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The world of web design is so interesting and versatile evolving each day. To date, it maintains its lead as one of the most advanced industry in the world with constant improvements month after month, which is to the benefit of the designers. In this article, we will look at the top 10 essential tools in the life of a web designer and how they can benefit you.

1. Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab is a pattern-driven design tool that allows you break down your design into small parts called atoms and combine them later on to form bigger components – molecules that can be transformed into templates. At its core, Pattern Lab is a static site generator that combines together different UI components, but the truth is Pattern Lab is way more than just a site generator.

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer also called the ‘Photoshop killer’ as it’s a designer’s dream. This web app is well designed and feels like a dedicated tool for web and graphic design professional. There are all kinds of intuitive features in the tool that will simply amaze you. It has adjustable and nondestructive layers that allow you adjust images and vectors without causing any damage to them. This in itself is simply amazing. While Photoshop gives you 32,000 percent zoom, Affinity Designer has 1,000,0000 percent zoom. The possibilities are endless with this feature.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a class of its own. It’s a fast web browser built for power users with the JavaScript and React. Vivaldi is the most famous man out there and it offers other cool features such as tab stacking and tiling as well as web panels where you can keep all the favorites site that you visit often.

4. Avocode

With Avocode, front-end developers will find it easy to code websites or create apps from Photoshop designs. The exporting process that was possible in CSS Hat and PNG Hat has been upgraded to Avocode. It has a Photoshop plugin that allows you to sync your PSD into Avocode at a click of a button. Once this is done, Avocode will analyze your PSD before bringing it into a beautifully designed UI.

5. Antetype

Antetype is used to create responsive UI for apps and websites and it does this by creating high fidelity prototypes. It, however, doesn’t create production files.

6. Sketch

The sketch tool was launched in 2009 but it has quickly gained popularity all over the world due to its functionality. The speed at which it has gained a massive following has been nothing short of impressive. Currently, there have been upgrades that brought improved exporting and simplified vector modes.

7. Form

Built and released into the market by RelativeWave, Form as a prototyping tool is a typical design tool without layers palette and you get a mixture of design and code when you use this tool.

8. UXPin

UXPin is another great prototyping tool that comes with a multi-functional capability. It can be used to create fast low-fidelity wireframes as well as creating a high-fidelity prototype.

9. Macaw

Built with designers in mind, you can create responsive designs with Macaw that looks beautiful across all platforms. The simplicity of the design is an eye-catcher. Once you spend some few minutes watching the video, you will be amazed at how simple the page layout is. The code this app produces will amaze you.

10. Webflow

Built as a web app for design production-ready websites for those not interested in touching a single line of code. The UI is magnificent. Webflow allows you to focus on your design only. You get an unobtrusive UI that focuses on the design. At each breakpoint, you will be notified to preview your design which gives you full control of the whole process. Most tools like this allow you similar things but they are often dragged and drop so you end up being limited in what you can or cannot do.

Author’s Bio

Kara Tan is a co-founder of Altitude Labs, a full-service app design, and development agency that specializes in data-driven design and personalization.