How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Business?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What if you earn a commission by promoting the products and services of your friend or colleague or relative? Well, that’s what we call ‘Affiliate Marketing’. If you are about to start the process, and have not done it earlier, here are the steps for affiliate marketing for beginners involve finding a product that you would like to promote, signing up for an affiliate program, using a special link to track the people who clicked your link, and acquiring a commission once the product is purchased.

Though the process of affiliate marketing can get much more advanced, the article includes only the fundamentals which allow a beginner to get into affiliate marketing efficiently.

How Do You Find a Product to Promote?

Pick any product that can be purchased online. You will find an affiliate program that will provide you with finders fee for referring a sale. However, the point here is ‘how will you find a product?’ You can’t just pick anything! You need to know the audience interest in the product that you are supposed to promote. So, before choosing the product, you must consider the things like will you yourself use this product? Will it benefit the users if they buy this product? Is the process of buying the product easy? Or will you acquire a good affiliate commission? Analyze all these points and go with the product that you can promote easily.

Now, if you are not aware of the different types of products that you can promote, read below. This will help you choose the one that suits you as well as your audience. Well, the different types of products include physical products, informative products, and services.

Let’s begin with the Physical Products. You can promote physical products via Amazon. Affiliate marketing with Amazon gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide range of products and earn a good commission on those products. Just sign up, and get a huge list of products to choose from.

If we talk about the information products, these are the ones that are usually created by authors, bloggers, or marketers. These products usually involve kits that give you step by step instructions for using something. Promoting information products will benefit you more, as compared to physical products. Well, if you are wondering why it is so, let us tell you! They are highly priced, which, thus will get you higher commissions. Moreover, Information products tend to provide solutions to several users’ problems. Well, you might find it little difficult to become the affiliate for information products as the creator completely gets into the detail of who is promoting his/her product. Furthermore, it does not involve any central place like Amazon where you can easily find the product.

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The third and last type of product, that you can become an affiliate for, is a service. It involves services like hosting, creating a theme, email software, and so on.  So, you can easily make an individual buy the service. If you use the service yourself, the customers will also love it. The commission for a service can be sometimes high or low, depending on the product.

Successful Promotion Strategies

Now that you know the different types of products that you can promote, you should now understand the strategies that you can use to promote them.  

The Resource Page

Creating a resource page will help you bring in a few sales over the period of time. It allows you to display the related tools, products, and services which can be used to run a successful business. The resource page allows people to share something that is useful in various aspects.

Product Reviews

Giving product reviews can help you generate fantastic sales. No matter what type of product you are promoting, doing so will bring in success with all the products. Include things like a clear headline, clear links for buying the products, a clear testimonial, and a story about why you prefer the product facilitates a customer to go with a product without giving any second thought to it.


Another effective strategy that can help you promote the product is creating a post or a tutorial about a product. Though it can take a long time to create the one that can illustrate the use of the product step by step, it can lead you to success like no other way.

Comparison Posts

There comes a situation when people get confused between the two similar products. Well, you can help them choose the one by generating the post for each of the products. This will give them the clear view, thus allowing you to affiliate your sales effectively.

Email Series

If you have an email list of all your potential customers, creating a series of emails can help you promote your product in an effective way. The strategy, however, works best for information products that assure you relatively high commissions.

So, begin with identifying the product that you can promote efficiently, and follow essential steps to bring it to success.