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Do you know how important it is to get that little blue tick mark next to your Facebook Page?

It makes your page more reliable and gives your page more credibility. It acts as a social proof and helps your page rank better on both Facebook search and google search.

But earning a blue tick is not that easy.

A lot of time and effort is required to provide signals to Facebook and its users that the page is important and well-known enough to earn it.

So, can any type of page get verified on Facebook… well theoretically yes but in reality…maybe, kind of!

Only some types of pages on Facebook are verified today. Well, lucky right…yeah right!!!

If you are thinking, it’s magic it’s not. It does take tones of effort to take your page to a top form. If you are thinking there are certain steps or rules defined by Facebook, sorry but there isn’t.

Facebook has never provided any guidelines to availing the blue tick mark. Only increasing your page credibility can help you go a long way where Facebook will consider reviewing your page for a verification process.

Remember not all types of pages can be verified however big followers you have or engagement your page provides.

Only certain types of Pages can become verified. This includes Public Figures, Local Businesses, Companies, and Organizations.

If you are lucky enough where Facebook have considered your page for verification process, they might ask you the relevant documents that provide your credibility and ownership of the page.

How to Verify Your Facebook Page

After all the efforts put in to maintain your page, it’s time to reap the benefit.

To verify your Facebook Page, go to your Page’s settings, and then go to “General.” Here, you’ll see the option for “Page Verification” if Facebook provides you the ability to get your Page verified.

This leads you to 2 options, instant verification using a phone number or a lengthier process of submitting relevant documents to verify. The first option will give you a code that when put correctly will obtain you a grey check that will or maybe eventually turn into a blue one.

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Want a blue check instead of a grey, then submit your document and wait patiently till Facebook verifies each detail.

If Facebook rejects your request, don’t get disheartened. Work on your page and brand positioning. Revamp your brand image and then send the verification request again to Facebook.

Make sure that your Page is full and fleshed-out, with as much information as possible to make you seem credible. Writers can add publications to their “Impressum” section, and be getting more mentions or reviews from other Pages and users don’t hurt, either.

You can also reach out to Facebook’s support for more information on the reason to be rejected.

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Final Thoughts

The reality is Facebook blue tick is not for everyone maybe, but continues effort and hard work can help Facebook consider your page credible enough for a blue tick. So, All the Best!!