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Digital Marketing, with every passing year, changes consistently, and comes up with new tools, technologies, and platforms. A lot of predictions are made at the start of each year, and we get to know the latest digital marketing trends. As we have already entered in the year 2016, people who look forward to enhance their business, takes interest in the popular trends that might have an impact on their marketing techniques.

Are you the one who want to keep up with effective digital marketing trends? Great! Here’s a blog for you, which will let you know what’s hot in the market. Have a look at some effective top trends and stay ahead of your competitors by following the latest digital curve.

  • Though it is known that mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic, it has been surveyed that a large amount of people are still spending a lot of time on their PCs. That being said, along with focusing on having an effective mobile design, you must not abandon the updates to your desktop site. Keep your focus on both mobile sites as well as desktop sites, and stay connected with all the prospective customers.
  • If we talk about the previous year, many of the companies have spent a lot of time on social marketing ads. However, the percentage is about to increase in 2016, and you will find your competitors spending much more time on social media ads. Most of the companies consider social media a significant aspect of their business, and thus, look forward to work on enhancing the social media ads.
  • It’s time to focus more on organic social marketing now. Research say that after google, it’s the social platforms where users have found new brands, products and content that matter to them. This year too marketers are looking for social platform for organic as well as acquired traffic to their website and products. So, buck up, and give some more time for the content marketing on your social platforms.
  • Now is the time when video will become an important aspect for digital marketing success. In the previous year, businesses have successful attracted new and prospect customers to their brand using videos. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and upload your video ads to different sites and promote them via numerous social media channels. Some of the most popular platforms that are being appreciated for uploading videos include You Tube, Facebook live streaming, and Snap-chat among others. Moreover, Google, in ppc search ads, is testing using video ads, and it is predicted to begin soon.
  • Though the techniques like SEO, PPC, and content marketing have their own importance, the marketers are now chasing influencers to acquire new consumers. Yes! According to the survey, people usually get more inclined towards the products endorsed by celebrities or authorities. Making efforts to engage celebrities with your product might get you a much better result than expected. Though the process might need you to send free products for review, paying a fee, or offer cross promotion, an influencer marketing might get you the desired results in an efficient way.
  • Content marketing, which is considered to have greatest impact on the businesses, appears in the list of digital marketing trends every year. The same is the case with this year as well, and it’s a relevant content that will give you a more organic reach. It must go hand in hand with paid search marketing, organic search marketing, and social media marketing. Using blogs, articles, graphics, and videos along with social and search marketing can do wonders for a company. Make sure to think from the customer’s point of view and come up with a strategy that goes well with them.
  • One of the significant aspects that will be given much preference is email marketing. It’s a core pillar for a business, especially for those who find the techniques like content marketing and social ads a little expensive. For them, it will be a great deal to have an email list. A significant part of organic and paid search along with social media budgets is considered to be focused on emails.
  • Have you ever used Instagram? Well, advertising through Instagram can help you to acquire a successful business deals. As the people, today, gives preference to visual stimulation, Instagram helps you share your experiences in a much better way.  2016 is expected an increase in Instagram spending by brands and companies. So, go ahead and start thinking about the creative ideas of selling through Instagram.

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  • The year 2016 will focus more on disclosing customers’ experiences. Sharing the customers’ experiences will make users believe in your brand, thus, enhancing your sales effectively. So, give your buyers an opportunity to market your brand by using several channels including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more.
  • One of the trends that most of the marketers are looking forward to is content re-marketing. Though the companies have been including blogs, articles, e-books, and other content for their websites, it’s important to recapture the viewers who visited your website, read your content, but didn’t become a lead. This is when you go for content re-marketing.  It’s about re-targeting the visitors with the content when they leave your website. Doing this will give you an opportunity to once again promote your brand to the users who are already interested in your offerings. Endeavor to come up with something new while they check in to emails, You Tube, or any other channel.

‘Mamsys’, a digital marketing company, keeps track of all the digital marketing trends, and strives hard to enforce efficient digital marketing strategies for business growth.