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With the New Year just arrived, this is the right time for you to make an initial plan on what will be your digital marketing strategy and how you’re going to spend your marketing and advertising budget this year. If you’re thinking to stick to your old plans and marketing budget you allotted in last year – think once again. Digital marketing space is changing rapidly; from technological advancements to changing business models to evolving consumer behaviors, there’s a lot you need to understand in order to continue reaching your prospective customers.

In Digital Marketing, the only constant is ‘change’. You need not just to plan your digital marketing strategy according to the latest trends, but to ensure you make it better than anybody else. In this article, we have compiled top 10 Digital Marketing strategies by studying the predictions of twenty-one seasoned digital marketing experts hailing from top IT companies on what they think the future of Digital Marketing strategies in the year ahead.

Take a look to the following predictions and plan the best digital marketing strategy for your brand:

1. Your writing is your identity:

Every marketer writes. Whether you are the Chief Content Officer or Marketing Vice-President, your writing can make you look smart or look stupid. If you think crisp writing doesn’t matter in our Instagram, Podcast or video world, then trust us – it matters even more. Good writing can engage your audience and take them to the depth of your ideas. Use the right economy of words and style, and think about the end readers to not just communicate with them effectively but interact.

2. Boosting consumption of your content:

While it was already there in last year, this year will bring new challenges to the ever-growing competition of Internet space among marketers. This will put forth new math of content optimization, testing and customization. In this year, content production and content distribution will become equally important for digital marketers to stay ahead in the race.

3. Customizing content as per marketing channels:

Content will be more important than ever. Promotion channels will be further fragmented, and marketers need to create and tailor their content specifically for different digital/electronic medium including television, radio and various social media platforms. They need to go back to the basics of digital marketing and re-evaluate their audiences’ behavior of what is working and what isn’t for their organization.

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4. Caring becomes more important than selling:

Those marketers, who continue striving for more sales and ignoring customers’ satisfaction, are going to get overlooked by consumers. 2016 will be the year dedicated to customer care and satisfaction. Selling is important but to retain your existing customers and answering their queries will be more important to keep your brand value intact.

5. Integration of digital platforms:

Digital Marketing will see a new trend in 2016 – integration of various promotion channels to deliver one common user-experience to customers irrespective of which digital/electronic media they are using. Marketers will have to strategize on how they can integrate channels including social, mobile, television and radio, to give best user-experience to consumers.

6. Embracing Digital Marketing as ecosystem:

Gone are the days when marketers preach their customers about different products and services. Today, consumers have variety of options and they want accurate facts and figures to take a well-informed decision. Digital Marketing no longer remains a tactic; instead it becomes an art of attracting, engaging and retaining new and existing customers by giving them true information.

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7. Year of Visual Storytelling:

At the time of information pollution and increasing digital noise, it becomes all the more important to convey your message in an entertaining and engaging way. For this purpose, Visual Storytelling will continue to emerge as a strategy to incite customers’ emotions and engage them in a lucrative interaction.

8. Coding will become a necessity:

With the increase in competition to hold first page ranking in search engine results, coding will become a necessity for digital marketers. The ability to understand how coding and optimization can make a difference of whether your content is read or not by your customers, will take this skill to the next level.

9. Preeminence of Mobile Data:

The information world is fast moving towards mobile technology. Today the smartphone-equipped consumers can take actions in a moment irrespective of where they are. Mobile data and smartphones remove the barriers between message delivery and action, and the trend seems to be one of the biggest factors in transforming Digital Marketing in the years to come.

10. Convergence of marketing, public relations and advertising:

The digital age enables organizations to converge their marketing, public relations and advertising departments as one single unit with a common goal of attracting, engaging and retaining new and existing customers to enhance sales. Convergence of these departments helps digital marketing company to formalize common strategy for providing best consumer experience. You’ve learnt a lot in past years about Digital Marketing tools and strategies.

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As per Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at Mamsys, Digital Marketing has come into a new phase of technological digitization where customers expect to access and consume information across various platforms, apps and devices simultaneously. Today, the marketers need their brands to “be the best answer” wherever buyers are looking for the products and services.