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What is Google AMP Project?

If you are wondering what is Google AMP, it’s a way with which you can fast-track your content when rendered in mobile devices. It is actually an improvement over the traditional method of mobile content upload and the way it used to look like. Yes! AMP, a specific form of HTML, will enhance the presentation of content. Moreover, the content, as compared to the traditional method, will load up to 10 times faster or even more.

Obviously, the faster loading content will have a huge impact on SEO as well as online marketing! However, every positive thing always comes with some negative sides as well. Let’s have a look!

Positive Impacts of AMP on SEO & Online Marketing

Google AMP Project, which is responsible for accelerated mobile pages, results in improving the relationship between the publisher and the reader. It thus gives rise to more page views with less frustrated readers, which in turn, provides more ad views and more sharing.

1. AMP-enabled articles will rank higher in SERPs.

Google gives preference to AMP enabled articles. People will find AMP content at the top of the Google searches. You can identify AMP articles by an icon in the search engine research pages. That being said, the icon indicates the presence of AMP content.

2. Google AMP is for every publisher.

Any publisher, who wishes to have a format where the users can access the content quickly, can adopt Google AMP. It will help you reach an enormous number of readers in no time.

3. AMP is open source.

AMP, being an open source, allows people to incorporate changes in AMP’s specification if they feel so. Yes! Not only Google’s developers can do so, but anyone who had an idea can implement it.

4. Analytics are coming for AMP.

AMP has given rise to various analytics. Several analytics providers are coming up with their services to let publishers know the kind of improvement that they can bring in by using AMP content.

5. Content gets to more readers.

The presence of Google Amp pages makes your content reach to a wide range of readers all across the world. The way it presents the content along with faster uploading facilitates people to go for AMP content, thus providing benefit to the publishers using the AMP-based content.

Google AMP accelerates content marketing

6. More features and formatting options are coming.

AMP is still left with many extended components and various formatted options. Well, Google is working towards bringing more options to the publishers, which will be released as soon as they become available.

Negative impacts of AMP on SEO & Online Marketing

1. There are no forms in AMP content.

The AMP optimized content is currently not having the facility of providing forms to the user. So, in case a publisher wants his reader to subscribe by filling a form, it does not allow a reader to do so. For this, AMP needs its specification to be upgraded.

2. AMP doesn’t solve the problem of page speed SEO for non-publisher sites.

Though AMP is known for solving the page speed of the blog posts and news-type articles, it has no impact on the speed of any e-commerce site or any brand site. Yes! It’s not beneficial for non-publisher sites.

3. Budgeting for content development will need to increase.

You can have the AMP based content only if you have a content management system (CMS) that supports AMP. If you don’t have that you will need budgeting in order to develop the content in AMP.

4. Publishers can’t get away with poorly-constructed HTML pages with AMP.

Google will not put the content in AMP cache unless the content is free of all the errors. This act of Google gives users a better experience while downloading the content on the mobile devices. However, the publishers will require more budget as well as time to debug all the pages and come up with the bug-free content.

So, by now, you know how Google’s AMP accelerates content marketing. Mamsys can help you boost your page speed by providing the publishers with AMP-based content.