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Have you just stepped into a business? So, have you geared up to create a striking digital personality? No? You must! Tell the world the story of your brand and let them get engaged with you in a creative and genuine way. Only then you can represent your brand among large amount of potential customers. If you are tensed about keeping up with new digital marketing tools and techniques that can help you stay ahead of your competitors, here’s a blog exploring some of the significant digital marketing tools that a business leader must know. Let’s explore some of the popular digital marketing tools!

Are you having too many ideas to implement? There is a tool called Evernote that can help you organize every aspect of your business in a much efficient way. Yes! The tool will put your ideas in an organized way and will come up with something that you can use for your business. Moreover, with the capability of syncing across all the devices, the tool helps you find the details from your last conference or meeting.

One of the most significant tools that is necessary for a business in the modern age is Hootsuite. It’s a social dashboard that helps you navigate every social platform in one place. Wow! Seems interesting! You can now save your time and energy as all the social accounts can now be easily accessed without the need of moving between tabs and browsers.

3. Boomerang

Are you getting issues while scheduling your emails? Well, here’s a tool which can be your savior and can help you send mails to several consumers at an optimum time. Having a problem in scheduling the list of the consumers who have not given a response to your mail? Not a problem! Setting up the Boomerang effect will let you know the same in a very well organized manner. Basically, it’s a reminder through which you can keep track of the mails that you need to follow.

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It’s a program that offers complete email management. So, make your life easier by using the free package called “Entrepreneur”. The package includes a number of designer templates that you can use for professional emails, personalized contact forms, and many of the email marketing analytics tools that a business requires the most. Moreover, the program helps you send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers absolutely free.

Are you having a long list of passwords? You must be worried about your passwords being stolen. Well, Dashlane is a software that provides complete protection and organization for all of your passwords. The software makes use of military standard protection using which a business can be sure about the security of numerous passwords.

Here’s an another email marketing tool using which you can send your emails in a well-organized way. All your efforts will be organized easily and the easy navigation of the tool can help you schedule your automated emails that can be sent to around 2500 consumers and that too for free.

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7. Moz

If you are looking forward to improve your SEO listings, it would be beneficial to go for Moz, a tool that provides two key products to consumers. The first one is Moz Pro that will assist you in attaining classic SEO practices, including tracking rankings, content marketing campaigns, and many more. The second one, on the other hand, is Moz Local by means of which you can enhance your SEO listings. So, how will you execute it. Just enter the information about your business location, and Moz will get you listed.

Are you not sure about the proper place and time to serve your ads? Well, use a popular tool Rocket Fuel which uses anonymous user data to determine the way individuals respond to your advertisements. The tool, thus, helps you determine when and where to display your ads.

Sharing videos on the web can help you immensely, and the platform that can help you host, customize, and share your videos in a desired way is Wisita. The platform has an ability to incorporate a custom CTA below every video, which helps you drive the users to the specific pages.

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10. Canva

Not having an image to share? Well, Canvas will create it for you! It’s a web based design tool that can be used to create unique images to be shared on blogs, or any of the social media channels. Do you want to create it from scratch? Not a problem! Canva will do it for you no matter what your requirement is. So, go ahead and get professional designs in no time.

Do you want to analyze the result of the efforts which you are putting in to enhance your presence? Well, Google Analytics can help you find so in an efficient way. Be it the location of a specific audience, what brought users to your website, the web browser used by visitors, or the keywords used by the users to find your services, Google Analytics will help you determine all these things in one go. So, use it and get to know if your efforts are being appreciated or not.

Have you used all of the above-mentioned tools? If not, use them, and see how effectively you get your brand recognized among the people. ‘Mamsys’, in order to give the best of its services, use best digital marketing tools to provide success to a business.