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Facebook has become a major social media platform to interact with the target audience and promote products and services. There are more than 1.4 billion people logging on to their Facebook accounts every month. While companies are spending a separate amount of their marketing budget on Facebook advertisement, we bring to you the top 6 strategies to increase your reach on Facebook with zero Ad spend.

1. Have fun, be relatable

It’s okay to have a little fun on your otherwise serious looking Facebook marketing page. Show readers the funny side of your company or brand; put some humorous or funny post every now and then, and see the audience feedback. Funny posts are the great source of engagement for people sitting on the other side of those screens.

2. Link to a Tutorial

People love to read step-by-step guide or tutorial for how a thing should be done. This relieves them from the painstaking task of doing something and also encourages engagement. You can write a small blog on how to do something and give a link on your Facebook page. Not just engagement, the post will provide you free blog traffic as well.

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3. Post a quiz or a problem

There are thousands of people who want to feel smart over Facebook and love brain teasers. Put interesting mathematical tricks, puzzles or simple general knowledge questions, and see how people love to answer them. You can also put an award for the best entries and boost your online engagement.

4. Share a tip

Identify a common problem or a challenge that your audience faced in day-to-day life and share a tip for solving that. Educate people while positioning yourself as an expert for a particular field. People will love to revisit your page and start to count on you for the updated information. They would also love to share your posts with their family and friends to create maximum awareness.

5. Promote your audience

Once in a week, put a post where you give opportunity to people to tag their Facebook Fan Page in the comments section. This will help them promote their own Facebook profiles, pages and topics of their interest. In return, ask for likes, comments and sharing of your posts on their profiles.

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6. Run campaigns for social cause

Remember the first point – Be relatable! Your online community would love to read ‘humanizing’ posts from your end. You can write few posts related to sexual violence, tobacco use or child trafficking. Inform your audience and create awareness about these issues. Not just this will improve your brand image but also boost your Facebook traffic.

Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at Mamsys, one of the leading digital marketing services provider companies says, “Grab the attention of your target audience by using high quality content, images and info-graphics in your Facebook posts. A well thought-out campaign for Facebook promotion helps in engaging the target audience and to better promote products and services.”

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