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    Digital Services


    As a CIO, CTO, or as the Solution Director of an organization, your primary objective would always be growing sales and profitability.

    Achieving these two is not easy. You must constantly innovate to reinvent the process that will attract the right customers to your business every time you are out there to sell to your customers. It is the ability to integrate new technologies with your current applications that makes innovation and staying competitive possible.

    Mamsys Digital Services makes digital business transformation a reality through the power of innovation and application modernization. Digital Application modernization today is so much more than just migrating the existing applications into the cloud platform. We see the big picture and seize the opportunities that drive real business value. Our expertise in Digital Services helps not only innovate but guide our customers into the evolution of IT, helping transform applications into essential business drivers for the company.

    We put innovation at the heart of your application

    We build using emerging technology

    We place speed and agility to fast-track the development process

    We deliver the experience your customers want, and the business results you need

    Digital Customer Experience

    A successful DCX strategy should help the brand cease the offerings as a need to become a want of the customers. While building the DCX strategy for Mamsys clients, we ask the right question, deep dive into important touchpoints, and try closing the gaps where business perceptions, digital technologies, and customer experience happily meet to become one big family.

    Case Study 1 – Digitization of Healthcare Quality Records

    A mobile and web portal designed to provide a complete quality suite in one convenient, easy-to-use web-based application. Key multi-source data consolidated into one platform to track performance and help create opportunities for organizations to easily and effectively measure and monitor the providers and employees work. The data is also used to identify trends and shortfalls, revealing areas in need of re-training and ultimately leading to a visible and measurable improvement in healthcare quality and outcomes.

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      Case Study 2 – E-commerce Portal

      A one-off’s kind multi marketplace application created for dealers and sellers to mage their products and their listings across platforms from one location. Build for speed and simplicity; sellers are equipped to add, edit, and manage all their vintage and antique products on multiple marketplaces from one single location.

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        Case Study 3 – Education App for Healthcare

        A mobile-based LMS application that provides a seamless learning experience allowing users to access the courses and content and help stay on the right track of their learning journey. Compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices, the lessons are delivered directly to the user’s smartphone enabling users to learn at a time and place that suits them the best.

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          5 Ways to Change the World – AI, ML, AR, VR, MR

          The world is currently full of two-letter acronyms that are being used alone or in combination to bring new experiences for both businesses and end consumers. Mamsys is a new-age technology-driven organization that enables firms to understand and utilize the full potential of
          AI, ML, AR, VR, MR.

          With our passion for these technologies and having the best minds, we are constantly curating ideas and developing applications, unleashing new possibilities for our clients and their brands. We Have helped our customers to

          • 1

            Reduce human error rates through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)

          • 2

            Identify meaningful insights and discover the hidden pattern in the patient data with the help of machine learning (ML)

          • 3

            Achieve higher efficiency by implementing augmented reality (AR) across industries

          • 4

            Create first-hand shopping and travel experience with the help of virtual reality (VR)

          • 5

            Improve quality control and assurance with mixed reality (MR) across domains

          Digital Process Automation – Bridging the Possible Gaps

          Sales, marketing, production, supply chain, inventory control, administration, IT, or management, the larger the organization, the complex are the process flow. A small change in the process can have a knock-on effect that is unpredictable and can cost huge to a company. In today’s competitive and constantly changing business environment, the ability to adapt fast gives a competitive edge. Digital process automation (DPA) is required in almost every facet of the business. And the sooner you start, the better.

          The Digital process automation tools that Mamsys has built for its customers have benefited organizations in identifying the bottleneck, catching the anomalies, and taking corrective measures. We have;

          • Saved time by automating hundreds and even thousands of manual, repetitive tasks

          • Reduced the expensive labor cost by automating processes and improving employee effectiveness

          • Achieved better accuracy by eliminating process or steps that could be missed

          • Helped to quickly launch and scale solutions to meet the market and business needs

          • Established end-to-end automation of process across departments in an organization

          Mamsys Key Principles for Digital Services

          Mamsys builds application services for the digital age around four key principles; agility driven, to respond to business dynamics; business focused, to orchestrate services aligned to outcomes; efficiency based, to drive cost and operational efficiency; innovation led, to enhance legacy applications and adopt newer solutions; IT documentation, to map domain, functional, process and technology landscape of an organization and Training programs, to educate and upskill our team to remain competitive and in top of the game.