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Are you a fan of Games of Thrones, a popular American fantasy television series? You must be! The producer of the series has captivated the world with awe-inspiring imagination along with the detailed history of the seven Kingdoms. The series, that encloses the extremely unpleasant or agonizing tragedies, focuses on dragon riding fire queens, faceless assassinators, giants, and unstoppable undead. Do you wonder what similarity does digital marketing actually have with Game of Thrones? Well, the blog takes into account seven Kingdoms of digital marketing.

1. Make sure to do your Research

George RR Martin, while writing the series, incorporated a complete history in order to give rise to an interesting and captivating backstory.  In order to influence the readers about the story’s authenticity, he focused on enclosing the complete history of each and every character, object, and place in the Game of Thrones series. As he progressed, he gave rise to further tale and backstories, and soon he created a number of seasons of this fascinating series.  The season 6 as expected is full of interesting stories about the characters.

Now, if we talk about the digital marketing world, it doesn’t involve any backstory. So, in this case, one needs to begin the process with research. Conducting a proper research will make your digital marketing strategy more meaningful, and it requires a good amount of effort in executing the ground work. All you need to do is spending your quality time and keep the focus on what your competitors are doing. You can do so by:

  • Researching best practices.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends.
  • Exploring efficient ways to take into account digital platforms.
  • Discovering new tools as well as platforms, and how to make use of them for your business.
2. Be a good writer

GRRM, being a fantastic writer of Games of Thrones, facilitated audience to get engaged with the suspense of decades. His technical ability, amazing style, and magnificent imaginations allow readers or viewers to shorten their breaths while they read or watch certain scenes.

At the same time, when it comes to digital marketing success, it’s the writing that plays a significant role. The process will include writing content or your website, and it will be followed by the search engine optimization. Moreover, digital marketing will take into account social media marketing that includes engagement on social platforms, blog posts, articles, and email newsletters among others. An inexperienced individual will need to hire the professional to get hold of quality writing for their website. Talk about writing, and it comes out as a skill that only gets improved with practice.

Games of Thrones Digital Marketing
3. Focus on a Personality

A number of seasons of Game of Thrones have entertained a large group of people with its interesting and fascinating characters.  The writer has given the characters like Gendry and Honor such an awesome personality that readers or watchers just love reading or watching them again and again.

Similar is the case with writing the blog, articles, or newsletters. Yes! Just have a bit of personality. Everybody would like to go through a text whose body includes a touch of appeal to the audience. Try to be funny and interesting at the same time. Remember, people visit your site either to get entertained or educated, and only a meaningful and attractive content marketing strategy can do that.

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4. Ignore your loved ones

At times, in order to acquire the results that you wish to take place, you need to sacrifice the things that you adore. Though you might have an article that you simply adore, you might not catch something that goes wrong with it. Moreover, you might be making use of your favorite marketing channel while implementing your task, but it hasn’t been coming up with the desired results. This is the time when you need to ignore your dearies. Yes!, Using only the channels, that you are comfortable with, will not make you reach your goal. Rather than focusing on the channels that you understand, take into account the channels that all your customer’s use. Only then can you accomplish your mission of reaching a wide range of audience. All you need to do is a test and try every possible channel that you find interesting from your customers’ perspectives. Like the Games of Thrones, Kill the ones that don’t seem to be beneficial for you, even if you adore them a lot.

5. Golden Threads

Similar to the story of Game of Thrones, all that can give you a completely unique image is a central theme and some significant golden threads that go along everything that is being done. So, just like the number of theories, the golden threads bind everything together. As far as your digital marketing strategy is concerned, creating an annual marketing calendar and setting up monthly themes will help you generate a great marketing tactic. Doing so will you integrate your marketing channels across the platforms that you have chosen. Enforcing these tactics will help you keep people engaged for a longer time.

6. Digital marketing doesn’t have any Dragon glass

You must have heard about the dragon glass in the Game of Thrones, that murders the white walker with a single stab. Alternatively, digital marketing doesn’t have such dragon glass that will bring to you your consumers the moment you employ it. You might think that a single blog or press release will open the gates for you. However, as Jon Snow seem to be pleading for an army to manage the war; it’s quite hard to convince the clients to buy a product from you. The number of tools and platforms will ultimately lead you to the better chances of success.

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7. In the end, everything comes together.

Like GRRM, writer of Game of Thrones, an individual can’t leave the war half way just because it seems to be complicated. People know George for taking long to finish his books, but at the end, he always comes up a brilliant piece of writing.

Being a marketer, you are very well aware of the effort that it needs to
manage social media engagement as well as sales. So, you need to stick to it till the end. Put all effort unless you reach your potential audience. The digital marketing, thus, goes in line with the King and Crown in the Game of Thrones.

Let’s have a look at some Digital Assets of Game of Thrones.
Game of thrones social media marketing

HBO, in order to engage more and more audience with every season of game of Thrones, have incorporated an effective digital marketing campaign that incorporates a great digital marketing strategy. A series ‘Game of Thrones’ has in its account a number of digital marketing platforms including Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google+ profile, YouTube channel, and Instagram account among others.  Moreover, with season 6 they have made their presence felt on Pinterest and Meerkat. Adding Pinterest helped the makers to focus on visual content. Moreover, the makers used Meerat to broadcast the premier, only to attract a wide range of viewers. The involvement of all these social media platforms has helped the series become an apple of an eye for thousands of audience.