industry for future.  

A report by Atkinson, Saperstein & Pleis, 2009 says that an approximate 60% of the internet users have reported the use of Internet to seek health information prior to consulting any doctor to going for any treatment. Additionally, approximately 24 percent of doctors report using social media daily to retrieve medical information. (McGowan, et al, 2012)…An eye opener in itself.

So, if you are in a healthcare industry, it’s important for you to maintain your online presence in order to allow more and more people to find you, whenever required. Let’s explore how digital marketing can affect the healthcare industry.

More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital marketing services in the future
  • Search engine marketing:

    With the increased growth of people who consider the Internet as a problem to their solution, the businesses who wish to remain in contact with all their potential customers must include search engine optimization and search engine campaigns to attain higher visibility online.

  • Social media marketing: 

    People, apart from being active online, also prefer a number of social media platforms, where they can get associated with different types of people. Social media, being a very powerful and reputed platform gives health industry an opportunity to maintain its reputation among the people all over the world.

  • Mobile marketing:

    Users, these days, prefer to go online while on the go. They usually choose their smartphones to look for any of the products, services, or information regarding any issue. So, if you want your users to choose you, in the case of any of the health related problems, all that you need to is create a mobile friendly website. Let them find you at anytime and anywhere in the world.

 Whether you a big hospital or a doctor who runs his own practice, in both the cases, you need to create a good marketing plan.

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The use of digital marketing service is expected to increase across all age groups.
digital marketing healthcare
Tips to incorporate in your digital marketing plan

Wondering what to include in your marketing plan? Here are some significant tips, following which can help you immensely.

  • Come up with a well-designed website. Make sure to incorporate the information about your services and don’t forget to exhibit clearly your contact details. Include a responsive web design and give your users a great experience.
  • Let your users know what you actually offer. Provide information that your prospective patients have been looking for. Incorporate the significant blogs as well as articles that can help them acquire the required information.
  • Let your patients find you when they search for you online. You can do so by creating a Google+ local page. Google, in order to provide relevant data, take data from Google+ local pages of doctors. So, maintain it and keep it updated to acquire beneficial results.
  • Improve your visibility by social media marketing. Use the social media channels consistently and post content that you find significant for you with regard to your area of medicine.
  • Influence your patients to write testimonials for you. Including testimonial online and giving reviews on different social media platforms will help you get in contact with several people.


Patients are adopting digital marketing services for medical awareness and process execution.
digital marketing healthcare industry
Influencing your Visitors through your Website

If you are a healthcare professional, having a good and appealing website will help you market your products in a more effective way. Doing so will help you reach a wide range of audience, and moreover, it will make it easier for the patients to located them. Where a good web page can facilitate the number of patients to move towards your website, a bad website can drive them away straight away. Take assistance of creative web design services that build a website in accordance with the medical field, thus helping you to acquire more patients.

Incorporate the following to influence your patients towards your website:

  • Content: It is the content that decides if the visitor becomes your regular customer or not. If the user doesn’t find the website good enough to find the solution for their medical issues, they will not think of visiting your website again. Include original and fresh content on a wide range of related topics and engage with your viewers in a much better way.
  • Information: Make sure to incorporate detailed information about your service and product. Write in such a way that it compels the users to trust you in every way. Keep it well-organized and let your users find the required information easily.
  • Functionality: Focus on the functionality of the website to facilitate your users to click on your website. Having a clean user interface, where a user can get through each section of the website easily. Viewers, if find it difficult to take out the required information, they might visit your competitor’s website to get what they are looking for.
  • Colors: Choose your color scheme in line with the color of your text. It’s a medical website, and people, usually; prefer to see conservative colors on such websites.
  • Templates: Though many of the healthcare professionals choose free templates to design their sites, it is not preferred to do so. This is because every hospital or practice includes different services, and making an attempt to include everything in one particular page might have an impact on the people. People may find it quite hard to navigate the site. So, th
    e best way is to hire professional web design services in order to acquire the best professional website for your hospital or clinic center.



All in all, content, on any website, is King. So, come up with content ranging from custom related content to the high-quality blogs that will keep you noticeable in your industry.

Digital marketing channels are allowing the healthcare providers to connect with their consumers for better health and wellness facilities. Healthcare brands and practitioners are harnessing the digital space to establish credibility and provide reliable information to their consumers. Moreover, by using the digital space, they are not only creating more visibility opportunity but also creating a name for themselves where they are establishing themselves as an authentic knowledge expert. Make the optimum use of the digital marketing tools to establish you and your brand leaders in healthcare industry

About Mamsys

Mamsys, an online marketing company in India, takes into account an effective digital marketing campaign strategy to generate the beneficial results. To conclude, if a healthcare professional looks forward to acquiring effective results in digital marketing, Mamsys takes into account the above-mentioned points to help you maintain your presence online.