Infographic on Reasons to have a Responsive Web Design

With mobile usage rising for almost everything we do on the internet today, be it shopping, surfing, gaming, social interaction everything and anything is all on our handheld device that we cannot live without even a minute.

Stats seem to say the same story of mobile usage on rise with more than 58% of American adults own a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices.

The race of mobile devices has left the human race far behind.

Currently, there are more mobile devices on planet earth than the people on this planet.

All this has made the business competition even fierce. Maximum customers are on mobile and your business should be present on mobile. And mobile demands technology that is quick and easy to use. Be it apps, internet speed or websites, business will gain customers if your business is good at these departments. And if you are bad, 1 sec and puff, your customers are gone to your competitor.

So, it is very important that you score an A+ when it comes to the website of your business.

And the first step toward a good website is a mobile responsive one. Below shared is a well-researched infographic that states the 8 important reasons to have a responsive web design.

So, whether your customer find you through google search, or google app store, or social media or surfing internet while they are in their bathroom, the only solution to impress them and retain them to your website is “GO FULL RESPONSIVE”

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