Link Building Techniques for 2016

What is Link Building?

Link building, one of the tactics in SEO, is a process that links external pages to a page on your website. The process is not as easy and it takes time to build links. The article is about some of the effective Link Building Techniques which you can use without affecting your search rankings. The article will also explore about the tools by means of which you can find the best links. Let’s begin and see the link building tactics which can be enforced without considerable expenses or efforts.

How to Build Links in 2016

1. Ask for Backlinks

To begin with, you need to look for your friends, relatives, colleagues, or clients that own a website or a blog. Ask them to provide you with a backlink. It would be better if you ask them for in-content links. However, the backlink coming from the related website will be more impactful.

2. Build relationships

Building good relationship is essential to acquire good link building. Build new contacts with niche related groups like blogs, forums, or other social groups. Participating in various online communities will provide you with some good backlinks.

3. Give a Testimonial

Businesses, usually, ask users to share their experience of using their products. It helps them build a customer trust. This way you can get a backlink having a higher approval rate.

SEO Link Building

4. Start a Blog

Write blog posts regularly. Take into account the needs of the clients, and make sure to incorporate a relevant, useful, and well-structured content. This way you can get backlinks.

5. List your Site to Trustworthy Directories

A trustworthy directory is the one that, apart from allowing you to post a link to your website, also offers relevant information for the target audience. So, choose directories associated with informative websites and list your site accordingly.

6. Write a Good Guest Post

Build links in such a way that it helps your site rank higher in google search. Do not build the links that have a negative effect on the ranking of your website. Associate the links with great content, and build links for customers and businesses among others. Keep your focus on the quality of the content.

7. Discover Competitors’ Common Backlinks

Conduct a research about your competitors, and you find some of the common backlinks which you do not have. You must manage to acquire these backlinks by analyzing them. The tool made to accomplish this process is CBLT (Common Back links Tool).

8. Get an Indirect Backlink from your Competitor

Some of the competitors, often, link to the same websites. Getting a link from these kinds of places will be useful. Try to manage to acquire your backlink, and you will see that your competitors will indirectly link to you.

9. Recover your Dead Backlinks

The backlinks will display a 404 error if the location of your webpage changes or your link has been misspelled. This kind of issues occurs commonly when the site gets launched again or has been migrated to another domain. You should then take a step of redirecting the backlinks to some other page. A tool used for this purpose is Link Juice Recovery (LSR).

10. Turn your Mentions into Backlinks

In the situations where you find something written about your brand, but they have not linked it to your website, you must ask the webmaster to transform that mention into a backlink.

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11. Find the Most Relevant Link Building Opportunities

Though there are a number of link building opportunities on the Internet, it’s not easy to find them. Use SERP research tool and locate the most important as well as strongest results. The tool ensures the relevancy of the links in the industry.

SEO link building techniques

12. Be Aware of Your Competitor’s New Links

If you are not aware of your competitor’s activity, you might be at a loss!  Use a tool ‘Link Alerts’ that will not only notify you about your new backlinks but will also help you monitor your competitors. It will thus, apart from providing you with some new backlink opportunities, will help you in disclosing new sources as well as techniques that can be used in the future.

13. Social Media

At times, a unique and quality content does not give you ranking. In this case, you need to do a little bit of more effort. Use social media! Put your content on various social networks and come in contact with people who can provide you with new backlinks. Sharing your content, again and again will get you more traffic, thus allowing you to reach the number of visitors.

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14. Infographics

One of the SEO link building techniques is using Infographics. Infographics is a compelling way of illustrating the content at a glance. This way of using visual content grabs the attention of the readers to a great extent. Use “Google reverse image search’ to check if someone has used your infographics. If yes, ask the webmaster to link you.

15. Lists

When it comes to content, the lists always work. Creating a cool list will influence users to click on it and share it, thus making it beneficial for you. So, try to include lists in your content.

16. Newsletter Subscriptions

Though the organizations do not give much importance to the newsletters, it can really be beneficial if used properly. So, publish it and grab the attention of your clients. The quality content will be shared more, thus increasing the number of backlinks.

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