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This pound sign symbol for decades has ruled our telephone keypad that was mashed occasionally in frustration during prolonged customer-service calls.

But today, this very symbol has conquered the world of social media, TV screens (for examples #debate during a news hour), radio (#contest and send to 545454). Thanks to twitter of course.

Almost a decade ago, twitter users invented hashtags to categorize tweets by topics. Chris Messina, a former google employee tweeted the first ever hashtag way back in 2007.

How to use hashtag

But over time, hashtag has evolved into a form that allows for humor, films, politics, art and many more. Today hashtags are used around things like…

  • Events or Conferences
  • Emergencies or Disaster
  • Celebration or Holiday
  • General interest topics and etc.

Hashtags have become a symbol of recognition for brands and/or products.  But before you zero to a hashtag that will represent you or your brand/brand movement, make sure you do your homework. Remember to choose a hashtag that can help your brand connect with your audience and not affiliate your brand to spam content.

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Hashtag spamming will not help your brand reach anywhere.  #Think #before #using #this #little #symbol #within #your #post. Be clear on your goals and use relevant hashtag that will help you raise your brand’s awareness.

Learn How Hashtags Work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the Do’s and Don’t of Using Hashtag

How The Heck To Use A HASHTAG?

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