Case Study:

Healthcare Portal

Web & Mobile

1The Healthcare Quality Portal is smooth, fast and accessible on the go.

2Metrics and KPIs dashboard are both comprehensive and easy to understand.

3The portal, in a matter of seconds, pinpoints the gaps saving hundreds and thousands of manual working hours.

4Designed as per the guidelines and standards defined by HEDIS and CMS.

What Client Wanted

The goal of this product is to provide an Online Healthcare Quality Portal for Providers, IPAs, Health Plans and Patient. This quality portal acts as a tool that will increase productivity and quality of their services.

The client not only wanted this portal to be fast, comprehensive and easy to use, but carries and follows all the standards set by HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) thus saving a lot of time spent on quality assessment and reporting.

Presently available Healthcare Quality Portals caters to specific departments or types and have their own limitations. This new initiative addresses this existing challenges.

What were the Challenges

  • 01Setting and meeting the current healthcare quality portal standards and provide more by eliminating any limitations.
  • 02A healthcare quality portal that can easily handle complexities like data protection, data validity, and data uniformity.
  • 03A portal that could drill down the data and show the improvement opportunities in a graphical representation that is quick and easy to understand.
  • 04Incorporating different levels of access like – IPAs, Members, Healthplan, Provider, Administrative Staff etc.
  • 05The functional and technical architecture of this quality portal is secured, scalable and extensible.

Technology Used

The Process

Success Criteria

  • The Healthcare Quality Portal is smooth, fast and accessible on the go. The user can log in from their desktop, laptops, tabs, and mobiles.
  • This portal provides monthly and quarterly data analysis.
  • The graphical representation of the analyzed data is easy to understand, looks appealing and helps in identifying the gaps saving manual working hours by IPAs, Providers and Health Plans.
  • HEDIS and CMS compliance requirements are not easy to uphold and costly to ignore. This quality portal is a more economical option that finds the gaps for Providers and IPA’s to be compliant.
  • Push notification facility takes this healthcare quality portal to a whole new level making the portal interactive. Messages and notification remind the users of the portal what is missing and what steps should be taken to fill the gap.
  • Access levels incorporated in the portal protects the data by giving control to only individuals and health specialists who are pre-approved or are qualified to access it.
  • This healthcare quality portal’s one of the features is spreading healthcare awareness and education to its members. A section is specifically dedicated and designed to achieve this goal.

Client Testimonial

  • We see our future with Mamsys. A project that was technologically demanding, required huge and complex data handling and immense domain knowledge was handled with great brilliance. Looking forward to a brighter future together.

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