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Check out the article to know how LinkedIn would emerge years ahead. While content would rule the market, professionals would be using the platform frequently.

You’re wondering if it’s worth spending time on LinkedIn, then you shouldn’t think. While the platform helps you stay connected with professionals, you can always promote your services with a different approach. Don’t know how? Then you should go through to gain insight. Finally, you would understand how digital content plays the role, which industries use the platform, and how professionals are planning to stay ahead.

Lengthy content plays the best part

It’s universally known that visual content performs best on social media platforms But, it’s always true that every bit of content may not appeal the audience. In fact, you would have to seek a valid answer for what type of content would bring in engagement. As you may come across many things, LinkedIn is unique in every aspect.

Just recently, an analysis was conducted for 228,000 articles along with 136,000 which were shared. A time span from 2012 to 2017 was taken into consideration. The research revealed that users shared over thousands of articles in 2014. Moving ahead, the number rose to 80,000 while 130,000 articles were posted every month in 2016. Besides, it was found that official influential recognition is not essential to grab a high-share volume. A pool of referral links was earned through original content posted on LinkedIn. Much to your surprise, many social shares in B2B areas were observed on LinkedIn. The count was gathered only after making a comparison with Twitter and Facebook.

The analysis also stated that the subject matter revolved around a practical approach, a path towards transformation and an amazing experience. Not just that, a personal as well as a professional touch was added to the LinkedIn posts. So, if you’re planning to boost the online presence, then you should make necessary adjustments in the content strategy.

Marketers focus on talent solutions

Last quarter, LinkedIn was proud of reaching 500 million members across the globe. Apart from that, the most popular social networking site, Facebook reached 2 billion. While LinkedIn doesn’t reveal users depending on the type of the account, keywords like ‘recruiter’, ‘talent’, and ‘staffing’ produced millions of results. This was as much as 2 percent of the accounts considered together. As per the profiles in the US, 3.98 million users used the aforementioned words. On the whole, the figure constituted 7% of terms pertaining to recruitment.

LinkedIn monetizes through talent solutions along with premium subscriptions and posts published by marketing professionals. While talent solutions contributed almost $623 million (65%), premium subscriptions and marketing solutions were responsible for generating somewhere closer to $175 and $162 million respectively. With this as the scenario, it becomes evident that two-third revenue was owing to talent solutions. Marketers won’t be neglected but limitations would be imposed on which kind of products or services they select. In case if nothing works, then it would be the time to invest money and time into some other tasks. So, the bottom-line is that professionals have to change the game plan when they seek to promote on LinkedIn. Individuals should always check out which type of solution is best. They should be active with improvements if limitations are posing to be a problem.

Professionals are ready to enhance LinkedIn activity

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report rolled out in 2017, 56% people use LinkedIn for their marketing strategy. Moving ahead, the percentage rose up to 67% in the year 2016. As it’s was predicted, LinkedIn was used often in the B2B sector. All in all, while B2C marketers were just 44% B2B marketers were as high as 81%.

Interestingly, social media professionals are not true about the fact of which platform they use. Though LinkedIn is perceived as the most important platform, only 16% marketers used it actively. As far as Facebook is concerned, the share was 62%. Twitter and Instagram saw a mere 9% and 7%. However, if you were to exclude Facebook, then the competition is surely fierce for LinkedIn in every market. In fact, for the first time, Facebook has been the most preferred choice for B2B marketers.

With all the facts, it may seem that LinkedIn would no longer be dominant. But, according to the study, 31% of marketers would be increasing the LinkedIn activity and would be aggressive in posting content on a daily basis. This would come into effect in the next 12 months. So, this shows that professionals have a keen interest in LinkedIn. Every company is trying to race ahead with a different strategy especially for LinkedIn.

To conclude, LinkedIn is the best business networking site. But, as time moves on, there’s certainly a confusion about what content needs to be posted. Recruitment firms and job seekers would be using the site much more than the usual instances. It’s never a surprise that marketers would be learning to use the platform for their business needs and for the organization to soar high.