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People, in this digital world, use online marketing to publicize their brand. Social media, being on the top, is used extensively as different groups of people across the world are available on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Many of the businesses conduct social media campaigns in order to acquire the benefits of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tools

So, here’s the list of some of the most effective social media marketing tools, using which you can grab the attention of all the potential customers.

Scheduling Tools

1. Buffer

It’s a tool that lets you know the platforms that are working quite successfully in the field of social marketing. It includes a detailed analytics and allows you to share any photo, web page, or even a text selection.

2. Hootsuite

Manage your several social media channels through Hootsuite, a tool, that helps you monitor the customers’ response about your product. It, thus, helps you to respond quickly. The social media management tool assists you in managing the accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and many others directly.

Twitter Tool

3. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is used to implement serious twitter sessions. It’s a hassle freeway with which you can update the social media platform to send and receive tweets and view twitter handles. Tweetdeck is considered as one of the most popular tools for twitter.

Facebook Tool

4. Facebook Lite

The tool, Facebook Lite, hides all the distractions and allows you to see only the threaded News Feed, events, and birthdays. It helps in accessing Facebook, the most popular social media platform, easily.

Blog Comments

5. Disqus

One of the significant tools that help you manage blog content is Disqus. Users having a Disqus account can do commenting in an easier and faster way. However, the tool does not play well with various other plug-ins.

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Virality & Search

6. Topsy

What if you can see the tweets sent by your competitor along with the information about how often it was retweeted? Yes! Topsy, a virality tool, can help you find this easily. The tool is known for its features like improved metrics and competitive intelligence capabilities among others.

7. All In One SEO Pack

It’s a plug-in which is used for optimizing posts for search engine rankings. Using this software, you can specify the essentials like page description, page title, and keywords for every post.

Photos Tools

8. Flickr Creative Commons Search

Flickr Creative Commons Search is used for the photos associated with the blogs as well as presentations. The tool allows you to browse photos which you can use with attribution in blog posts and many more.

9. Shutterstock

It’s a tool which allows you to implement a more precise searching. The tool is used to find a slightly higher grade of photo which the user can use for the images of his presentations and workshops. The tool is available at a very reasonable rate and has an option of downloading almost 60 images within a year.

Tracking Tools

10. Google Analytics

Offered by Google, the analytic tool helps you acquire information on your website’s traffic, sources, conversions, as well as sales, through a detailed statistics. It’s free of charge website statistics service that you can use for marketing purpose.


One of the best tracking tools,, is a dominant URL shortener that is usually utilized in tracking and analytics. The “+” feature of the URLs will help you determine the number of times it has been clicked by the users.

Content Creation Tools

12. Slideshare

It’s a platform where you can upload any kind of presentation. It helps you retrieve the attention of valuable audience and gives your presentation a remarkable number of views. The platform also includes a functionality of uploading audio tracks that accompanies your presentations in quite an effective way.

13. TubeMogul

One of the tools that allow you to upload a single video to a number of video sites is TubeMogul. The tools provide you with comparative statistics regarding the number of views to your video, how long did users watch your video and so on. This efficient way of Internet marketing proves quite useful as it allows you reach a wide range of prospective consumers at one go.

Listening Tools

14. Social Mention

Use ‘Social Mention’ tool for indexing tweets, blogs, and message board posts among others. It is usually used for more comprehensive social media searching.

15. Google Alerts

Most of the marketing businesses use this tool to set up alerts for their company name and the topics that interest them. This allows them to find the bloggers that have linked to their posts. The marketing professionals can, thus, go to their blogs to comment.


16. Feedburner

Feedburner is a tool which is used to send daily emails about every new post. Bloggers use this free and intuitive tool to provide daily email subscriptions.

Tools for iPhone

17. Tweetie 2

Among several effective iPhone apps for Twitter, Tweetie2 is the one that uses the iPhone’s swipe features in the best possible way. This error-free and super-fast tool helps you perform more in less time.

18. WordPress App

Another iPhone app that can be used to write, updates, and edit the posts. Moreover, you can make use of it for adding photos and approving comments.

19. Analytics App

Though it sounds similar to Google Analytics, ‘Analytics’ is an app which works better and faster, if you compare it with Google Analytics. It provides a report exhibiting the details about your blog since last night.

‘Mamsys’ makes use of all the social media tools that can help you attain a successful digital storefront. We allow you to reach your target audience through effective online marketing.