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With the advent of Internet and smartphones, the telecom industry has witnessed an era of transformation in mobility services. In the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the number of people connected to their Internet-enabled devices for the purpose of getting information, useful content and entertainment. With continuous advancement in mobile technology, 2015 is seen as the year of ‘smart devices’ and ‘smart solutions’ which cater to the needs of a unified user experience.

Here are the top 7 Mobility trends to look forward in 2015:

1. Increasing demand for Mobile Internet: With most people use mobile phones as preferred medium for communication, there will be more consumption of videos and rich-media content by both existing and new mobile Internet customers in the years ahead. 2015 will see telecom industries offering better connectivity and mobile Internet to consumers.

2. Value-added services will be redefined: The VAS space will not remain constraint to SMS services and develop further to include health, education and government sectors, with customized content according to demographic segments. Mobile wallet services will also see technological improvements in 2015.

3. Emergence of BYOD concept: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend in enterprise mobility that enables workers to bring their personal devices to workplace and access corporate resources. With an increasing demand to stay connected anytime and anywhere, BYOD concept is going to flourish further in 2015.

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4. Wi-Fi enabled smart cities: With the concept of smart cities taking shape in India, the country will soon witness the emergence of Wi-Fi enabled public places and towns. There will be growth in GPS technology as well that, along with WI-FI services, will give true benefits of mobility to the general public.

5. Rise of Smart Devices: There will be increasing dependence on Internet-enabled smartphones and mobile devices for getting latest information and updates. With improved technologies, there will be more people switching to affordable smart devices in 2015.

6. Mobile applications: The growth of smartphones and the advent of new mobile technologies, let people turn to third-party mobile applications like WhatsApp, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to communicate. The year 2015 will see more emphasis on these applications to give user-friendly experience across various networks.

7. Convergence of mobile platforms: With continuous advancement in mobile technology to provide more than one way of communication, the next challenge will be to integrate multiple mobile platforms to give a unified user experience that enable people to use social media platforms, mobile applications and in-built mobile functions simultaneously.

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Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at Mamsys Consulting Services Ltd., one of the eminent mobility solutions provider companies, says “new inventions and modern technologies have brought people closer than ever before. The world is fast becoming a global village and it’s very important for mobile platforms to continue strive for providing rich user experience with anytime and anywhere availability. While the world is becoming smaller by each passing day, the dependence on mobility services will continue to rise.”