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What is Social Media Marketing?

To begin with, if you wonder what is social media marketing, you must know that it’s a process of drawing the attention of all your prospects through social media. Did you find 2015 a successful year in terms of the social media marketing strategy that you have worked with? Well, if found it good and attained all the benefits of social media marketing, you must work hard to make it more impactful in the year 2016. Yes! The online world brings in the change in a very fast and furious way and does not guarantee you the success based on the factors that you have applied previously. So, here are the techniques, applying which you can get engaged with more and more people in the coming year.

Social Media Trends for 2016

1. Engage with social media influencers and bloggers

Partnering with the people who have an influence on social media can help you do better in several aspects. Many of the businesses have adopted this method and saw a huge return on investment in their market. Consumers, nowadays, easily get influenced by friends, family, colleagues or some of the known personalities, when it comes to buying a product.

So, engage in this type of advertising, and get associated with someone whom you find capable enough to promote your product. Try it and see how this kind of celebrity endorsement works or you.

Social Media Marketing Trends

2. Live Streaming

Another trend that you must try in 2016 is live streaming. It’s a way by means of which the customers would get to know the face behind the brand. A customer might get more impressed by getting in touch with something that has taken place while the development of the product. Yes! Including this behind the scenes perspective works quite well. It inspires commitment and will help you to create several new connections. The dedication of your team might have a huge impact on customers’ mind, which can thus lead to the sale of your product. Well, you can do so getting an app for your product. This way you can reach the users in a more effective manner.

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3. Social Media Advertising

If you are more inclined towards incorporating posts to several social media channels, you can do so by adopting paid social media efforts via the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will help you in getting engaged with all your potential customers. The availability of the majority of people (both young as well as adult) on the social media gives you an opportunity to promote your products, services, as well as brands.

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4. Offer special deals and promotions

Coming up with several special offers can influence your social media followers to a great extent. The exclusive deals and promotions can help you engage with a larger audience, thus influencing them to buy your products. Moreover, this can help you acquire loyal customers which you can expect in the future as well.

social marketing techniques

5. Start an employee advocacy campaign

Though many of the businesses intend to get an external audience in order to spread awareness about their product and services, getting the same response from your employees, also known as the internal audience, will help you generate publicity in a cost-efficient way. So, initiate an employee advocacy campaign, and see how your own team helps you in promoting your brand. Many of the companies have not only adopted this technique but have achieved success as well.

Thus, social marketing, if done in the right way, can prove to be the most effective tool for online marketing. If you need an assistance from a reliable social media marketing company, ‘Mamsys’ can provide you with several social media marketing services, where the experts, by generating an effective social media marketing plan, assure huge success.