Get Inspired by these Cool and Creative 404 Error Page Designs

404 error custom pages

The importance of having a well-designed 404 error page is perhaps nothing less important than having a great content. You cannot always control on which page your visitor lands. If your visitor landed on 404 error page, you should be able to re-direct them to the home page. This increases the chances of re-engaging with the visitor. A well designed 404 Error Page can help you with re-engaging your visitor.

So, whether you are designing a new website for your brand or already has a well designed and developed website, if you don’t have a 404 Error page designed, trust me you should talk with your website designer now. 404 error page not only engages your visitor and help them stay back, it is also important from search engine point of view. Google gives preference to a website with a well-designed 404 error page as compared to one that does not have one.

If you are thinking of getting some ideas from the internet, please wait. You don’t have to go anywhere in search of 404 Error page design ideas. We have done the task for you. We have looked through the internet and found out some awesome and cleverly designed 404 pages that will make you this “This is cool stuff man”

Get inspired and be creative for your 404-error page.

1 .       Blue Daniel

bluedaniel 404 page


2.        Audiko

audiko 404 page


3.        Jumping Jack Rabbit

Jumping Jack Rabbit 404 page


4.       Agens 

agens 404 page


5.        Stickermule

stickermule 404 page


6.        Dribbble

dribbble 404 page


7.        Fastcentrik

fastcentrik 404 page


8.       Chrisglass

chrisglass 404 page


9.       Danwoodgerdanwoodger 404 page


10.      Bloomberg

bloomberg 404 page


11.       Lego

lego 404 page


12.       GitHub

github 404 page


13.      Blue Fountain Media

bluefountainmedia 404 page



14.      MailChimp

mailchimp 404 page


15.      Net Magazine

Net Magazine 404 page


16.      Tinsanity

tinsanity 404 page


17.      Duoh

duoh 404 page


18.      Bitly

bitly 404 page


19.       Mike Kus

mikekus 404 page


20.     Walk With You

walkwithyou 404 page


21.      Blizzard Entertainment

blizzard 404 page


22.     CSS Trickscss-tricks 404 page


23.      CloudSigma

cloudsigma 404 page


24.     GOG

gog 404 page


25.       BrandCrowd

brandcrowd 404 page


26.       Cooklet

cooklet 404 page


27.      MOVELINE

moveline 404 page


28.     Iconfinder

iconfinder 404 page


29.      Coolappse

coolappse 404 page


So be creative, be wacky and above all create something that will make your visitor stay on your page. Because that is more important than anything else.

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