Heard about WhatsApp Business? An Upcoming Standalone App

whatsapp business

With over 1 billion users, connecting families and friends every day, WhatsApp is now targeting the business community.

It’s not new that companies nowadays use WhatsApp to communicate information about their products and receive orders for the same. But companies are also of the view that it’s a tedious process to stay in touch with hundreds of customers on WhatsApp. Also, the lack of authenticity of companies also looms in the minds of the customers.

Understanding the business needs and solving the customer’s challenges, WhatsApp is testing their new App i.e. ‘WhatsApp Business’ to overcome the challenges that are faced today by both companies and customers while using WhatsApp.

The logo being updated to with initial B to differentiate between WhatsApp for Business and regular WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Business

Selected small business in India is testing this App currently. A survey to enroll potential small business to test the app was made live on WhatsApp FAQ page. Here is the first look of WhatsApp Business courtesy AndroidPolice.com whatsapp business account

Features such as Business Profile Setup, Chat Migration, Auto Responses and Analytics will be offered with the new WhatsApp Business. Various and extensive business categories are made available to describe your business. Though both the apps look and works in a similar way, the key factors of WhatsApp Business are the integration of UPI payment system in the app. The company is currently working on making it the focal point of interaction between business owners and customers.