Inbound Marketing: Pull In Customers Without Being Pushy [Infographic]

  At the end, all that matter is quality leads for your business. Inbound marketing helps you with effective marketing tactics by focusing on creating quality content to attract customers to your brand and products.  Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight, the four actions of inbound marketing that can help companies obtain visitors, leads, customers, and[…]

How The Heck To Use A HASHTAG?

This pound sign symbol for decades has ruled our telephone keypad that was mashed occasionally in frustration during prolonged customer-service calls.But today, this very symbol has conquered the world of social media, TV screens (for examples #debate during a news hour), radio (#contest and send to 545454). Thanks to twitter of course.Almost a decade ago,[…]

Your Complete Guide To Integrated Digital Marketing [Infographic]

The new approach to better consumer engagement and conversion can be termed as integrated digital marketing strategy. A cohesive digital marketing strategy that includes research, SEO, SMO, SME, SMM, PPC, ADWORDS etc. needs to be integrated and implemented. Use the latest technology and techniques at the best possible way and constantly evolve in the ever-changing[…]