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    Healthcare Technology and Innovation

    IT Initiatives for Healthcare Domain


    Adoption of emerging technology has helped our premier healthcare clients achieve growth, innovation and higher productivity. Here are a few initiatives that helped our customers achieve their business goals.

    Digitization of Healthcare Quality Records

    A portal designed to provide a complete quality suite in one convenient, easy-to-use web-based application. Key multi-source data consolidated into one platform to track performance and help create opportunities for organizations to easily and effectively measure and monitor the providers and employees work. The data is also used to identify trends and shortfalls, revealing areas in need of re-training and ultimately leading to a visible and measurable improvement in healthcare quality and outcomes.

    Microsoft Technology Dot Net, Angular JS, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Web APIs, OWIN, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
    Online Appointment Management System

    An online platform, allowing easy booking of GPs from a nearby private clinic. Easy to use and faster to load, the patients can access the web portal using Desktops, Laptops and Mobile devices. The primary importance is given to user experience where the application should be innovative yet simple to use. Using the portal, the user could not only book but cancel and reschedule the appointment without any hassle. Online payments were made through secured channels reassuring complete security of the patient’s data.

    WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Plugins, Bootstrap, MySQL
    Custom ERP System using Microsoft Technologies

    Medical Implant Manufacturers operate in one of the most highly regulated industries. The success of such sectors is close co-ordination of time-to-market and traceability of the products that follow both compliance and quality. Hence, it is of utmost importance that every step and every product created can be traced from its point of origin to its end form. Comprised of a series of sub-modules and a windows-based application successfully stores the business process electronically. From Processing to Packaging to Shipping of finished goods and After Sales services, everything is tracked and managed using the custom Enterprise Resource Planning system.

    SQL, C#, ASP.Net, Web API, Entity Framework, WPF, Windows Forms, IIS
    Healthcare Compliance Management Solution

    Healthcare Compliance Management Solutions is an easy-to-use tool to manage all compliance requirement at one place on a day-to-day, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. After a simple setup process, the web-based tool help sort through complicated HIPAA, HITECH and OSHA regulations, Risk, FWA Analysis, efficient ongoing training, new employee orientation and audit resources for early actions, email reminders for proper communication. The tool also contains a library of documents that includes and not limited to Code of Conducts, Policies and procedures, Business Associate Agreements, videos etc. In short, a simple and effective centralized system to access and address all the compliance program needs in one place.

    Microsoft Technology Dot Net, Angular, SQL Server, Web APIs, OWIN, HTML5, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, JWT – Authentication Methodology