How Visual Content Can Improve Social Media Results (Guest Post)

There is no doubt that social media marketing is increasingly becoming a struggle to capture audience’s attention. Communicating does no good if your customers do not understand it. Today, it is easy for information to be forgotten or ignored if it does not catch your eyes so make your post attractive and let it grab your viewer’s attention. Adding visual content to a post can boost how much your audience absorbs and remembers the information. It is also proven by some studies that our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it is delivered visually. Start making your content strategy in a way that includes more images in the content because it makes the post more attractive and engaging.

Visual Content gets you Followers

Social media platforms are placed where brands compete for space and visibility. Posts with just text simply do not get noticed because they lack the wow factor that excludes them from all other factors. Research shows that visual content is viewed 94% more than non-visual content and they make a big difference in an overcrowded social media feed.

What visual media do to your brand?

Adding up visuals in your social media posts can help to attract new followers and also retain the existing users. Visual content is a great way to express your brand, convey your emotions, highlight essential data and increase traffic to your website.

Visual Content gets you more views

Using effective visuals power up your communications, boost engagement and spark up your social media. Share relevant graphics from others whose message aligns with yours. When your audience replies or shares your content, engage with them and do it quickly. 

Viewers understand the visual content better

When it comes to understanding, our minds prefer visuals because they communicate more information, more effectively. It is a fact that 90% of the information comprehend by our brains are images as they are processed thousands time faster than text.

How to create visual content

Visual content like these, however, should contain your custom logo designs, website information and the call to action. Make your post clickable and convey the message you intend to in the post.

Visual content is delivered in

  • Visual Posts

  • Infographics

  • Memes

  • Posters

  • Videos

The visual content is more viral than the textual content and shared more within the online communities and social network. They boost your branding, giving you more probability of being contacted for business.

Make your Visual Content Trigger Human Emotions 

Visual content does not only mean images, but it can do wonders with specific colors to appeal your audiences and can influence human emotions as a result of the psychology of colors. The colors have a particular type of emotion that affects how the viewer would respond to it and take action.

Make your visuals speak for themselves

Nobody likes text-heavy content. Adding up visuals in a post makes it more understandable as what the content is about and strengthens the brands’ message. Visual content is useful in conveying information quickly and crisply with fewer efforts. Using appropriate photos with colors instead of words can go a long way in improving engagement. Keep your posts below 250 characters and get 60% more engagement.

In a Nutshell,

Visual content marketing has gone far more than traditional marketing practices that the business world has ever experienced. Use visual content as its power is going to influence the digital marketing and helps brands get their message across in a precise and engaging fashion. 


Author Bio:

Loius Martin is a professional blogger and digital marketing activist. His approach to creating brand identity has taken startups to new levels. He writes about digital marketing and design; you can catch him at @loiusmartin1.