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The IT department support techs are the unsung heroes of any workplace. Although they may only appear during your moments of crisis – they bring magic back into your PC.

Diagnosing troubles all day long is by no means an easy feat. Here are a few simple misconceptions about your IT guy that will help you make their everyday lives less frustrating.

Those Seemingly Foolish Questions are Asked For a Reason

Believe it or not – an IT guy takes no pleasure when they are forced to ask mind-numbing questions. For quality assurance, all of those phone calls that you place to support are monitored. Although this may be only for quality assurance – it also means that the tech guys have no choice but to run through the endless checklist of questions.

The IT Guys Will Get to Your Problem as Soon as They Can

The truth is often IT guys are simply busy–finding, diagnosing, and fixing problems takes time.

If you submit a problem, there is no need to call again or write an angry email to ensure they received the issue. The IT guys will get to it as soon as they have dealt with all the other problems that were ahead of yours.

IT department
Helping Fix Personal Problems is Against the IT Guys Job Description

The easiest way to frustrate your IT department support team is asking them to help you fix a problem with your personal computer. After all, would you ask your accounting department to help you manage your budget? Would you ask your sales department to help you stop getting spam sales calls? Of course not. The same morale implication should apply to the IT department.

The IT Guy Was Hired Because He Knows What He’s Doing

If you are experiencing a problem – remember the IT team is doing their job. Oftentimes, the IT department is blamed for problems just because a week ago something unrelated was updated.

Listening to your IT guy is key to a happy experience. For example, if your IT guy sent out an email suggesting the best disaster recovery tool to protect your work and help you in the event of an emergency – the IT department cannot be blamed for a corrupt hard drive.

Only Call the IT Guy if You Actually Need Help Solving a Problem

There is nothing worse from a support perspective than being told how to do the job, which you were called to help with. If you know what the problem is, it is advised to sort it out yourself. You never know when something is going to go wrong with your computer.

It is important to always assume that your activities are being monitored and logged at work–but don’t blame the tech guy for your lack of social media at work. There are a number of reasons behind your computer being monitored – but the IT department is not one of them.

As Much as the IT Department Knows – it is Impossible to Memorize One Million Solutions

As smart as your IT department is, there are a countless number of problems – with an infinite number of solutions. Although, a lot of customer support questions are simple – occasionally the IT support team will struggle over a difficult problem.

You may be asked to do seemingly foolish things to help diagnose the problem–yes, this includes restarting your computer. Solutions are formed by a combination of experience, troubleshooting, and Google when necessary.

If Something is Wrong – Honesty is Always the Best Answer

If you spilled coffee on your keyboard – be honest about it. Not only will deceiving the IT department waste everybody’s time, but when the tech team figures out what happened (they will) – it will frustrate them beyond measure. If you tell them from the start what happened – they may even be able to fix your problem.

In Some Cases, The IT Department May Be Just As Frustrated As You Are

Are you constantly struggling with the older version of windows, which for some reason the IT department refuses to upgrade? Are you tired of underperforming outdated software being used for daily work? Believe it or not – this frustrates the IT department even more.

For all you know, the IT guys may have suggested e-invoicing software to help out the accounts payable department–but that doesn’t mean their opinions are heard. Often times, this is due to the platform foundation of the business–not that IT guy you keep blaming.

IT department
At the End of the Day – the IT Guy is Doing His Job Just Like You

It’s understandable that your computer is going to break, and it can be beyond frustrating–certainly when you have a ton of work that needs to be done.

However, remember that your problem adds to the IT department’s own endless to-do list, and they will assist you as soon as they are able to. Your IT department wants to help you as much as it can, respecting the workers and asking for help correctly is the only way your issue is going to get resolved.